Happy Valentine’s Day 2 U, Prince

After catching the awarding of Outstanding Male Artist (hopefully to Prince) at the NAACP awards, I will play through some of his most romantic 80’s songs. I can’t go much further than that because that’s not where I am in the albums.

Though I have been risking skipping 2 the end of his life’s story by playing through “Planet Earth,” all thanks to the new video for “Somewhere Here on Earth.” Since I’m going to have class during 2:30-4:20, I figured that I should keep an eye on BET just in case they show the video before that. Luckily, I caught it just 10 minutes ago.

I don’t believe I had watched a video so closely before, not where my eyes just follow his every move, observe every detail in his clothing and the depth of his eyes. I was listening to the song, but I could only pay attention to Prince. Every move he’d make rather than every note he’d sing. His movement was poetry in itself. Through the whole time, I could feel my heart pounding through my chest to the point I could almost hear it above the music. Even afterwards, my hands feel just a little sweaty and when I think about it, I feel my hands shake. My hands are still shaking, almost as if my mind believes I was in the same room with him. When I watched him, I couldn’t look away. Every time he’d look at the camera with those eyes with so much depth, I felt myself captured in his gaze.

Even now, I can recall every single feeling. I feel choked up inside because all I want to do is smile. Inside, I can feel like I’m smiling, but my mouth won’t cooperate. A smile on my face wouldn’t do justice to the way he made me feel.

I suppose this video is one of those things that Valentine’s Day is made of.

Speaking of Valentines, since I’m single (and am likely to remain so until after college), Prince was mine tonight. So I went through more Prince songs that I’ve listened to since the days I was through SOTT and several outtakes from that period.
Do me baby, Electric Intercourse, The Beautiful Ones, God, Condition of the Heart, Venus de Milo, 4ever in my Life, Adore, If eye was ur girlfriend and When 2 r in Love

At some points, my mind went elsewhere. Do me Baby & The Beautiful Ones were where I got sucked in after the first couple of minutes when things started to get intense and the latter was just amazing. In fact by the time I got to “God,” I was half thinking about sticking around the PR era. “Condition of the Heart” didn’t really hit. Adore got to me a little towards the very end.

While “When 2 r in love” was one of the best moments, I think “If eye was ur girlfriend” could possibly be the best Valentine gift Prince could give a girl (could he have written that for Susannah around Valentine’s Day?). When I was listening, I knew it was going to be the last time I’d be listening to it for a LONG time, but when I got into it, I completely forgot.

It was almost like I’d been hearing it for the first time. Every little detail. The way it started caught me offguard when he started singing “If i was ur girlfriend”… then every single ending note had me getting that feeling deep inside. I felt for him, inside and out. I wanted to accept his offer. I mean, how could you not? I’d say that even though it’s not a love ballad, this is the ultimate Valentine’s Day song Prince could ever write.

I could have been catching the smells from people coming in/out, but I didn’t hear any doors slamming… but I could have sworn that around the time he said “I wanna be all the things u r 2 me”… I could smell cologne. Was I not alone tonight?

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