Dead on it [black album]

This listen didn’t go quite as good as last night, but it can’t always be a knock-out. No album can really do that.

“Le Grind” didn’t appeal to me very much.

“Cindy C” was starting to lose momentum. I still enjoyed it to some degree, as I always do. The beginning always reminds me of “U Got the Look” with the horns and such. There’s use of a lot of horns in many of the songs, not just this one.

“Dead on it” is pretty much the reason why I’m writing this blog at all. It’s going to be very uneventful otherwise. It’s getting really bad because I’m starting to rap and sing “hip-hop” along with Prince… there’s something wrong with this picture. It feels wrong. At the moment, I was theorizing about why Prince pulled the album. This song is about dissing rappers and the hip-hop culture.
Perhaps Prince realized that by releasing this song, he’d be doing more harm than good. He assumes people look up to him enough that if he says hip-hop is absolute crap, they’ll listen to him. But at the same time, he’d be insulting his opposition. Looked at more closely, he might have thought “this song is terrible. Am I willing to risk my rep just to prove a point?” Then he just tells himself, “**** this ****.” Like Chaka Khan said in the “Purple Reign” interview, this is one of the songs that’s probably a little too revealing and he didn’t want to risk the wrong idea getting spread about him.

It’s very uncharacteristic of him to take other people’s opinions into the equation, worrying about consequences. Prince isn’t a worrier. He never was that type. This song probably installed some doubts in his head, but if he had listened to Bob George (possibly with the help of Squirrel meat), that would create those illusions or that rumored epiphany that eventually made him race around like a mad man to get the album stopped & shelved.

I had stuff weighing on my mind when I got to the next song “When 2 r in Love”… early on, I just let go completely and just let the song wash over me. It didn’t come across quite like its done in the past, but it was enough to clear my head. So I started a thread on it (that hasn’t gotten a reply so far), hopefully to get more information on it.

I said that he probably put that in as a buffer between the two great “evils” of the album. Just to level the playing field before he goes completely “mental” on us with the gangster, Spooky Electric. I was busy posting my thread for the first 3 minutes of it. But I turned my attention it… and so much elements of the sound when he’s going out to the streets looking for Bob… very creepy music… When Prince is PO’d at somebody, he tries to make it funny for himself, level the anger with a little humor… but here, he probably tapped into something he wish had lied dormant… Maybe, instead of the drugs, he could have had a nightmare about Spooky Electric emerging, coming after him and threatening to kill him… anything is possible.

I think the album just went downhill from there and I didn’t get much else out of it.

Although I did notice this. This appears to be the “Dirty Mind” album taken to the next level. Meaning that it’s 100x more dirty lyrically… and this is the last time where I can recall this style of music in any of his work. “When 2 r in love” is the last love ballad of its kind. Then there’s one thing that defines Prince that he no longer uses in his songs. All of his vocal chortles… his “oooowwwaaahh”‘s… and the different short screams and any of his old tricks that he uses for “sex”… the last bit of anything sexually vocal that he had done was in “Come”… but its not quite the same.

I’ll spend another day or two with the album… but those kinds of things, I’ll have to say goodbye to, haha. He’s not quite the same later on, or now… but what he gives up are replaced by some things that are even more… what’s the word… desirable.

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