Diamonds & Pearls: portal 2 another world?

Don’t get too ahead of yourself here, that title can be a tad misleading for what I’m talking about.

It was about 11 @ night, so I went through an edited setlist of the album. In other words, I took out all but one song with Tony’s rapping… and also took out “Gett off” because hip-hop isn’t Prince’s strong suit. I didn’t care if I do like the song as much as I do because there was something I wanted to check out. Thanks to some “unpleasant” news on the boards, I was distracted from my path the last time I tried this…and I took out 2 songs I didn’t in the first place. One was Gett Off… and the other was “Willing and Able”… not bad, but not one of his best. Sometimes you need to take out a few pieces to see the forest from the trees… that kind of thing. I knew there was something hidden within the album I needed to find… and I think I am onto something here.

Originally, I wanted to stay in the 80’s, but all of the albums were too long or just plain wasn’t in the mood for them. I wanted some of his best work and I kept thinking “Diamonds & Pearls… Diamonds & Pearls”… I felt like it was something I HAD to do. Just to see what was there.

When I arrived the first song… oh boy… I didn’t like what was going through my head. I think my first instinct was to compare it to 1999 straight off… they call it the “1999 of the 90’s”… guys, your comparison couldn’t be more wrong and you spoiled the first song for me. I was half thinking of switching over to something… but I couldn’t think of anything “good enough” or rather I liked… to take its place. “Thunder” has almost always been a hit for me, so I couldn’t believe how “off” it sounded. Maybe I just thought there wasn’t enough “feeling” in it… most of it is instrumental… brilliant in that respect, but it was just music… that didn’t really say anything to me.

Diamonds & Pearls started off a little slow. I felt like I could barely hear Prince because of Rosie’s vocals and he’s something I can usually pick out VERY easily… he’s Prince, right? As the song went on, though, I felt like I was in a different world… I was aiming for “psychadelica”… like what they did with the video or with “When Doves Cry”… bright colors, etc… but I felt something else. Something I couldn’t describe. That vibe continued to follow me through the next couple of songs in my line-up. “Cream” I was completely lost in… because of the music alone… again, I was feeling that vibe I didnt know the name of. And “Strollin'” was very easy going, equally as exciting as elevator music, but don’t get me wrong. I enjoy it all the song.

When I started skipping around, though… it took a few extra minutes for me to lose myself in the songs. That’s what I mean by the “portal 2 another world”… I completely black out and forget where I am… I just hear the music and Prince’s voice… and feel the flow of the vocals and instruments. This is usually what happens when I just chill in bed and listen through my headphones… I’m sitting up in my computer chair and still zoning out. It’s not quite what happened with “I could never take the place of ur man”… it was a different form of zoning out… I wasn’t quite “lost forever” in it. But I enjoyed it for the little moments when I was “under the spell”… “Walk don’t walk” was fun, but I gotta learn those lyrics… I dont know when  he says “walk” or “talk” and in what places…

“Money don’t matter 2night” had me thinking about all kinds of things. I love the jazzy vibe, always have. But the lyrics made me recall how serious this is… this is like what he did in the song “Sign o’ the times”… used music he felt worked and addressed something serious that had little 2 do with him personally. He returns to the roots of SOTT and goes in a different direction… and then “Live 4 Love”, I recalled, was something serious as well… but here, he uses all kinds of instruments to prove a point… or maybe it was just a musical masterpiece.

“Insatiable” was the 2nd 2 last song I picked out in my mini-playlist… beautiful song… and love the ballad-y lyrics. Other than “Cream”… probably the most personal track he has here… and I was losing myself in that too. And I wouldn’t have it any other way… just lose myself in Prince’s world and see where his head is at the time. There isn’t a more fun thing to do with his music.

“Live 4 Love” is something just amazing from the drums, to the lyrics, the guitar and his vocals… there aren’t enough words to describe how amazing I think it is… the rest of the songs are around the same level, I guess you could say… this one just surpasses the rest unbelievably. What else can I say? I was completely lost in it… and I’m not sure if I was ready to come out of it just yet. I went right to bed after putting everything away.

It’s something interesting… I decided the other night that I would check out the DVD for the album’s videos… since it was already midnight by the time I finished… it was better that I ended when I did. I didn’t want to be falling asleep while watching the DVD… and this will be the first time I’ve watched it through from start 2 finish.

Might have to skip the footage 4 “Jughead”, though… never wanted to get out of a song THAT fast before, haha.

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