Another quick note followed by an overview

Not in much of a writing mood right now, though my mind is going off the way.

Quick Note:
I really shoulda been able to see more of the 80’s, live through more of it. Heck, make me the age I am now during the 80’s. I get nostaglic over that music these days so much that you’d think I’d actually lived through it. “Living in the past” is so much fun. If it wasn’t, why would I listen to Prince so much? He takes me back to anywhere between 1980 to 2007 depending on which album it is. I’m smack dab in the middle of the 90’s now, though I’ve got a bunch of albums to get through.
Emancipation may very well remain on the shelf… I still haven’t taken it out of the bloody envelope it came in sorry, just went British for a second there.
It worked with SoTT, why not keep it on the shelf until I really can spend the time getting through it? I won’t be listening to it as a whole like I did with SoTT. 4 me, that’d be like suicide. I’d be stuck with so much music (3 hours of Prince/O(+>!!) that I wouldn’t want to return to normal.

I’ll get to The Truth and The Rainbow Children long before Emancipation, like I said, gets taken out of the bloody envelope. I think I’m gonna wait until I get all of my grades to give it a listen.

Overview of TGE:
Last night was a lot better. I wasn’t feeling like it was anything alien to me. I managed a smile a couple of times. I was listening closely to it and it really seemed like his heart was in it. While recording, I expect he was smiling a lot. This was part of his “new sound” scheme… though I can’t really vouch for it being his new sound. It just colors the first 2 songs in a yellowish-gold color, making them seem bright, shiny and new. Quite obviously his intention. Though computerized, towards the end, I find myself trying to pick out the instruments he used.

While we’re talking colors, “Shh” was, approriately, a midnight blue. Smooth as silk, and guitar that few can compare to.
Come only had one guitar heavy track, which is strange considering Prince’s main instrument is guitar. And I’m not counting Orgasm because he reused old footage.

He gives his guitar FIVE times to shine on this album, which makes up for lack thereof on the previous. Things I’ve recalled myself and other people saying started coming back. Someone said that Endorphinmachine would be better w/o the cowbell… makes me wonder what it would have sounded like without it. Though the title and the way he delivers it as a line just… :shudder: sorry, just all wrong.

“Shh” takes the guitar he used in “The Morning Papers,” improves on it and makes it say so much more. Taking it to a level equaled by few others. The only downside to this song is that I’ve heard a few versions already and I feel myself looking to the future with it. Like I already know how things will turn out (which I do) and this song is one of the few from this time that carried over. Makes difficult to keep my mind in 1993-5, is all I’m saying.

“We March” is painted that yellowish-gold. The whole beginning with the organ that sounds electronic… new sound again.

TMBGITW I’m getting more and more attached to. It feels like I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. I hardly think about it, though truthfully is one of the better tracks on the album. WB had been wondering about this song for a while and wanted it to be on “Come”… but Prince just had to keep some of his favorite tracks for himself by saving them for this album. It felt like I’d been watching his career during this point and I know that this song has been up and around. When I finally get to hear it on an album, I’m simply overjoyed that I can finally have this song.
And it’s this verison that I love the most. So what if its overproduced? I love the different sounds he uses and his falsetto is 2 die 4. Can’t help but think of that line “and if we said we loved each other, instead of smiling, would u cry?”… its a gift to write a song that’s so beautiful you could cry over it. I never thought that about this song b4, so its strange, but I’ll take w/e adds to the enjoyment.

“Dolphin” follows in irony. Start a happy song with one about redemption and a return brought on by feelings of anger and bitterness. Also another song he wanted to save for himself. Not many thoughts come to mind now, still one of my favorites.

319 is another part of the “new sound” and it seems to bring back themes he’s alluded to in the past. “Put ur leg on the chair” recalls that line in ‘Come,’ “or better yet, why don’t you do it on a chair?”… his ad-libs are enough to bring a smile and he turned in2 a different person here. Someone who… ahem… I’m not even gonna say. Out of respect, I’l keep my mouth shut here.
Shy is contemporary and recalls the beat of “Walk don’t walk” and also seems to allude to what Musicology’s “Reflection” will be like. That same vibe comes across.

That was a part of the album where I was thinking about the implications in my mind. I recall the question of why I hailed TGE as much as I have. Not every song is a winner, at least not right now. Maybe that one person was right and 3121 will become as reputable as this album. The same thing’s happening where I’m believing that not all of the songs are winners and the highlights throughout are what make it this good.

Big difference besides the sound, though… 3121 only has a handful of highs: Love, The Word, the Dance and maybe a couple of others.
TGE has: Shh, TMBGITW, Dolphin, Billy Jack, Eye Hate U and Gold… undoubtedly, the quality of these 5 blows the majority of 3121 away. Haha, I’d picked 4/5 of the guitar heavy tracks as what I believe 2b the best.
Endorphinmachine, I think I’ll always have a problem with, no matter what’s going on with me. That’s just the way it is.

319 seems to counteract the first track, which is all about female enpowerment, but we are dealing with a Gemini here.

During Billy Jack & Eye hate U, it was getting toward 1:00am so I was starting to fade out a bit. I’d have the music in my ears while I’m slowly feeling myself falling asleep. Not completely concentrating on the music, though I can still hear it clearly, music lyrics and all.

Eye Hate U had me waking up around the “court room” scene, which is pretty cold, though its no “Darling Nikki”… he still calls that song the coldest thing he ever wrote. The guitar solo is enough to get excited about, but its also a bit depressing since its out of anger.

I’ve started to recognize “Gold” as the song I chose over a year ago 2b the one that’d surpass all others. I think I’ve come out with another way to explain it. I got a variety of messages from it, like “not to take the easy way out, the way I want is not the only way to my dream, (for a dose of irony) why spend all that time with “Come” because Hell isn’t fashionable.”

I managed to write down a few words that could have been a haiku if it was the right amount of syllables, but it is three lines. That help describe what makes “Gold” special.

Not my lover, not my friend
Its the spiritual experience, the connection between us
That makes Gold what it is 2 me

No other song speaks that way to me. When its about a relationship, I see it from his partner’s perspective as if I’m “his lover.” The majority, when I listen to it, its like spending time with a dear friend.
“Gold” is like a spiritual awakening in my soul. No other song speaks or feels like that. That’s why its special.

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