[ATWIAD] Wouldn’t be the first time…

… that I said I’d do (or in this case, no do) something that I say I’m going to do. I had a plan for last night, but I wasn’t counting on feeling sleepy after watching “The Colbert Report”. So glad that show’s back, though.

Anyway, I was going to listen to the album one LAST time and then do Parade after “The Colbert Report.” Regardless of the Writers’ Strike, it was a lot of fun last night. But I figured that it was best not to listen to Parade when I was already half asleep. I don’t have a full review of the album again, but there are a few tracks I wanted to focus on and hopefully, excerpts from this will be part of the project I started with a close friend of mine.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m stopping here. When I got to “Condition of the Heart,” I heard skipping throughout the song. It wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been, but when he started talking about “the woman from the Ghetto” I heard the skipping myself and it wasn’t pretty. It also disrupted the dream-like state I was in. Without a bassline or rhythmic drums backing it up, it sounds like Prince’s voice was floating alongside the drums & piano. Distant, creating a fantasy in order to allow his listeners to see what he sees and feel what he feels. The introduction helps ease the transition between the tracks and obviously set the stage for the song.


“Pop Life” has a melancholy vibe to it, attributed mostly to the tone of the piano. Although the strings add to that vibe, they also add a glimmer of hope barely “visible.” This most likely is my favorite Wendy & Lisa/Prince collobaration. Their strings give the song that glimmer of hope and their voices back Prince very well. They also allow the listener to sing along more easily. They even make up for the strings’ absence during the verses.


“Temptation,” I had to hear one last time since it’d been in my head all day for no apparent reason, haha. You’ll find very few songs that contrast with Prince’s mild-mannered offstage persona THIS much. If you play along, he’ll show you how “good it feels to be bad.” And of course, the “voice of reason” bursts his bubble of rebelling. Therefore, this is as far as Prince will go in crossing the line from this point on.


I enjoy myself so much sometimes that I forget how delicate albums can be sometimes. I was this cautious with TGE by not playing it too much. What these two have in common is that I got them USED at the same FYE close to home here. The album worked so well without any problems that I think I forgot that I got it used. There were a few little scratches on it, but I’ve had similar skipping with 1999, and one song in the Musicology album. 1999 was a repeat offender for a few days in a row and it was a brand new album. Since those days, I havent heard a skip anywhere. I had one incident with “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic” where the first two songs were skipping a lot (and I got it used for the same price as the ATWIAD album). That was after 3 listens in a row. But I turned the CD player off and on again… so when I got to the third track, it was golden.

I suppose I should be more careful with my albums and not play them that much, especially if they’re Used. But I suspect someone returned this one because it was NO Purple Rain, haha. But also some of the tracks are a little “odd”… my mom called “Condition of the Heart” weird and I think its a beautiful ballad. If she thought that was weird, she should be grateful I didn’t play Temptation for her. She’d probably be in a rush to make me get rid of a bunch of albums since she didnt want me listening to that kind of “music”.


I think my notebook will last me to the end of my winter vacation and then I have a huge notebook I used back in 8th grade for a Social Studies “Interactive Notebook”… still a lot of pages left in there.


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