Reminscing: the Way it Used 2b

Thanks 2 a talk with a friend, I’ve been finding my way back to coherence. I guess you could say. After dreaming last night, my mind was cleared and I started to remember how things used to be.

I had 2 dreams that I could remember. In the first one, my friend Zach, who was in those school musicals was staying with us. But I wanted to be at his side and talk to him. It was getting late. I remember going into his room, but being unable to find him. Then I got to thinking… could he have been Prince? It wouldn’t surprise me. Prince has always been pretty elusive in my dreams and he does have many identities.  Then in my 2nd dream, we were celebrating my bday again (or maybe it was already next year). And I was thinking about making the same wish I made on my last birthday, considering I’ve been in a funky mood with O(+>’s material.

Then I’m back in my old neighborhood. It’s nighttime with a full starry sky. I flip thru my Musicology album and hear a few unfamilar songs (possibly from NewPower Soul), “The Sacrifice of Victor” and then I try to play “A Million Days” but it skips right to “Life O’ the Party.” I finally get to “A Million Days” and it sounds completely different. But it was of a lot of comfort to me.

I woke up this morning, feeling that maybe I should take a break from’s threads. Mine live a short life and die pretty easy because nothing I say holds interest for people. It was kinda hard to give it up completely because there were still so many good topics 2 comment on. I then posted some of my poems on their own thread and have gotten praises, so that could be where I can focus.

Posting that poetry and reading it over made me remember how things used 2b. For the first month I officially declared myself as one who follows Prince’s path, all I had to go on were music videos, interviews (courtesy of Housequake) and what people on said about him. I learned so much and my views of him in what little I caught of Purple Rain were confirmed 2b true and also confirmed by others who saw him the same way.

I got so lost inside the music that I was starting to forget that I was in this to learn more about him and his music as well as listen to some really good music. I remembered how mysterious he was in the beginning and I still believe the same of him now as I reread my thoughts. Maybe after I finish 2 more listens to NewPower Soul, I’ll return to Planet Earth or watch Purple Rain again… this time, I’ll show it to my freshman-yr roommate, Susan. She said she hadn’t heard Prince’s music or seen the movie in quite some time. And watching the movie thru the first time was my first milestone as an “admirer” of Prince.

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