Diamonds & Pearl [sorry, no chapter 2day]

I’m just starting on Chapter 12 now, almost finished, actually. So until I get a couple of more chapters down, I’m not going to release anymore. Inspired by a thread on the boards, I decided to give this album another listen. The first time I had heard it in perhaps months… and it was worth it

On a 2 dimension plane, this album is basically:
1) commercial
2) the results of a very prolific Prince
3) combinations of the best & worst of the early NPG

I listened to it just now for the first time in quite a while. Another example of me dismissing it as average, I think I’ve heard it just more than 10x since I got it 3 months ago.

Thunder is a brilliant song. It’s like a combination of sex meets religion and music plays the third party somewhere… I’m still figuring it out. The combination of the vocals and different instruments and varying intensity shows a potential amazing album. If it’s all based from that one track.

Unfortunately, it sets the standard too high. So “Daddy Pop” came off as… not really a prize winner. This includes the first input from the NPG… and the rap at the end kinda ruins any chance of it making an impact.
The title track brings things back around… beautiful music and the duet is great… brings out the strength of Prince’s lower register.

The “ride” through the album varies. I lost my train of thought during Cream, so my mind wasn’t where it should have been.
Gett off is fun, just like always. “Walk, don’t walk’ has a really good message, but it being short kinda makes it disappear.
Money Don’t Matter 2night… I can remember hearing just on “The very best of…” and it automatically became a favorite. NPG at one of its best performances. Love the back-up vocals and the music… and Prince’s vocals.

Push brings the calibar down. When they told Tony to “get on the mic,” I was just :disbelief: don’t encourage him, he’s been ruining songs left & right. And as hilarious as Prince is in his “rap”… it sounds like he’s in dire need of sleep (sounds more than just delirious, haha).
Insatiable is sweet, beautiful, what more can I say?

Live 4 Love… just beyond amazing. Definitely my favorite efforts from the NPG throughout the album. And Tony’s rapping actually works for me here, the one exception :shrug:. I was listening to some of the lyrics and some of the things he said made a lot of sense. Love the vocals throughout… and the storyline itself… Prince is giving a few examples of why he’d ask the question “can I live 4 love with all this hate goin’ round?” …perhaps its him looking for his own answers.
:worship: Prince’s :guitar: & Michael Bland on drums :worship:

I might experiment, take out some of the heavy NPG tracks that lower the quality of the album… and see if I come up with a different answer as to what I think about the album. I gotta say, though, this has been the most intriguing listen I’ve had of a Prince album in weeks… but the semester’s coming to an end, so I’m starting to relax and chill again  😎

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