Perceptions: part 1

When I found the extended version of Computer Blue coming on randomly on my CD player, I felt like I had to stop. I had to watch that scene in the movie again. I watched from the line, “I got three acts, I don’t need 4,” to the end of “Sex Shooter”.

This may feel like a struggle between The Kid [Purple Rain Prince] and Christopher Tracy on the surface. But I’m starting to feel like there’s something more than that. And I’ve been noticing this for a long time, ever since I started listening to Prince’s music.

Prince’s albums are like his experiences and who “Prince” was at the time immortalized. The albums reflect whatever lies in his soul at its time of creation. His memories frozen in time. Those memories will remain with him forever as the songs he wrote. But how I experience them is something that’s unable to be duplicated.

Things change. Perceptions change constantly. It feels like as I gain more knowledge and know Prince a little better, the “experience” connected with that knowledge evolves in my mind and it comes off slightly different as it did the time before. It’s a very difficult feeling to describe, but I can only really explain it by comparing what I see to what a casual fan sees.

They see Prince being Prince, whether its explicit, crazy actions on stage or the musical genius. That’s all they go on and remember about him. But those who spent time with him and get to know him see him completely differently.

It might come with the territory of being an in-depth admirer. And it’s solid proof that things can never get boring with Prince. Things are always changing and evolving, so you never experience the same thing twice. You remember what happened when you listened to a certain song and how it made you feel. Yet, whenever I come back to tracks from Purple Rain or any other album, different thoughts come to mind and it’s in a completely different place than before.

I started a thread on this and I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that I can’t get a stampede of people trying to throw me into Prince rehab.

I don’t know even if this is something solid that I can take to the next level. I already feel like my mind has stopped working and I don’t know what else I can say on this.

I think it’s best that I stop here before I say something that I really shouldn’t.

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