Parade aside from the Cherry Moon

This is going to be an attempt to do what I did with the ATWIAD album, but it includes some extra tracks. On the side, I’m trying not to think about going back to school. One thing I really can’t wait for is to return to my animé club meetings on Wednesday nights. Again, I’m dreading the whole aspect of possibly needing to carpool to one of my classes. I don’t have a car, so I’m left helpless to rely on others to get me to a certain class.

I think the trickiest thing for this project is balancing facts and opinions and how I’m supposed to get that across. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone who’s new to the Purple world, considering I’ve only been there a short time myself.

I’ll go ahead and post my latest album rant. I can’t access my school email right now, but I can respond to my comments here.

I’ve got so much material right now that it’s not even funny. It feels like I’ll have to establish a cut-off point where I can’t add any more material to [insert album name] after a certain date and I’m just going to hope I’ve got enough material to get it where I want it to go. This’ll be just like the construction of the “Little Red Corvette” guitar solo. I’ll provide the material and my friend will take Prince’s role and help mix it all together into one thing that flows and makes sense throughout.

“Alexa de Paris” was like guitar in freefall and that’s what it felt like to me. It was such a rush. I’m never grounded when I listen to that song. I can’t even get a visual with it anymore. It’s just guitar notes moving me into an “out of body” experience… like I forget where I am. It starts out simple, but then it takes off almost as if Prince is looking for answers within himself.

At the same time, I was trying to figure out the meaning of it all. Inside, he comes to the answer he came for, but only he knows the question he sought to answer.

Mountains is the best overall collaboration of the extended Revolution, each person adding something to Wendy & Lisa’s template. Sadness plagued my mind when it began, but I dismissed the issues bugging me one by one. Life is too short and I wanted to soak everything in.

The title track started everything off and set the pace and mood for the album. The musical style is shown throughout and “Parade” generally is a showcase of all of Prince’s musical abilities and what’s he’s all about as a person. Sprinkled throughout the song are life lesson he hopes to pass on. “New position” is about him always trying something new to keep things interesting for himself and his listeners. Considering it’s revamped from the vault, it’s a brilliant move. The fact Wendy & Lisa sing lead suggest “I wonder U” is a question Prince’s female following could say bout him. And I agree completely with the lyrics. UTCM is very curious with the lyrics. Almost as if he’s not afraid of death and would rather live happily than live at all. Life is wasted if you’re not enjoying it.

“Girls and Boys” can’t NOT be associated with the movie since he sung it in the movie. The lyrics in the earliest part (1st 2 verses) correspond directly to the film. The rest is about introducing someone to his world. “Life can be so nice” sums up all of his thoughts at that moment in time. Both in the movie and in real life. He was clearly in a good place where he couldn’t quite express his happiness. “Venus de Milo” interrupts that beat as if he stumbles upon an inner truth—he is deeply in love and nothing else matters to him. Mountains continues from that vein, but it’s about more than love. “Do u lie?” translates into “trouble in paradise” and he questions his love’s faithfulness. “Kiss” takes me away from the Parisian artsy vibe and musically, it’s unique and special. The lyrics can go well beyond the meaning of the film.

Anotherloverholenyohead is confrontation regarding the unfaithfulness and it’s a fight to the finish. In the end, it’s not meant to be. Tracy dies and in the song, themes from the parade are revisited and then some. Unlike the past few times, the lyrics got to me a little while singing along. I believe Prince wishes for everyone to live as Tracy lived.

I believe I am onto something here. The album feels like something I really am getting to know quite well and I’m more familiar with it than I thought. That’s probably going to be the highlight of this trip with the album and it won’t get much better than that. I don’t think the movie really matters to me anymore. I say Prince should stick to what he was born to do, write and perform his work. He’s no actor and I say he should just be himself because nobody else can do that.

It’s funny… but I think when I did see Purple Rain the first time… I didn’t think that he was playing himself. I thought someone else was playing him… but it was him playing himself. And I think that’s the way it should be. People complain about Apollonia’s acting and that’s why they hate her so much… Newsflash, people, nobody’s acting is all that great in that movie (well, except for The Kid’s parents)… another thing is that at least in that movie, Prince is himself through and through, trying to give the audience a view of how he lives his life. Actor or not, he does have his crowning achievements… that scene in the basement is just heart-wrenching and his tears always make me feel so bad for him. That might not have happened in real life, but that was a brilliant move on Magnoli’s part, showing Prince’s inner vulnerability in such a way that his audience can respond to that.

Something that does make Prince special above all else is his connection with the music. Not just cuz he’s in touch with his feminine side, so girls who’ve worked with him feel at ease around him… he’s very intuned to his own feelings and he can make the audience feel whatever he feels. He’s always had that affect on me. I suppose there is something about a man intuned with his feelings and isn’t afraid to show them.

Hmm… would that last paragraph would something good to add to this project????

I mean, part of writing this is about telling others what makes Prince special and that’s just one of the biggest things that anyone will notice right away. It’s also something that scares some people because they’re not used to someone putting everything on the table the way Prince does.

However, his music leads one to believe that Prince doesn’t keep secrets because he discloses everything from his religious beliefs to his sexual tendancies… everything any given person would hide… but his personal life is something he rarely discloses… I believe everyone is entitled to their secrets, so with his personal life, I try not to pry into it too much. I let the music tell me preciously what he wants us to know about him and nothing more.

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