[1st 2b not named after a song/lyric] Chapter 9: Revolution Reunion?

The next day began a long set of days with a series of phone calls. Isaiah was down in the studio, but with a cell phone in his hand instead of a guitar. He pushed a sheet of notebook paper towards Patty when she finally found him. On the sheet of paper were all the phone numbers of the Cinnamon Edge members. Even his first keyboardist’s name, Maria Gonzales, was on there. Susan’s name was missing completely. Then she remembered that page was torn out of his phone book. She didn’t question it and started making the calls.

            She called Maria first. “Hi, I’m not sure if you remember me. I’m Patty Rhodes, I was the back-up guitarist for…”

            “Joshua Isaiah Prince… I have not heard that name in a long time. Hi, how are you doing?”

            “I’m good. Listen, Josh is having a party at his mansion on his birthday in July. It’s going to be pretty huge. Can we count on seeing you there?”

            “Who else is going?”

            “Well, almost everyone from the Cinnamon Edge will be there and several of the other people he’s worked with over the years.”

            “What do you mean by almost everyone?” She cleared her throat, “I don’t know the details myself. It’s the girl who replaced you when you walked out.”

            “You mean Susan?” She peered over at Isaiah, who must have heard the name spoken. He shook his head and continued dialing another number.

            “I’m not going to ask him about him and I think it’d be wise if nobody else did. So, are you coming?”

            “Sure. I’ll be there. It’s on the 7th, right?”    

            “That’s right.” She nodded. Isaiah just hung up on a call he completed. She asked him, “Would you like to talk to Maria?” He looked aside and then shook his head, “Tell her I’ll talk to her at the celebration. I’ve got too much going on right now.”

            “Did you catch that? All right, see you in a few months.” She hung up. “She seems to be doing all right. You’re not planning on talking to anyone from our band, are you?”

            “Not until the day of. I’m not mentally ready to go back there right now. I’ve got too much going on.” She sighed, “If it wasn’t for me, you probably wouldn’t be inviting them at all.”

            “I would have… I just would have sent invitations instead.” He brushed it off and made another call. His mood completely changed when someone picked up. “Delilah, how’s the sweetest thing doing?”

            “Isaiah, is that you? Since when are you in such a good mood?” He sighed, “Almost never, haha. How are you?”

            “I’m fine. I thought I just saw you. What’s happening?”

            “I’m having a party in a few months. Can I count on seeing my favorite drummer at the mansion that night?”

            “You’re actually going to celebrate your 50th birthday? You? You don’t believe in celebrating birthdays.”

            “Shut up, can’t I make an exception?”

            “You always do, Isaiah. I’ll be there. You don’t even have to ask. I’m always there for you, baby.” He rolled his eyes, “Don’t call me that. You know I hate that. All right, I’ll talk to you in a few days. I’m working on a new album and I think your drums would be perfect for a couple of songs.”

            “All right, I’ll help you out.” He quickly added, “You know, if you ever want to make a new album, the studio’s yours.”

            “Isaiah, how many times do I have to tell you? I’m perfectly happy with the one I did years ago.”

            “You can’t just do one album, Delilah. C’mon baby, we make a pretty good team. I’ll even do this one with you as a collaboration if that’ll make it any easier for you.”

            “I’m not too crazy about my voice, you know that. Maybe, I’m just not as prolific as you are.” She paused, “And why is it okay for you to call me baby and I can’t? Remind me again.”

            “It’s just my thing, all right. I don’t even let my girlfriends call me baby.”

            “And when was the last time you had one of those, Mr. Lady’s Man?” He massaged his forehead with his free hand. He mumbled, “Note to self, change the title of that song.”

            “What was that?” He shook his head, “Nothing. That was cold, Delilah. I don’t ask you about your love life, so don’t even try talking about mine. That just ain’t cool.”

            “No, you’re right. I’m sorry. I just forget sometimes, you know. Do you have your eye on anybody at least?” He groaned, still massaging his forehead, “I haven’t left this house since I came back from the tour.”

            “That bad, huh?” He nodded, “Tell you what. I’ll give you the details when you come here in a couple of days. Besides, there’s someone I want you to meet. An old friend of mine…” He snuck a look at Patty, who was busy talking to Bubba Nelson, his first drummer. He smiled, “just found out last night that she’s actually an angel in disguise.”

            “I thought you don’t discuss your relationships.” He slapped his forehead, “No, it’s nothing like that. I needed someone to talk to and she was just the person I needed. You know how I am about angels.”

            “Yes, of course. Well, I’ll let you continue with your business and I’ll come by in three days.”

            “All right, sweet thing, I’ll see you then.” After he hung up, he looked up and saw Patty giving him a strange look. He scoffed, “What?”

            “What was that all about?” He rolled his eyes, “Oh, that’s my favorite drummer, Delilah. She’s helped me with a few of my albums over the years. She’ll be coming here to help me with this album I’m working on.” He quickly added, “Actually, she’s more of a percussionist.”

            “What about that banter going on between the two of you?”

            “She’s the one acquaintance I’ve kept in touch with for almost forever. We have kind of a love-hate relationship. We’re both perfectionists in our fields, but we actually get along like brother and sister.”

            “How many girls have you had on your payroll?”

            “The most I’ve ever had at once was two… and those days are gone now.” He started dialing another number.

            “I’m talking about total.”

            “In my phone book, I’ve got less than 10. The craziest thing I had going on was with these twins. I never saw them at the same time. They don’t speak to one another very much, but both of them are brilliant at keyboards. So when one quit, I hired the other. It got pretty ugly when the two found out the other, especially when both developed a certain… ‘taste’ for me.  Identical twins, what are you going to do?”

            “Are they invited?” He stroked his chin, “Well, if they broke into another cat fight, that’d be very entertaining.” Patty was shocked that he mentioned that so casually without breaking into a fit of laughter. He grinned, but shook his head. “Well, they could very well show up at the door along with the many local people that’ll be coming, but I’ll let that happen on its own.”

            “So what’s Delilah like?”

            “Oh, you’ll meet her in a few days, but she’s very sweet. I think you’ll get along very well.”

            “I was talking about looks.”

            “Oh… she’s about your height. She’s of Spanish heritage like Maria, but she’s built a little differently. She’s probably as thin as I am, come to think of it. She has a similar skin tone to mine, but she has the softest smile I’ve ever seen. And she’s very easy on the eyes. They’re almost like black pearls.”

            “She sings too?”

            “Yes, wonderful voice, but she’s very self-conscious about it. She’ll only sing back-up for me when I request it, but when it comes to going it alone, she’s not so into it. I produced an album for her years ago, the first one I produced here that wasn’t mine. I let her have a hand in penning the tracks, but I probably wrote all of the songs for her myself. She added her own flair with the percussion.  I tell ya, you’ll never find another girl like that on drums. You could swear she was on fire.”

            “You wrote songs for other people as well?”

            “Yeah, I mean, people do request me quite often. But I do have a particular line that they must be able to cross before I allow them the use of my studio and equipment.” Patty then remembered what made Joshua Isaiah Prince so special. She said, “They have to live for the music and understand what it’s capable of.”

            “That’s right. Delilah is a perfectionist and knows very well what she’s doing. She puts heart into those drums like no one else I’ve ever seen.”

            “You speak so highly of her. She sounds like the perfect girl for you.” He nodded, “She would be…  I just don’t see her that way.” He changed the conversation, “So, do you think we’re going to get the old band back together?”

            “You mean if they’re going to the celebration?” He just nodded. She continued, “Maria and Bubba said they’d make it. I haven’t called Ricky yet, so I’ll go and do that.”

            “Let’s use the main line for this one and put it on speaker.”

            “You want to talk to Ricky? For real?” He shrugged, “We kept in touch for a couple extra years. As far as I know, he’s still in the business.”

            “When did you lose touch with him?” Isaiah stroked his chin, “I really don’t remember. I think we had some stupid argument. We always had our arguments about God knows what. Our musical differences were eventually the reason we lost touch.” He dialed the number, which was still #5 on speed dial after so many years.

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