Define: Prince fan

Yes, I said the word fan. I’m about to go out on a limb here and get a very important point across. And the simplest way to do so is use a word that anyone can understand. My apologies, Prince, for using that word, but I’ll come up with my own definition for it here that is anything but “short for fanatic.”

Today, I came across someone in the chatroom that was really trying to stir things up. Saying that they have the right to say who is a true fan and who isn’t. Saying that they have the fun right to define who a true fan is and who isn’t. That person was in for a losing battle, but it shakes me that someone thinks that they have the authority to put people down by saying they aren’t true fans.

I define a Prince fan as someone who knows a decent amount of information about his life, as well as the names of his albums and songs. But what really defines a true fan is someone who owns a few albums of Prince music and knows more songs than just his singles. Knows that he has done music before and after Purple Rain the movie and soundtrack came out. I didn’t consider myself a true fan until I came to, when I wanted to learn more about him and his music. I was very casual about him before that point and in my 8 months under him, I’ve learned a lot about him as well as myself.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’re a member of and/or own a few of his albums, you are a Prince fan. If not and you look upon him as if he’s strange, weird, (the list goes on), you’re just plain ignorant because you’re missing out on a lot of talent and a lot of great music.

This person in the chatroom was saying that they had the right to judge us and say whether or not we’re true fans.

Nobody in this entire world can define who you are, both as a person and as a Prince fan. Only you can make that choice. Nobody defines you, you define yourself. Only you know you the best.

And I think its very rude of someone to say what you are something that you are not. I said to this person that Prince himself is viewed as being a selfish/arrogant individual from time to time, but even he would never tell his fans that they aren’t true fans. All he really asks of us is to buy and enjoy his music and he gives back by giving us more music to listen to and enjoy. He plays his role as we play ours and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

Now its time for me to define the type of Prince fan I am.

I am a fan who appreciates, respects and admires Prince for everything he does. For everything he has given his listeners and everything he does to achieve his goals. I am a fan who takes the time to listen to all of the music I have in my possession and decide long and hard how I feel about each album. In return for the dedication that Prince puts into his albums, I put the same time and effort into them to find what he’s trying to get across. I absorb and go thru each album on its own, figure out which songs make the album flow the best and I take out the ones that don’t go. I don’t believe Prince is perfect, but he does the best that he can. [If he was perfect, I’d keep every single song he wrote in the albums because I like ’em all]. I take everything into account when I listen to his albums, backstories behind the songs, where he was in his life’s journey when he wrote them and also other things people have said. But in the end, I listen to each song and see its story for his POV.

I believe that Prince wrote all of his music for his own personal reasons. It is very kind of him to go through the trouble of recording and releasing music so personal to him to share with the general public. It’s a pity that only a small percentage take him seriously because they’re missing out on a very talented musician who distributes an album’s worth of the language his heart speaks at least once every year.

What troubles me more is when someone who lives within the community of Prince fans tells others that they aren’t true to their word of being one because they don’t meet to their “standards”. Prince fans come in all shapes, sizes and opinions and he values all of us equally. He tends not to tell us very much, but I know he is equally grateful that we all take a little time out of the day to listen to him and the lessons he has to teach us.

Not to sound arrogant, but I think that Prince would appreciate the kind of fan I am who acknowledges his dedication and gives ALL of his music an equal chance to have an effect on me so none of his efforts will have been for nothing. And if any of my entries, I’d love for him to see this one the most, so he’ll know that he recently gained a fan who’s a quick learner and will support him no matter what other people think or advise me otherwise.

I see him the way I choose to see him and I refuse to let anyone tell me otherwise that I am not a true Prince fan.

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