Stream O’ Conscious [Times]

This will be all of my memories from how last night went. I think towards the end, I became more aware of how late it was. I kinda zoned out a bit on “Adore” because I spent nearly half the song just yawning. Other than that, some interesting things came to my attention and some tracks shone better than others. And in a way, balance exists throughout each of the two discs. Even though the tracks came from three different projects, the arranging worked very well. Mixing and matching different moods so the whole thing isn’t overly bizarre, sad, or even happy. In the end, the whole project ends on a good note. Last night of all nights, I guess my mind didn’t quite make it.

Another thing I noticed was that some songs connect to another on the other disc. Obviously, I’d compare “4ever in my Life” and “Adore” as two different love songs about Susannah, but with a different selection of emotions.

Disc I

Given the knowledge that the majority of the sounds in the title track came from a Fairlight keyboard, Prince had quite an ear. The sounds are so impressive that I even forget that its all simulated. I remember them going into it in the “Purple Reign” interview and how the rhythms were derived from hip-hop. In Prince’s view, though, this is probably what he’d call “hip-hop using REAL instruments.”

“Play in the Sunshine” is a decent track. Nothing bad about it. The biggest problem, though, that it’s so simple that it’s probably the most forgottable track on the whole album. Take no offence when I say that. I’d say its a Dream Factory track, but something about Prince’s voice has me believing that it could have been written around the time of “Delirious”. Meaning the vocals he uses.

“Housequake” definitely refers to the kinds of rowdy parties Prince saw in the big cities. Direct derivative of the impeding hip-hop culture. It combines a bunch of old and new sounds in such a way that it’s almost hard to tell which is old and which is new. I think it reflects how Prince makes his own trends or takes what he sees and puts his own twist on them. The vocals almost crack me up at times, but overall, I think this one is growing on me.

“The Ballad of Dorothy Parker” is probably one of my top favorites of the album. I dig the vocals and the old-school music (that is revisited in Musicology, I’m sure). Once I turned my attention to the storyline, I found a little humor in it. Haha… when he gets to the line where, ahem, “my pants were wet, they came off…” and Dorothy acts like she’s been blinded by a witch’s curse. At that moment, I laughed at myself, “That would be me!” I mean, I still kinda get like that around the beginning of the “Doves” video, but not as bad as it was the first time. My initial reaction was, “Dude, I don’t know you that well!”
I’ll leave the subject at this. I pour myself into Prince’s music and I think he’s a fox… but that’s as far as I really want to go.
Nevermind the, ahem, imagery… I love the song, always have. And for some odd reason, I didn’t think it was on this album. But I was thinking about “Dinner with Delores” which is on “Chaos & Disorder”.

An interesting experiment would playing a bunch of minimalist songs back to back. Then compare them with “IT.” It could be my imagination, but I think this is the barest of the bare bone tracks Prince has written. I’ve heard a few compliants about this one because its not much of a song. It’s more of a rant that repeats itself over and over. I checked my source and he did use the Fairlight keyboard on this one as well. Only Prince could do a track like this and have me liking it. It has its own little purpose and I think that respect for Prince’s choice talked me into liking the song more than others will say I should.
A while back, when I first picked up the album, I was thinking of cutting out Housequake and even this one because they were something odd. But come to think of it, that is what Prince is about. Putting in things that nobody else would dare to. But I think that even though I dig it, this move is a tad more bizarre than Camille’s vocals. [I’ll get to that later]

“Starfish & Coffee” didn’t quite hit the same way that it did the other night, but I still dig it. It’s not the type of track Prince writes everyday, but it shows that he and Susannah have an amazing chemistry. He took something that she told him about from her childhood and made it into a catchy, relatable tune. I think some people would call this forgettable, but there’s a certain sunshine here that makes it impossible to forget in my case. The repeating keyboard/piano keys and the sweeping percussion movement adds to its unforgettable-ness. I’d compare it to “Play in the Sunshine” because they both have that quality, but this is a few “rungs” above it.

“Slow Love” didn’t hit me right away, but I think it did slowly creep into my mind. And I found something about it that I could hang onto and just ride that slow “Tunnel of Love” sort of ride. I’m sure that it will have its night soon enough.

“Hot Thing” also didn’t come off quite as well. The keyboard riff is something I be digging. And I think that the whole meshing of instruments reminds me of something from Beverly Hills Cop. Something that definitely came from the 80’s.

“4ever in my life” is sort of hypnotic when you think about it. I’m too busy paying attention to the vocals. It’s almost getting caught in one of those traffic circles. I think its one of my personal favorites because this is like the Prince I can relate to. Or at least a derivative of that person. The overall image of the person I chill with while I listen to the music.

I had Disc II waiting right at the top of my CD wallet so I could just make the quick switch. With that done..

Disc II

A sense of fun just filled me up and I was saying and mentally dancing to the beat when “U Got the Look” took off. That wasn’t there when I listened to it the other night and I’m glad I enjoyed it this time around. I was already a little tired when I started the album in the first place. This was the “caffeine” boost I needed to keep going.

Although I didn’t immerse/submerge myself as much in “If eye was ur g/f,” there’s few other tracks that give me that same feeling. Like a warm feeling in my throat that I can’t really describe or dispell. I get that way with the last guitar solo of “Alexa de Paris”… but it was like I was feeling the “musicality” of Camille’s vocals. Every note, evey word just resonated in that same place. That’s a special gift… Prince making you empathize with his situation. As much as you want him to be happy, you can’t help but feel sad at the same time. Even at several octaves higher, its all Prince and to me, its like a representative of how beautiful his voice is and how comforting it is to listen to.

“Strange Relationship” earned a few more points this time around. The lyrics, the wooden flute, sitar and the percussion are all a winning combination. Even more odd/coincidental is that it comes after “If eye was ur girlfriend”…. now that’s an example of a strange relationship. Almost as if its Prince’s way of saying “this is what you get when you involve yourself with a Gemini such as myself”… Both songs, actually, are two Gemini tracks if there ever were any. I could go on and on about that, but I’ll save that for another time.

“I could never take the place of ur man” is one of those tracks that reminds me of Prince as he is now. Of course, part of that is probably due to him playing it on acoustic guitar in 2004 on MTV. And the whole crowd was singing along with him…. I had never heard the song when I saw that the first time. Maybe I should dig that clip back out when I go back to campus. The vocals remind me of how I see him now. And I was right. The bassline was derived from “When u were mine”. It’s one of those modest, unselfish tracks that would actually be right at home with the Planet Earth material. Well, one of those tracks that he could perform right now that he can actually do and it’d be a hit with any audience. I like the guitar solos before he says “I could never take the place of ur man”… and actually, he does that guitar pattern when he does “When u were mine”… This is one of those songs I could also go on and on about.

“The Cross” has an interesting message and the guitar solo combined with the Oriental vibe is a good combination. It’s the most serious track on this Disc, so it feels a little bit out of place. Come to think of it, though, there is another track on Disc I that seems a little out of place. Haha… I think “Hot thing” might be more at home on Disc II because its more fun, but musically, it doesn’t really go with anything.

“It’s gonna be a beautiful night” I think I’ve gotten used to as far as the length goes, so I do get some enjoyment out of it. I can’t quite pinpoint it right now… and Adore, I was dozing off on, haha.

I think my mind was more or less distracted. I just found out that my roommate backed out and now it says I have my own room again. Personally, I’d rather have no roommate at all than having to deal with the aspect of whether or not I get one. I usually get left behind in my room anyways because I have little to NO social life, haha. And being as into Prince as I am and listening as closely as I do, I like having that privacy.

This is something I’ve been meaning to add for a day or two.

It’s the funniest thing that just came to mind and blew it. I thought about the aspect of… being graced with the presence of his Greatness… considering I’ve had Prince in my head for the majority of 2007… the aspect of seeing the person… its beyond crazy… the same person who’s been in my head every day for almost a whole year straight… blows my mind. “Prince, I listen to you all the time and your music is just something else…” Interesting opening statement. I love music, have done so my whole life… but Prince’s music is just something else. I can barely put a sentence to describe what I think of it without it becoming a rant. I want to put the exact words together that’ll do the music justice… I don’t think Prince would care personally what words I use to praise his music just so long as I take something away from it.

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