3121’s Dance: Part II

I went randomly through the album and only played a couple of tracks… I skipped a few to get the really important ones. But at some, I couldn’t bring myself to change the song. Here’s the list:

  • Te Amo Corazon
  • Fury
  • Love
  • 3121
  • Incense & Candles
  • The Word
  • Beautiful, Loved & Blessed
  • Satisfied
  • The Dance

The Dance itself was so intensely amazing that I had to write it down first even though it was the last song I came across. I’ve already established that it feels like a dream sequence, but with the two persona he creates with two different voices (falsetto & bass). One persona is sitting in front of the piano throughout the whole song. Throughout the song, I “played” the notes, feeling the music as he would, picturing him do the same. The best I can configure as far as his apperance is the “One night Alone” album cover for both persona, but the falsetto had different facial expressions than pianoman Prince who’s more serious and “laid-back”. Somehow, as I was listening through this song, it didn’t feel at all like a song… it sounded more more complex than that. It was unlike anything he’s ever done and it’s simply astonished. Falsetto Prince was dancing around the grand piano, but the camera would change over to either one depending on who was singing. At one point when he says “I don’t want to hold your hand” a hand reaches towards another, but they pull away before they touch.

Then when it gets intense, the room spins and the two persona combine into one. Prince stands in the slowly spinning polygon shaped room of mirrors and expresses himself the only way he knows how. Towards the end, he starts falling to his knees and suddenly, he shoots awake… and that’s how it ends. Haha… hey Prince, if u ever read this, wouldn’t this make 4 a cool music video?

The Dance is a inner struggle burning inside Prince and as a Gemini, it takes not just one, but both of his halves to get his point across. “The Dance of the Gemini called Prince” should be the full name of this song… and speaking of full, it feels like after the “concerto” scene, he goes really fast to the end of the song. I think he cut a lot out of this to fit it into the album and so it doesn’t outshine any of the other tracks. If an extended version exists, I’d love to hear that.

Other interesting things that came out of this listen was my enjoyment of “Satisfied”. I heard it begin and wanted to skip, but I just couldn’t. I was singing and enjoying it. Amazing, but true.

“Beautiful, Loved & Blessed” came off beautifully as well unlike yesterday. I love his voice in this song.

While listening to “Love”, instead of enjoying it, I counted record scratches… 67, but there might be more. That’s gotta be a record, right?

“Incense & Candles” is spell-binding as ever and it was another fun song to sing along with, especially the rap. 3121 was also fun.

“The Word” does carry a lot of the glory, more than half of what “The Dance” does without breaking a sweat. I think this is the ultimate “studio” song where the studio is his playground. It starts with him keeping a beat and doing record scratching. The acoustic guitar starts and the spotlight comes on, showing Prince on his stool playing away. I swear the song just writes itself. When he gets to the bridge, I see nothing but dancing and feeling the music. When he gets to the middle of the song where there’s an echo going thru my headphones, he goes back and forth between two scenes, where he’s on the guitar stool and where he’s by the turntable. By the time he gets to this electric guitar solo, he’s got the white O(+> guitar and I was feeling the music. It ends with him beating those African drums, but for some reason, he feels to his knees and screams at the end. Still can’t figure out why.

That’s all for now. I might write another entry for Planet Earth later. But I definitely had a great trip with 3121… even The Dance carried it for most of the trip.

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