More Realizations

After listening to my Purple Rain mix, I came up with the most interesting conclusions about him as well as myself. I was up for an extra half hour writing this. I took a few things out, but this is the majority and the main points I got.

It’s a different world when you’re with Prince. He always takes you on such a trip that you wish it was somewhere you could always be. Even more so, you become a different person when you listen to this music and or even his voice. He puts everything (and I mean everything) on the table and he makes you do the same.

Once you let him into your life this way, you’ll never forget that feeling and he won’t allow you to forget him. Once you “meet” his heart, you are forever changed by its “je ne sais qua.” There’s no turning back since his forward-thinking makes me move forward and it’s close to impossible to look back. That’s why no experience with an album is the same as the last. There’s no other feeling like being with him thru his music. It’s so wonderful that I want to share it with so many people.

However, therein lays the most difficult part of having Prince as a part of my life– the isolation. I love to talk about him, but it’s so hard to bring him up and keep the conversation on the same plane I’m on. People who aren’t as familiar with him find it difficult to comprehend the doors he opens both for people and within people. Since day one, he has opened several doors in my mind and heart and with those passages connecting; I get one step closer to seeing who I truly am: the contents of my heart and what I can do to share those contents with those around me. 

People have certain perceptions and once they learn them, there’s no changing them. People have their own ideas about Prince from media alone and labels are all they know and have known. The music alone might be the only thing that can convert the ignorants, but it’s difficult to find particular songs for particular people. I can’t talk about him for so many reasons. I don’t want to come off as fanatical and get on nerves really quick. I’m not very argumentative and even though I am right about certain things (ex: his sexuality), I can never go to the lengths to prove that I am. The worst part is that the conversation ends negatively. Minds are always closed towards him so few others can see beyond what they’ve been told. Life is meant to work a certain way according to most people. Prince is one of the few that have changed their own destinies– another attribute that seems to be rubbing off on me slowly every day I listen. I’m isolated with my beliefs that Prince is a good person who lives for music more than anything else. At the same time, I’ve found friends who hold the same beliefs and by connecting with them, the word isolation gains a whole new meaning: a positive effect.

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