Introduction 2 “The Word” [in progress]



If they [Borders] don’t have anything on Prince,

I’m better off writing my own book on him.”

            After I left Borders, those were my exact thoughts. I’d spent the last several months online, asking numerous people about Prince and his music. It’s my belief that the people who actually buy the albums, listen to the music and go to the concerts are who know Prince better than anyone. That’s why they’re my number one source when I have questions about Prince or any of his songs. I can and have spent countless time in front of a computer, so for once, I wanted the opportunity to cozy up with a good book about my new favorite artist. Where I come from, though, such books are in short supply.

            Another thing I’ve heard about books on Prince coincides with the general idea of him as a person and an artist. Most of which are not flattering. Just because an artist is controversial doesn’t give the right to focus on the negatives of why he is. I believe the reason behind the books in circulation being negative lies in who writes them. Music critics, publicists and the like who always pick away at what they believe is “wrong” with an artist rather than give him the credit for what he’s doing right. I’d like the opportunity to read something that praises Prince for being different and not tearing him down for it.

That’s ultimately what gave me the idea to write this book on him. Nothing is completely without negativity and this book will be no exception, though I will try to keep negativity to a minimum. This is going to be something that dips into the mystery of Prince and takes a look at the music he has dedicated his life to creating.


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