3121’s Dance: Part 1

For the first time in what feels like forever, I listened through the album from start to finish in order. From song 1 to 12… and I enjoyed it.

It took a little while set in, but it doesn’t really matter. The whole experience is what really matters.

“3121”, I could picture him do that guitar solo (amazing!) and then clap his hands and sing to the audience… although I didnt see any audience by his stage. I recalled a thread where I posted that “is this what its like under Prince’s roof, ‘u can come if u want 2, but u can never leave”… I feel like that myself, but why would I want to leave when I’m having so much fun? Nice intro, kinda take me back to Musicology, the kind of intro he had to that gave me the same vibe, but with diff. instruments.

“Lolita” brought me back to American Idol a bit and it was fun with the layering he did with his voice. He definitely had fun in the studio with this one.

“Te Amo Corazon” hints of a storyline. He said to Lolita she’d never make him a cheater… therefore he was in a relationship at the time (well, he was still married to his 2nd wife at the time). This is kind of like a B-side to Lolita (or A-side) because it shows that Prince is truly happy in this relationship. The flute carries a wonderful vibe that I wish there was more flute in this song. I always recall the Brits performance when I listen, I’ve said it a million times… just his movements, and the movement of his eyes as they shined beautifully. The following idea came to my head “Magical Prince Moments… it could be a performance/appearance or a song and one of mine is definitely his performance of his song. Just something so beautiful that no words are fit to describe it”

“Black Sweat” goes back to Lolita, haha… which reminded me that I figured that every other song was “dance-worthy”…that’s what it felt like. I kinda wasn’t into this song the past few times I listened… now I think its working its way back into  my favor.

“Incense & Candles” has been slated for my mix “My own The Beautiful Experience” since the beginning of that thought. And I remembered why while listening. I recalled a poem I wrote b4 I heard this song and it was the vibe that came across when Prince was “in the room”. And with it, I can always recall what I felt that day when I saw him perform for the first time [I Would Die 4 U/Baby I’m a Star]

His charm intoxicating

As an incense stick

His aura fills the air

Resulting in fog thick

With an essence so indescribable

That it knows no name


I remember now, the vibe I got from Prince. It’s lessened and my mind is on other things. Or I feel that same presence, but it just goes by a different name in my mind. Either way, this song belongs in that mix because it kinda represents the spell he’s had over me from the beginning. And I like it.  His words here are very convincing, and the rap knows how to make me smile, especially when I could visualize him dancing to the words.


When I listened to “Love”, I was half thinking about counting how many record scratches he does in this song (its gotta be some sort of record, haha)… but I was enjoying it so much that I didnt want to focus on anything else. I turned the volume up, first to prevent that other song from coming 2 mind, and it didnt make a single appearance in the whole album (thankfully). I enjoyed this song so much, just like I always have. Little else can be said at this point.


“Satisfied” actually got my attention and kept it. It had me smiling in the way that I’d be blushing. I recalled, smiling and laughing seeing him do this for the first time. When he first came onto American Idol, I was doing the “fangirl” scream out of excitement. I never would have picture him here. I guess I forgot about the negiotiations and figured he wouldn’t show. But when I saw him come out onto that stage, my jaw dropped and I recognized him right away. Haha, more like I saw him and then I remembered the negiotiations… I knew it was him, so I was like, “Oh my god, its Prince!” A year later and I can still remember what that was like. Then at the end of this listen, I could have sworn I visualized a kiss before he “left my side”.


I think I was distracted during “Fury” so I really didn’t pay too much attention. All of the things that came to mind yesterday, did the same today, so there’s no need to repeat myself.


“The Word” was as amazing as always and made me think about another thread idea. “Songs you love because they keep you guessing”… after all this time, I still don’t really know what the song’s about, but I don’t care. Can still imagine him alone in that room, played bass to start, record scratching and strumming his acoustic guitar. I thought about the saxophone. According to the album jacket, he played all the instruments, so I think he was practicing the sax quite a bit to make it sound that good for the bridge. In this order, though, I have no idea what the scream in the end was about… does it mean something or was it him goofing off again (like with the cough in “Raspberry Beret”)?


I half wasn’t focusing on this song, “Beautiful Loved & Blessed.” I was thinking about my chatting earlier and how I interpret Prince’s music. And I say I try not to relate it back to myself. This song seems to be his attempt to do that for him and all of his listeners/supporters. I felt the room grow cold for some unknown reason. It came to my attention and made me wonder, “Prince, how do you feel about people interpreting your work to mean something for them?” I think that scared me a little bit. He writes the songs for himself, to chronicle his own thoughts in something he can understand him and others can understand. But does he want his songs to be interpreted by others for their sakes? How would he feel about me analyzing some of his songs to death like this? Would he be flattered or unhappy? The thought then came up if I came across him and if he had a laptop to check out my blog, how would he feel about it? Would he be flattered? Would he be annoyed? Would he just say that I’m being ridiculously fanatic (which is what I wouldn’t want 2b 2 him)? I realized that I respect him as an artist so much that I want to see how he sees the songs so I’ll understand them and him better. I made peace with that and moved through the song, but something didn’t feel quite right. It could only be the song that followed.


I began “The Dance” by ‘playing’ the piano notes. I could picture him tossing and turning in his sleep as the strings played. Could almost see him looking in the mirror and turning towards and away from it out of frustration and fear, but I shook that image away. No mirrors yet. During the 2nd verse, he said he was afraid of committment. I figured that this wasn’t just about one girl, it was about all of the ones he’s been with. I played along with the piano notes. I could picture going crazy on the grand piano as a pianist would at a concert while playing an emotional concerto. Before things start to go crazy, the image is very blurry and I can’t figure out at all what I should be seeing. Perhaps it is just a complex set of contradicting emotions and nothing more.


Then comes the climax when it suddenly shifts over to the small, spinning room with mirrors on every one of the 6-8 walls, viewed from above. The room would shift around in a circle in one or both directions as the strings played on. When he screams, he falls to his knees, feeling the pain and heartache… and that’s when he wakes up from the nightmare.

The vision remains foggy with little difference than last time. I’ve thought about the possibility of playing it through again later on… but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’d be too much. Song’s already intense enough. I’m not sure if I could go through that whole cycle of frustration and pain again.


The quick change over to “Get on the Boat” is a signal that he doesn’t want that sad vibe to stay around for much longer either. I couldn’t get my mind off the song for a while, but soon enough, he got me into the song. Took a while, but I figured that this was a good ending. Couldn’t very well end the album on a sad note, could we?


At some point while listening, I got a strong feeling that “dream” Prince might make an appearance tonight. And if not, he will make something very clear to me regarding “The Dance”… which makes me wonder… what is the dance he’s referring to? The life of love? The tango, which is a conflicting dance of love & hate? So many questions, so little time to search for the answers. I might not have as much time to post blogs every day with my demanding workload… but I’ll see what I can make due with. If I give Prince that hour every day for an album, I’m sure that’ll do.

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