Reminscing: Part I

My thoughts were exactly as they were the first time. The way it started, I was pretty much okay with the performance. I hadn’t heard “Let’s go crazy” before so I didn’t recognize it. Then it was cool how he did “Baby I’m a Star” and ad-libbed about the rain. “Proud Mary” wasn’t my favorite part at all because I just don’t dig the song.

But after that… that’s when it started to take off for me and I was getting absorbed into the entire show. At first, I thought it was Purple Rain, but not yet. He starts with a Bob Dylan song (whose name I don’t want to mess up) and then  he goes into “Best of you,” which I can’t deny is the biggest highlight of the show so far. It’s not even his song, but he totally owned it. Of course, he does a lot of guitar work with that song and I was watching his facial expressions and grinning. That’s what he always does with his guitar.

I had saved a clip of him doing “Purple Rain” which was the last 3 minutes of the show since Saturday and when I tried to cue it up, I just slowed my own system down. I had to play through the whole show again just to see him do that song.

But when he did get to “Purple Rain,” I was thinking of him as the artist Prince, who I’d never seen truly perform before. My mind was exactly in the place it was when I was here exactly a year ago, although the trick with the sheet wasn’t quite as impressive. Then he got the whole crowd involved that you wouldn’t believe and it stood on that stage alone, as if he was The One to bring everyone together and put on a spectucular performance.

I’ll probably watch through the show tomorrow with NO interruptions… really get myself into the mindset I was last year @ this time. I gotta say that Purple Rain still was what it was last year. But this time, I actually saw the purple rain on the camera 😉

…and so, here we are again. At the beginning of the journey, one year later…

I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow to recover from the awesome Giants victory. I was up in the chatroom until 2 am yesterday and I was still very much awake when I laid myself down to sleep.

BUT… when I get up tomorrow morning, I’ll cue up the Halftime show one last time… and then embark off to a barrage of music videos from a site that’s remarkably been untouched by the hand that’s been taking Prince’s videos off the other sites.

Cheers 2 U, Prince 😎

And now I’ve got even more reason to raise a glass to Prince tonight (first I need to get a glass, lol). I went to one site that wasn’t working before to see if I could get two more videos of Prince that were related to the SuperBowl. The commerical and the press conference. I couldn’t believe when I got both to work for me.

First of all, the commerical… it’s still good for plenty of laughs. The crowd’s just a bunch of the ignorant crowd. I give them credit for knowing his singles, but c’mon guys, that’s way too cheesy for Prince’s tastes. No wonder he walked out fo the room. haha… that’s showin’ em, Prince.

Then the press conference had me smiling from start to finish. “Hope I don’t wreck ur ears. Contrary to popular belief, I’ll be taking a few questions right now.” People start asking him and then he just reved up his guitar and you don’t hear another word out of him that isn’t sung. The first song, I wasn’t quite as into because it wasn’t Prince’s song. Then he went on to do one of my personal favorites “Anotherloverholenyohead”… I always knew that song would be a favorite since I first heard it in the movie. It brought back those memories of the song and the Twinz were actually helping him a whole lot through that song. And it proves that Prince can mulit-task, hold a girl in one arm while playing guitar with the other.

There’s nothing quite the sound of him playing his Hohner guitar live… it’s a completely sick sound that I just go crazy for on sight. That’s what won the performance for me and made me feel so much better about how my computer was screwing up my uploading the HalfTime show. I watched his facial expressions throughout the whole thing, recalling the way I saw him a year ago and how he uses all those facial expressions while playing guitar. I caught him smiling quite a few times, but I think my favorite was around 7:17 of the clip. He just smiled at the camera and nodded in a very Christopher Tracy-esque way. It had me head over heels, totally crazy for him.

Although, the whole thing also came off as a little strange because I’d been on The Black Album for so long… and I really haven’t acknowledged the present very much lately since I’ve been going through his catalog chronologically. I hope to be able to hold out until I get Lovesexy… I’ll have plenty of videos to keep me busy tomorrow 😉 . But back to the strangeness, it was like I had to get used to Prince @ present again and realize that this is where he is now. That doesn’t really compute with where I left him off in 1987, but I’ve been kinda losing touch with that year lately as well.

Hopefully I’ll be able to slowly shift back to normal after getting through tomorrow’s conclusion of my 1-year remisicing session 😉

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