Ravin’ about Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic

In my journey backwards through Prince’s albums, I’ve come to the last album of O(+>’s reign. This happens 2b a coincidence in this album stirring up a lot of anger on the boards. Listening through it tonight, I can’t really see why this album isn’t appreciated. I mean, as a whole, it’s not necessarily his strongest album. But that does happen with the albums with more various genres and such. There’s rarely any consistencey.

It may sound like I’m sticking it to the haters on the boards by saying I think this album is great. Part of me says that I am, but the other part says its so much more than that. It’s something I can’t quite explain. It might be the week I spent with the album, but I really enjoy listening to it. I just do.

B4 doing so, I listened to “A Million Days”, which came to mind b4 I switched albums. It’s a special moment in the album that I just love to revisit over and over again. It’s just so amazing in so many ways. And its where his heart is very visible, even if its in shambles. :whistle:

The lyrics for the first song threw me at first because it sounded almost coincidental with what’s going on. Almost as if its his advice of not running away and sticking it out on the boards. I couldn’t believe that, so I just stuck through the song wiping that away. The most annoying thing about the song is when his voice scratches… I was actually craving that. No joke.

“Undisputed” sounds a little like something relevent to recent events. I dig the rhythm of the song to say the least. And it does help knowing the words, haha. Most of my thoughts have “disintegrate”d by this time, though, so I really can’t say much else.

“The Greatest Romance” was a special moment. Just felt like my heart was opening up to him again. My mind knew that about my loyalty, but my heart was probably confused with the bad karma goin’ around. I had no reason to doubt anymore while listening to this song. It’s really beautiful and it just speaks of many volumes. Can’t even begin to explain that. This song is plain special.

I paused for longer than I intended because there was a curious thread goin’ around. About what advice you’d give to Prince if you met him face to face? I give the same answer I always do. I have no advice for Prince because I think he’s doing everything right. I don’t agree with every move he’s making right now, but I want to let him live his own life. There really isn’t anything else useful I could tell him if I wanted to because if he feels what he’s doing works for him, I support that. Of course, my answer was purely in the musical sense. I wouldn’t change his musical image unless he chose to himself. He knows what he wants and I say “go for it.”

I had “Hot w/U” in my head earlier. I was getting into it, of course, but towards the later stage of the song, boredom kinda set it. So I didn’t go over as well as I hoped. Funny, when I started listening to “Tangerine” and singing along, I wasn’t really feeling it. Then the power went out! Haha… my CD player was attached to the AC adapter, so it turned off with the power. The batteries were right there, so I listened to it and “So far so pleased” with the lights out. Couldn’t really concentrate on either. I was half worrying that we might never get power back and my computer, etc. But at the end of the 2nd song, the lights came back on.

“Sun Moon and Stars” I didn’t get so into until the reggae rap, which was groovy because I knew the lyrics better. I’ll always remember this as the song that O(+> made me fall in love with… I was on the fence about it for a while, but once he whispered in my ear (the words of the song), been a sucker for it ever since. And it get stuck in my head the easiest of all the songs.

There were a couple of firsts tonight. “Man O’ War” was one of them. I just listened closely to O(+> and sung along with him. Slowly, his feelings were leaking out and his heart was breaking. The guitar solos were something else, though. I was feeling the guitar solos, trying to grasp the feelings he wanted to bring across. It was beautifully sung all the way through and the last note brought tears to my eye. I don’t think that’s happened b4 with this song… now this is a special moment in the album. People who don’t like the album in general, are they really willing to overlook such a gem? One of the gems that shines the brightest in the whole album. He’s so intuned with his feelings here that it could possibly be one of his best ever… and yet its overlooked cuz of where it came from. What a pity.

“Baby Knows” was never really a song I got into. I didn’t like the country vibe going around, but on the other hand, he has a sense of fun here that’s evident in a lot of his work. No particular songs come to mind though. The lyrics are a bit weak, but so what? It’s fun and brings up the morale just a little bit before taking a huge plunge in the next song.

I noticed that “Eye love U, but don’t trust U anymore” is a short song… only around 3 minutes or so. One of those cases where he doesnt want to linger in the bad for too long because life seems bad enough without music bringing you down. I don’t think it came across as strongly as it did before, but that’s because “Man O’ War” really won me over tonight. But this succeeded in bringing me to tears, same as the other song.

“Silly Game” is a nice little transition from the worst to the not so bad. Its a song full of “moments” that make me smile. From the opening notes to what he whispers just before the last part of the song begins and the very last note is pretty.

“Strange but True” is so original. There are so many things I love about it. Unique how he speaks throughout the whole song, with no singing at all. My mind drifted back to the fiasco and it was pretty much like saying “who cares about everyone else? I’m not going to change who I am.”

“Wherever U go” is a very nice closer that succeeds in summing everything up and making a clean break. It could be interpreted another way, but I won’t go into that.

It’s a long ride, but its one that I’ve really gotten to enjoy. So much good music that’s very little appreciated. Although I’m tired from a long day, I think it really did me good. Getting away from everything for a while. Even giving my head a break from listening to Prince music play in it helped my mind clear a bit. I think I’m going to make it through this whole thing okay. My mind is in a good place now. And playing Prince’s music really does help. I can’t understand why people want to boycott him and stop buying and start selling his music. I think this album is one liable to be sold the most per hater capita… or something like that. Not quite sure where it stands in my ranking system as of right now, though. But with time, I’ll figure something out.

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