Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic: One last trip


I tell ya. When you spend a week with one album, you really start to feel it on what you denote your last listen. I’ve listened thru the album once every day since Saturday, so I spent exactly one week with this album. An album very much hated by a lot of people. I can understand why, but I’m one of few cruel words.


To put it plain and simple, I didn’t really come alive into this album to “Sun, Moon & Stars” because the majority of the others had a few “moments”, but overall made no impact on me for the first half. I can bring forth these details, though.


o       Title track: the first notes of guitar he plays got pretty old, made no impact. However, his guitar halfway thru the song, I dug that and still dig how he played it off against itself like an echo for the last minute of the song


o       Undisputed: hit an all-time low, made no impact whatsoever. Has good lyrics and all, but I just got bored, haha


o       The Greatest Romance: actually, I saw this a whole new way and it wasn’t in vain.


o       Hot w/U: 60% of it was great, but the other 40% of the components, not so much. Love the lyrics, but melody reminds me of an *NSYNC song. (Love the group, yes, but when O(+> starts to sound remotely like them, that’s not good, haha). But I LOVE the use of horns towards the end of the song.


o       Tangerine: hints on sadness. Still like this track a lot, but its length leaves little left to say.


o       So far, so pleased: half of it sounds like a cheesy pop song (which he is so above doing), but love the guitar halfway through. Makes it fun and reminds me of Planet Earth (either The One U wanna C or Lion of Judah).


o       Sun/Moon/Stars: one of my favorites, the rap is fun to sing along to. That’s all I can say really.


o       Everyday’s a Winding Road: got one last good run out of it. I still enjoy it more than the majority on the boards, but I don’t care.  I was never one to follow the crowd anyway :p


o       Man O’ War: I sung along with the lyrics to get all of the emotions of it. Haha, I think the only problem I have with the song is that he doesn’t use proper grammar with the opening line. Ridiculous, I know, but it gets on my nerves. I listened closely to the lyrics as I sung along and I actually got a visual about the girl leaving him a 7-page letter and his friends telling him to go after her. Then when he does that guitar solo and says to listen. He got my attention. I actually never paid attention to it before. Well, if his words don’t get through to me, his guitar usually does. Then the very last notes on guitar (or was it kind of woodwind) was beautiful.


o       Baby Knows: I’m not so into country myself. The chorus is some of the corniest lyrics I’ve heard him write and I can’t even sing ‘em, haha. But I still like the perfume line, makes me laugh.


o       Eye Love U, but don’t trust u anymore: What can I say? Very heartfelt, very beautiful, but at the same time, very hard to sing along to. Even before I got halfway through, I was getting all teary-eyed. He really knows how to convert the feelings in his heart into something audible. He makes you feel what he’s feeling and this is one of the finest examples of that talent he possesses.


o       Silly Game: I love first notes in this song, they’re sweet and pleasant and helps bring the morale back up after that last song. It brings the message back around that things aren’t going too well for his love life, but it’s a nice little song. I actually didn’t like it at first, but its very pleasant in my view.


o       Strange but True: has its own charm and its pretty much where he lays down the law. It’s kinda cool that he speaks the whole song and using his smooth voice to his advantage.


o       Wherever U Go: good song for air guitar. It’s bittersweet, but a perfect ending to the album.


o       Prettyman: I gave it one more listen for you guys who love this song. It feels so completely out of place. I don’t know where to begin. I didn’t like “My Name is Prince” at first because I didn’t agree with the lyrics. I didn’t agree with the way he portrayed himself here. Egotistical and oh, some of the lyrics. How can he sing, let alone sing, “when no one else is around, I smell myself”… can’t make it any clearer than that.

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