NewPower Soul holds a secret…

I listened to the album for my third time tonight. I knew that three listens was the perfect number to decide which tracks I take and leave and how I feel about the album overall. I came upon a bit of a scary thought halfway through the album, but I’ll get to that when I get to the song where I had the revelation.

NewPower Soul: This was my best report with it yet. I always kinda liked this track. It starts out the album pretty good and kinda sets the bar. All of the songs that fall below that bar will be cut from the line-up, end of story.

Mad Sex: Ugh… this song just makes the cut, I’d say. I gotta say, what possessed him to write this song? The lyrics are so degrading. But somehow, it seems like that was his intention. This was a woman he apparently noticed at some random club and she disgusted him quite a bit. The music is all classy and that’s the impression he was getting. She was trying to act cool and she was really being obnoxious. The music alone keeps it from the cutting room floor.

Until ur in my arms again: This song is really sweet. His heart is really in this and I was even taken into the storyline. He loves the girl so much that he can’t stand to be away from her. You can tell by the desperation in his tone. The ending leaves it on a sad note, though, so I kinda wonder about that as well.

When You Love Somebody: This helps balance the end of the last song. He tries to turn it around. Turning something negative into something positive. This song has a very fun nature and I enjoy it. The lengthy instrumentals at the end feel like a track on its own because the music is of a different sort, but it’s a nice little touch.

Shoo-Bed-Oh: THIS was the song when I came to that realization that changed my attitude towards this album. Can’t exactly say when it happened, it was towards the beginning. But I realized that no matter what album I listen to or how I feel about it in the beginning, Prince will always make me fall in love with him and his music. There’s no escaping it. For a brief moment, that scared me because it made me say, “That’s it. I’m forever bound to him.” I wouldn’t call that a negative though, because his music will always have something to offer me. Every time, it just takes a little time with him, getting to know the person he is in the album and developing a bond of trust. Then he’ll have me at the first note every time.

As for the song itself, it’s a sweet little tune at the perfect length. And I like the notes he sings and has the instruments take. It just feels right.

Push it Up: one of the 2 tracks I’ve decided to cut out of the album. It’s one of the predominant NPG tracks that I don’t dig all that much. O(+> falls into the background and the crowd chanting, “This is the jam of the year,” just got really annoying. It’s not quite as bad as the next song, but it disrupts the flow already began by the last 3 song.

Freaks on this side: The crowd chants get to me right away and it kinda connects to what the last song was about. There’s some good lyrics and everything in here, but everything else is just so off for me. Plus, it’s really long and after a while, I just couldn’t take much more of it.

Come on: I said at first listen that I would fall for this song over time. Tonight, I knew for sure that I loved this song. The strings reminds me a little of the “Shoo-bed-oh” melody, but its even more beautiful. On that one, the song won me over.

The One: Early on, it feels like Phil Collin’s “Something in the Air Tonight,” with the echoing vocals he uses when he says, “I ain’t the one.” Then when he plays the flute, it takes me back (or should I say forward) to Te Amo Corazon. It’s giving me the same vibe, but it’s more heartfelt, beautiful and it’s a lot longer. Simply amazing and easily my favorite on the album.

Funky Music: Good “ending” song to the album. Show the NPG in the best light and its very enjoyable.

Wasted Kisses: I’m still trying to figure this one out. It’s a good song, but I can’t quite figure out what he’s trying to get across here. I’d look up the lyrics, but for some reason, the website I use doesn’t have the lyrics for this album posted anymore.

I’ll see when the time comes which path I choose to take next. I’m starting to get comfortable with

O(+> within this album, so I might stick with him for a few more days. But if Planet Earth tempts me tomorrow, I’ll put that baby back in and get into some of Prince’s better music. I’ll give this album 7/10.


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