No Comment

I just want to say this right now.

I’m not going to comment on the goings-on at HQ and I’m not going to post my views about Prince suing people or taking videos off YouTube or taking his pictures off of fansites. It’s pointless and that’s not what this blog is about.

I’m just going to continue posting about Prince’s music and how I interpret it.

This is a supporter-blog and will remain so.

There’s no room for comments of anger and hate and I’m not willing to spend the time for such ridiculous trivial things.

My loyalty lies with Prince and will remain so no matter what.

Prince, if you come across this, I hope you’re doing what you feel is right for you. I hope that if you’re going through a crisis or anything like that right now, that you will find the answer soon and stop going through whatever pain and suffering you may be going through. I’ll support your decisions 100%. Unlike the majority of the fanbase, all I’ll need from you is your music. No matter what happens, nothing you do will change my loyalty.

Good luck with everything and praying for resolution,


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One Response to No Comment

  1. Hey Well, FYI I have left the Org and decided 2 join u in ur role as a Prince supporter/advocate. I was affiliated (albeit loosely) with Prince Fans United 4 about 20 hours, until I realized that I hated what they truly stand 4 and was only doing it out of respect 4 That said, I’ve come 2 the conclusion that the Org does not deserve my respect as much as Prince does. While fansites have given me the opportunity 2 socialize and find basic in4mation about my favorite artist, they have in no way allowed me 2 grow and change the way that Prince has throughout my ENTIRE life. As 4 my own Xanga site, I don’t know whether I should change the profile pic, or just delete it all 2gether since I never post 2 it anyway… What do u think?

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