Spending a weekend “under the cherry moon”?

Sorry for being neglectful of my blog for the past few days. I’ve had a busy week.

And let’s just say that the “interference” will be something I won’t need to worry about for quite a while. Schoolwork and my GPA is going to keep me away from him. And I don’t need him to take my attention away from Prince.

It’s very strange… it feels almost like I’m in a relationship with Prince and I pretty much live in balance with him and the other aspects of my life. I’ve had to balance his music with academics for the most part. My guy friend just adds too much into the mix that I really don’t need. But I have to admit he’s the first time make me think so much about the kind of person I am. Some of the things might have been confirmed by Prince and others I might have adopted as “Prince-style” characteristics. My favorite is “Prince-style” Gemini… I’ll go more into that at a later date.

But back on track. I listened through Parade, wrote a thread on it, and then watched the movie, “Under the Cherry Moon.” I came to some interesting conclusions and found some interesting thoughts about the original of the different tracks of the album. The whole experience just flew by so fast… that’s why I’m going through some tracks right now. It’s really an amazing album and it feels like it goes by so fast in some places because the tracks are so short. I didn’t realize that the longest tracks are Girls and Boys, Anotherloverholenyohead and Sometimes it Snows in April.

I think the album showcases some hidden, previously untapped, talent from Prince’s musical soul. Maybe there is more of his heart in the album than I realized. Just listening closely to tracks like “Venus de Milo,” “Under the Cherry Moon,” “Sometimes it snows in April” and even “Alexa de Paris” (which isnt on the album at all) has some inspiration from a previously untapped source. I’m not sure if Prince even knows where it came from. Especially “Alexa de Paris”, which has something special that sets it apart from all the other songs he’s written. It’s what I call “unspoken poetry on guitar”.

I’ll be playing all these songs before heading off to bed tonight… so maybe I’ll be spending the weekend “Under the Cherry Moon”… but I most likely won’t watch the movie again.

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