An extra day with Purple Rain

This is a little something I’d like to call progress. Yesterday, I wanted to watch the “Computer Blue” and “Darling Nikki” scenes from the movie. But then I felt like… I just had to watch the scene with the lake for a few laughs. My sister walked into the room around that time and she watched some of it with me. I tried to explain some of it to her about her jumping in the lake being a joke. It then got me thinking about what I thought another day.
He said, “For starters, you have to purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka”… For starters?? What more could he possibly have for his so-called initiation?! Just saying…

Since she was around, I decided to play the next couple of scenes to get some laughs. Although she did like the motorcycle bit where he zooms up just a little while she’s trying to get on. “The Password” might have had some effect on her, but I can’t be sure. One thing I do know, is that she loved the “purple monkey puppet”… she asked if he did it without his lips moving. I said that they dubbed his voice and put it in later, but it really does look that way.

Then I went on to do what I set out to do. “Computer Blue”… couldn’t really concentrate on “his Royal Badness”… being all topless and getting groovy with that guitar… not with my sister in the room, but I just dig the choreography for that scene. Not to mention those ?jeans?… and he always seems to have a chain on him somewhere. His chain was on his ?jeans? this time and it’s cool. “Darling Nikki” had me laughing up a storm towards the end, just like always… I was half worrying that I might have freaked my sister out a bit, but hey, that’s as bad as “his Royal Badness” gets (not my words, by the way).

I started playing my mix with the video game I’ve been working on, Jak II… Prince never did work with that game… or any videos for that matter. Music takes me one way, but in the game, I have to go by another. I had to go thru 4 songs before I completed on task… a little ridiculous. Gotta admit, though, believing in “The Beautiful Ones” got me through all right. “Darling Nikki” helped on another task… that took all of Computer Blue (12 min) to get through, haha.

Then there’s one scene with a race around the city… perfect two songs for that. I tell ya, even though just about all of Purple Rain seems to have lost its luster over the past few days. Those two songs have stayed intact, especially “Baby I’m a Star”… needless to say, its the song/scene that made me go “head over heels” for Prince initially.

By the end, I’m not gonna lie, I was miserable. Prince & video games don’t mix because I like having him whispering/shouting in my ear rather than from a distance. And I can’t really concentrate on him while doing something else. It got me thinking, though.

Why do I go through his music the way that I do? Why must I limit myself to headphones? Why do it on my own without interruptions? Could it be possible that I’ve been, unknowingly, giving it the same attention that Prince did when he recorded it?

Think about it. I read somewhere that when he recorded a lot of the “Sign o’ the Times” album, he was by himself in the studio and not even his engineer, Susan Rodgers, was around to hear him. He was completely alone and somehow, he’s able to tap into a certain place and reach levels unimaginable by most. I’ve been going it alone since the beginning, listening to his music in isolation, because I need to focus on what he’s trying to tell me… or rather, his listeners.

After getting thru the mix, I played through the last task and went to some music videos. I played the “I would die 4 u/baby I’m a star” video… haha… I remembered how Prince would actually make me cringe sometimes with how he was on stage (please don’t take offence for this, Prince, if you happen upon this entry)… can’t deny he’s got some moves, but sometimes his facial expressions are cringe-worthy… given that, its no wonder why people thought he wasn’t straight as a pin. Him flaunting his sexuality by doing a half-striptease onstage… no wonder he was dubbed “his Royal Badness”… and I promise that’s the last I’ll say that in this entry.

Who knows how late at night that was? It seemed like he was just finding excuses to keep it going because he had this boundless energy to contend with. I also checked out “Take me with U” and I started to recall how unpredictable his live shows tend to be. I liked the use of lapsing images from throughout the tour.

I recalled getting a link from a Yahoo! group about the Grammys performance of “Baby I’m a Star”… that blew me away, although I’m not such a fan of large bands… Prince is the only man I like to see take up all that room onstage. With The Revolution, its fine, but 20 something people… things get out of hand, I tell ya. Anyway, I checked to go back to YouTube and research any interviews that might be floating around and I happened across one that I saw once a long time ago (and yes, several months is a long time for me because a lot happened in this past year). It was a 1998 interview with Mel B. @ Paisley Park.

I’ve found myself occasionally diving into the future from the past… like when things were getting a little lackluster with some of the albums since getting to “Sign o’ the Times”… I found myself picking up “NewPower Soul” and listening to one track that would catch my attention that day. “Until I’m in ur arms again” one day, and then “Come on” another day… and I dismissed the album because it felt like a bunch of throw-aways… a “spit record” if you will.

Prince, excuse me, O(+> (or in that interview, Spud, haha), was saying how the people he worked with at the time inspired the album and he wanted to get some live stuff into the album with some of the tracks. Or at least give that impression… unfortunately Spud, that’s why I don’t dig some of the songs from the album. Using the crowd chants just didn’t do it for me. Makes it kinda tacky, if you know what I’m sayin’. It’s a hard decision… would I rather listen to Jughead or the likes of “Freaks on this side” and “Push it up”… I’m actually aiming towards “Jughead”… who knew it’d be, ahem, the “lesser of two evils”… my apologies again, Spud.

I was watching the interview and nearly jumped out of my skin when I realized that it was done almost 10 years ago… that was Spud 10 years ago… blows my mind. My sister was around, playing her Pokémon Diamond game on DS (those were the days, I tell ya). She asked if I found how long ago it was done and I said about 10 years… and she also wanted to know if “Prince” was his real name… that’s the first time she seemed to take any interest in him at all… so I think I made some progress that day.

So I listened intently as always, trying to add more knowledge about him to my “cache of Purple notions”… He seemed to be very spiritual around that point. He was saying about how his gift comes from God and how he can’t put a limit on his gift, that’s why he was all for the Internet to get his material out. I know I caught some interesting info from him, but right now, I’m drawing a blank. Maybe I’ll come back later and write more on that.

I stayed up until midnight for the college game… and it was some game, I tell ya. Never thought it’d be like that with it starting so slow. I did what I set out to do after I went up. I put in my mix and gave it another listen, but this time, I listened to all of the tracks but the ones that remain the same on the Purple Rain album… I’ll give that one more listen today and hopefully will be able to move onto ATWIAD. It’s long overdue for a listen… and I think I have been slowing down, taking more time with my albums and that’s a very good thing. I usually can’t limit myself like that, but I don’t want to go out on bad terms with Purple Rain, an album that has brought me so much joy.

I hate going out on bad terms with Prince anytime. Oh right, he was saying about how people criticize his music and its like criticizing God’s gift and God himself. And why they get satisfication out of it? Just for the record, Spud, I’m not criticizing your gifts at all. That’s not what I do. You say people like to see the negatives. I always look at the positives and look for something within each album that makes it worth coming back to. “NewPower Soul” I’ll have to work with, of course, but other than that, you’ve got nothing to worry about on my end. I’ll go through your music and get everything out of it that I can because you put all this work into it. The least I can do is return the favor.
[Those who are critical of me, this is why I spend so much time with Prince’s music!! I do it for myself, but I also do it for Prince as well. Because he deserves it.]

The synths in the instrumental break in “Let’s go Crazy” is something I totally dig. Very 80’s-esque and Prince seemed like the one who invented such a sound. Brilliant move on his part. “Take me with U” is unusual because there’s no other track like it anywhere. It’s like a breath of fresh air (Prince really knew what he was doing here… and that just amazes me). As simple as it is and just as much as I’d like the chance to tell him that myself (Te Amo Corazon gives me that same pleasure, but to a different degree) 😉 …its an exceptionally special piece in its uniqueness… When Doves Cry is another perfect example, nothing else like it on the album or anywhere else (but I didnt listen to that last night).

“The Beautiful Ones” had me reeling, especially in the extra minute at the end. I felt myself dying to reach his voice and scream the way he screams… I was tempted and I felt like I could match him… but keep in mind that it’s 12-1am and I didnt want to wake anyone up. Very powerful song, no matter how you slice it.

“Computer Blue” had me reeling too and I was thinking… this song is more personal than Prince would care to admit. The fact its this long and he’s going through so much, it does go back to that interview again… where he says “you can get anger across in music, but in the end, you have to resolve it and say that’s something you can’t hold in”… its outrageous and a little eerie. The hallway speech sounds like something in the future that he foresaw. If anything, its Paisley Park… and it was that night where he called Susan Rogers to meet him… Prince is ahead of himself on so many accounts, but that is just plain creepy, haha.

“Darling Nikki” is probably the one song I’ve heard the most times over the past few days… even if I’m getting sick of it, I’m diggin’ it just the same. Just am… can’t explain how or why.

“Moonbeam Levels” is a really good song, but I wish that he’d leave the “Freddie Mercury”-esque guitar out of it… I much prefer the use of keyboards he uses to get across that “other-worldy” feel… and I end the night on that note… because its more or less my interpretation/the perfect song to express the feelings he had in the basement when he “trashed the place” (my dad’s fav. quote lately)… that’s where that night left off and Judgement Day would follow… and day will be that day.

I gotta go.

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  1. Not bad, not bad @ all …

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