DreamyPop: Raw & Uncut

Sure, there may only be a handful of users that I’m aware of… But the majority of this post is directed at a couple of people who had “done me wrong” on the boards. The rest is just so the rest will know just how I work and how I see Prince. Those who come to my blog often and love what I post, bear with me. This will probably be the only time I’ll ever get this angry on my blog.

So I’m going to take a little time to address all those who have made posts on the boards a, at times, horrifying experience. It’s something that hadn’t occurred in the first, let’s see… 4 months I was a member there. One time, I might have almost walked into that trap by starting a thread about certain similarities I see between me & Prince.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? When I first came, everyone welcomed me with open arms. I came seeking knowledge about Prince. What his life was like? What is his music like? Did people see his music the same way I did? [Yes, they do. That’s why I always came back.] Which albums were his best work and should be in my collection? It started out simple like that. It seemed to be smooth sailing until I start making my own opinions. I started being perfectly honest about Prince and look what happens. I get criticized and talked down to on the grounds that I sound ridiculous. I have never went so far to say “I am obsessed with Prince and I want to stalk him so I can meet him in person.” I don’t work like that. I am not that crazy in love.

Love… that’s another thing. Everyone throws that word around so much that it barely means anything anymore. When I say it, I put it in quotes because it’s never for real. I might have had one dream that took on a fantasy of that nature.

If anyone has anything to say to me about my posts, don’t say it in public by posting. Send me a message and say it to my face. Just because you have a problem with me doesn’t mean you have to announce it to the world. The world I have grown to call home because my views were accepted at one time with open arms.

I still believe there are similarities between me & Prince, but I don’t broadcast them anymore. Other than that, I don’t say anything too out of the ordinary (which isnt saying much because Prince is extraordinary in more ways than one). I’m going to be completely honest and say exactly the way I see things. If you have a problem with my views, say them to my face. Don’t post them in public because it’s between you and me and it shouldn’t concern anyone else.

2/5/07: I jumped into Prince’s world. I heard some of his hits, saw my first music videos and joined Prince.org (but wasn’t able to post for 5 days: new member rules). That is when my journey with Prince officially began (that refers to the time I’ve spent getting to know him and his music by studying them closely). Or you could say “that’s when I officially called myself a Prince fan”… but I never use the word “fan” and that’s the last time I’ll ever type that.

I give all of his music the consideration it deserves. I pick up an album and listen to all the way through. Then I decide whether or not its made a good impression of me. Most of the time, I don’t have an immediately good reaction to it. So I spend a few listens deciding where I stand. If something there disrupts the flow of the album (which ultimately is the image I hold of Prince at the time of its creation), I take it out. But I give all his songs the time the need before I decide whether I want to keep them in the line-up or not. In most cases, the most songs I ever have to take out is one, and I think that’s a success right there. The most extreme case, I had to cut out three tracks, and that was the O(+> album (the gangsta rap genre doesnt do it for it).

I incorporate people’s views into my listening experiences. I dig up the dirt on the history behind either the songs or the album itself and consider that while I write the interpretations/review I do. But I usually like to hear those views after I’ve listened a few times. So I can make up my own mind about which songs I like and don’t like. When I spent a lot of time with an album, I pretty much see it all, turn it inside and out to figure out the message he’s getting across, what was he feeling at the time of its production.

If there is one thing I have learned, Prince is very close to the music. Purple Rain is my first evidence of that. He likes to play his music and only his music (but overtime, he has done a few covers) and he likes to be in control of how it sounds. He’s the artist, so he has every right to make the music sound the way he wants it to sound. He puts his heart and soul into every album he writes, so I feel its only right I give it just as much time to sink in so I can decide how much I enjoy it.

As far as how I feel about Prince as a person, I greatly admire and respect him. Always have, always will. But its far to say that I’d probably let him get away with just about anything (as long as its not breaking the law ). If he feels it’ll work for him, I support every decision he makes. Since many are sensitive about him suing the Internet, I won’t voice my opinion on that. I’ll just stay neutral and loyal to him. Do I fantasize about him? Yes, I do. Who doesn’t? But it only happens on occasion. I always say its time better spent getting to know him and his music.

Do I contemplate the possibility of meeting him? Yes I do, but again same thing. I think for a moment and move on.

Do I care about him? Yes, I do. Above all else, I just wish for his happiness and he’s happiest when he’s making his beautiful music. I won’t go as far as to say I’m in love with him. He’d just say I love the idea of him.

Do I believe he cares about his listeners? Of course, I do. Just because he seems arrogant and selfish  (as portayed in the media) and due to his latest actions, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about those who’ve got him this far… as well as new people always following in his footsteps thru time.

I may write more later, but I just wanted to say this is how it is. And I don’t give a damn anymore if people have a problem with the way I feel. I don’t love Prince, but I like him a lot and greatly respect him. And that is all that matters.

Just one last side-note to one person.

Prince, if you happen to come upon my blog and/or read this entry, I apologize if anything I said has made me sound overfanatical. But I stand by what I say here. I have the full right to express how I feel about your music and you as the musician that wrote said music. You’ve always said in your music to never be afraid to say what you mean and mean what you say. Never let the opposition get you down and never be afraid to say what’s on your mind. That’s the purpose of this entry. To establish who I am as a “follower” in the footsteps of your journey/career.  I apologize if anything I have said has offended you. That never was or ever will be my intention.

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