A Gold Experience

I find myself back to one of my favorite albums. The Gold Experience. There were many laughs during the first track like never before. Endorphinmachine was actually enjoyable, screaming and all. Shh was beautiful as its always been and its presence gives myself reassurance that he’s still the person I always thought he was as he continues to amaze me. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World was in need of a title change because I felt he fit the description, but as the most beautiful man inside & out that I’ve “known.” I sung along with Dolphin in a duet, feeling as if it meant the world to me. In response to the haters on my thread, I say that the song rings very true. Perhaps more true than it ever has. Many people might be singing “Eye Hate U” all over Prince’s world to its creator, but that’s not the reason why it had my heart pounding. So much that I had to pause before going onto the last song.

Seems like my deepest wish is to always listen through the album without interruption because the overall experience is ruined for me if that happens. It happens again today, unfortunately. My roommate’s friend came in just when he was singing for the last time. I watched the video to get something back. To feel what I had felt b4 so long ago. The feelings were strong, but not the same. But the experience is always changing with changing perceptions.

I wanted to close their thread with a poem I wrote describing “A Gold Experience” I had with my soul tattoo, a song that had seem me through a lot, which I declared early on as my favorite song written by the artist this blog is dedicated 2. I wrote this poem when I listened through the song one final time before putting it (and its home/album) aside for another month or two.

Before I do so, I’d like to say this:

  • Those who read this who are skeptical about what I see and feel, I apologize if this makes you more uneasy towards me. But this is what i saw and its one of the most incredible feelings I’ve felt in a long time


  • Prince, if you happen across this particular entry, I apologize if this comes off fanatical or downright insane. I don’t regret this Gold Experience because this beautiful song you wrote made me feel happier than I had in a long time. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this song that allows me to experience this kind of happiness.

In comes the vision of hand

Frozen in time

I reach out to touch it

As it reaches out for mine


The heat of his touch

Is welcomed by my soul

As this song rings true

Its his I wish to hold


Our palms come together

United are our hearts and minds

The mirror vanishes and we’re together

Standing side by side


When the magic word is sung

All the verses have been done

The guitar’s battle is won

When I rush to feel his embrace

I no longer see his face

But I know his eyes are aglow

The warmth of his touch

Is all I wish to know


His smile grows

As his arm caresses my back

Through the craziness

A single act

Makes it worth the fight


My soul smiles and his does the same

When the guitar plays

As if it speaks my name

Our souls coincide as our hearts unite as one

Once more before

the song named “Gold” is done


We break apart

Going our separate ways

He disappears behind the mirror

His palm outstretched towards mine

As he waits for my return

On another given Sunday


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