The healing power of… Musicology?

Call me crazy… I half think I’m crazy right now, actually. But I think that something did click when I was listening to the album. I was hostile at first, not really feeling anything at all.

The first sign of anything was a line in the 2nd song. Where he says “like wow (wow)”… I cracked a smile at the sound of his voice.

“A Million Days,” I wasn’t completely feeling and its my favorite on the album. Then when he starts begging on his knees, reminsicent of “The Dance” and I felt his pain. When a song makes me feel what he’s feeling, something is definitely going right.

“Call my Name” is typically a song I’m not so into. Today, it just ran a bell in me. I really enjoyed it and admired the beauty of it. I like the guitar/bass he uses during the line, “the moon never looked so lovely as the night I saw it with you.” So sweet… and calling out “Prince” at the end of the song just felt right.

“Cinnamon Girl”… I don’t care what anyone says about this song. I love it. I love the music and its old-school sound. I love the back-up vocals and I like the way Prince’s voice flows through the whole song. It has so many pluses that its hands down the strongest track on the album. Most people aren’t into him being a “disciple of God” and talking against the war… I dig it all the same. It’s good music.

“The Marrying Kind” and “If Eye was the man in ur life” really caught my attention. They are unlike anything I’ve heard anyone play, including Prince himself. The first song especially. Its uncharacteristic of him musically, but lyrically, it does sound like something he’d say about a girl. The second song has a really cool beat that I just dig, very nice rhythm, fun to sing along with. Can never remember the lyrics or where they go unless I’m actually listening to it, haha. Go figure, right? Those 2 songs are probably some of the most major “grower” tracks I’ve ever encountered, but I think it kinda boiled down to figuring out what they were about. I hadn’t a clue, so how could I enjoy them? Someday along the way, I just figured it out.

And oddly “Dear Mr. Man” sounds like it could apply to this situation going on. It makes a lot of poetic sense, but right now, I can’t recall anymore. It’s crazy, but it does sound right. This is another track some people seem to have a problem with. Sure, America is an awesome song cuz there’s nothing like it at the time. But people don’t like “political Prince” in this song much. Probably because they don’t like what the world is like and they hate him talking about politics instead of the “dirty mind” stuff he was known for. I mean, c’mon guys, aren’t you over “the conversion” yet?

Prince is a lot of things. He’s political on occasion and religious almost all the time. I couldn’t have cared which religion he chose. So what if it affects his music? I think it’s actually given him a certain clarity that he didn’t have before. Planet Earth is an album that is solid proof of that through and through. This goes back to the fiasco, of course… but I think Prince could call himself anything in religion, politics or sexuality… I would have accepted him no matter what he was. Coming in, I don’t think I even knew what his sexuality was. I mean, I think I thought he was possibly gay based on his voice and his attire (high heels included ). I wouldn’t have cared. He’s dedicated to his music and is brilliant at what he does. What else do I need to know?

As for “Reflection” my mind was kind divided at the time. But I was strumming “air acoustic guitar” along with him. It pretty much sums everything up in the album.

Here’s a little note, though. I usually write these entries with a certain idea in mind. But most often than not, when I go into lengthy paragraphs that I usually do, a lot of the time, those are spontaneous entries where I’m typing as I think things up. Improvising, guys.

I’ve been going backwards through Prince’s reporteire from most recent to oldest. Musicology has fallen in my rankings and 3121 has climbed, pretty much have switched places, but the distance between them has increased a bit. Not quite sure if Musicology is a step above Rave & NewPower Soul or on the same level as them, though. If I keep going in this pattern, I’m sure to find out soon enough.

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