Time 2 Letitgo

Still haven’t quite left the “sanctuary” of Come yet… sanctury is pretty ironic because truthfully, if I say with it any longer, I’m going to get overly negative about the album itself. The last thing I had to do, naturally, was to go to my newest resource to read up on what they had to say about the different tracks and their creation.

Quite obviously, the album is a solo effort except for some back-up vocals, a harp and horns. One thing I came across was that he didn’t write the lyrics for “Solo,” though he wrote the music. That kinda takes away the “magic”… I thought those were Prince’s words of grief and despair… but he really makes them his own with his delivery. Shouldn’t it have been the other way around? That Prince wrote the lyrics instead of the harp… Prince can’t play harp as far as I know. But how far do I know is the true question. Not many like “Solo” and I can’t blame them, but I will stand by it as it was something Prince simply had to say/do. What it takes to achieve his vision, I will support. The trick with this is you could say “how can you say that when you don’t support 3 chains o’ gold”… That was part of a storyline that Prince no longer supported and the song falls on deaf ears. Just thinking of the name and I’m recalling the song. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to it again.

I’ve seen some of what’s written come to pass. The title track at 11 minutes does overstay its welcome. Even crazier, this has been called Prince’s “sex album”… I’d never heard that before, but I suppose I know where they got it. The underlying theme is about getting his love interest to “come,” that’s why he concluded with “Orgasm”… that’s the only way I can really vouch for it. The album wouldn’t be quite complete without it.

Though a major chunk is about sex. All the segues together, plus Orgasm and Come @ 11 minutes long and that’s nearly half the album right there. In what I wrote inspired by the album, a lot of it alludes to and involves sexual interaction between Prince and his love interest. There are inaccuracies, I realize. Before “Come” was released, he had already changed his name and at the end, I write that he gave his tape of “Letitgo” to Mona, which she does give to the executives. It was an interesting experience writing it, I must say. I tend to let my mind wander when I listen to Prince and I usually do see it from his view, though when he’s addressing a love interest, I naturally see it from her position. I let my imagination go wild on things like this, though I’d never wish for it in reality.

Another interesting thing I picked up was the use of “water” symbolizes baptism, rebirth, purification… I was thinking more on the terms of alluding back to “Soft & Wet”… odd how it mentions “spiritual undertones” throughout the album. I didn’t pick that up at all.

One thing I do believe is that much like The Hits/B-sides collection, Prince’s heart wasn’t in this. No wonder I’m getting this feeling of depression, not to mention the confusion I felt when going back to O(+>. Like I didn’t remember what it sounded like when his heart wrote his music.

I ran out of time last night sending an email, so I ended up playing the basic article of the album. Phermone, Space, Loose!, Dark, Solo and Letitgo…

I’ll also make a note that all but Papa, Solo and Letitgo were a part of Prince’s ” Glam Slam Ulysses” production.
5/10 songs were also used in “The Beautiful Experience” and I remember them being Race, Pheromone, Papa, Come (the original techno version) and Loose!. Race, Come and Papa stuck out in my mind as different and what I really liked. Loose! took a while to rub off on me and Pheromone was an early favorite I’m sure.

Pheromone has grown to become one of my favorites off the album for God knows how many reasons, but I think the title and his delivery of each line is just… can’t describe it. Prince has some kind of pheromone surrounding him, that mesmerizes and hypnotizes me…

The stand-out tracks are Dark, Solo and Letitgo… at least lately they’ve been. They even say how Letitgo was the most autobiographical of all the songs… now that’s believable. Upbeat, though the lyrics are a bit eerie and depressing too. Then the fact the songs had a techno, computerized sound gives it an impression that its mechnical and lifeless, much like how Prince felt during most of the production of the album. Truly a pity. I’m just hoping “The Gold Experience” lives up to the vision I’ve created of it and even surpasses my expectations.

There is a reason why I’ve been avoiding going back to these particular albums. I doubt Prince had a more difficult time in his life.

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