1999… more personal than I guessed?

It took a couple of songs to warm up, sure. It does take a while to adjust to Prince’s state of mind. Sometimes, it’s like he is from a completely different world because he puts everything out there and doesn’t think the way others think. Granted, he is human and he isn’t perfect, but his mind works in different ways than most people.

“Little Red Corvette” was fun as always, but I was half thinking about checking out the video. Maybe it’ll have more of an effect on me than just hearing the song. Heh, I think I was distracted cuz I was half thinking about getting interrupted by my roommate’s friend. She’s nice and everything, but I think she’s just too loud sometimes… that’s pretty annoying, especially when she interrupts my listens to Prince. I swear that sometimes I just need to be one on one with the music or else I can’t concentrate on what message its trying to get across.

“Delirious”, the music itself pretty much explained the situation at hand much better than words. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing… but it’s something else. Can’t really describe what I mean.

“Let’s Pretend We’re Married” was a blast… that’s a video I have on file, so I can look at it whenever. But I love the use of keyboards and it does give sort of a mysterious/spell-binding vibe. I think I can say that I’ve been “freed from his mind control”… which I usually go under when I listen to his music. Not so much lately… but I actually enjoy it sometimes. It gets me into his mind a lot more. I love the last rant he does pretty much telling the truth about himself, which I dig. I dig honesty. At this time, I was debating whether or not I should go to DMSR or Automatic. At the last minute, I didn’t want to take a chance and went right onto “Automatic”… I’m sorry, but I just can’t get into DMSR and I really didn’t want to go to a track that bores me after a certain point… 6-8 minutes of w/e you wanna call it.
My apologies, Prince.

“Automatic” is almost always a hit with me, so I knew right away that it’d be the track to turn things around for me. It’s one of my favorites on the album and it continues the hypnotic spell he casts. The progression of the music throughout makes it a masterpiece, if nothing else. I thought about the video when it got more intense and I was cringing a bit. Why put himself through that? I still gotta ask. Of course my favorite part is the combination of keys and the bass riff towards the end along with the clapping.

“(Something in the Water) Does not Compute” really opened my eyes to its meaning because I listened really close to what he was singing. After the part he starts screaming, I listen to the “computer” keyboards going back and forth showing some ongoing confusion. Then I heard him say something I didn’t catch before. “I’d do anything for you…” so why does she hurt him so bad? It hit me then and I started thinking. He had have been inspired to do this from personal experience and its very sad… he’s going through so much pain for this girl (my guess is Vanity) and is following her around like a lost puppy. His last statement just made me feel so bad for him at the end.

The gears started turning. From his POV, the reason his relationships don’t last is because of the girl. But who knows? It could be all in his head and he’s really the one to blame. So many questions that only he knows the answers to… or did at some time. It’s things like this that are the reason he’s trying to block out his past and plain doesn’t look back much.

“Free” gained a whole new meaning because of the previous song and I think it was finally when I was starting to chill and relax and stop worrying so much about my paper… just getting excited about going home tomorrow. That piece is truly inspired 😎

I got the most out of “Lady Cab Driver” than I ever had. I listened closely to the music and really enjoyed the experimental nature of it. It’s very unique one of those tracks he hasn’t repeated in any way since. The only thing that’s kinda… not cool… is that he’s finding the answers to his problems thru sex… I dunno what to think of that personally. It doesn’t sound quite right, but hey, it’s your life, Prince. You live it however you want to.

“International Lover” was wonderful, so much fun. Beautiful ballad… a little sophisticated early on, but the subject matter takes it down a couple of notches as far as sophistication goes. Again, I must apologize for that. But I love the song. It’d be perfect for that mix I’ve been working on.

So 1999 wasn’t a complete wash like Purple Rain… and it revealed some very interesting things about 24-year old Prince… and whenever I learn something new about him, it makes the experience that much more interesting. It proves that he’s not completely out of surprises. Maybe my reason for not enjoying the past albums is because they’ve gotten kinda old, haha…

btw… haha, I thought I lost the blog entry below because of some stupid advertisment from this site… so I’m so glad its back and I don’t have to mull over “the lost blog entry”… I’ll apologize one more time, Prince, if any of that stuff about “equalivent exchange” offended you.

I still believe you’re an amazing artist and actually, I think I prefer the direction you’re going now to where you have been, even if its that’s what made you who you are today.

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