“The One” and images

I may be jumping the gun a little bit on this, but I was listening to “NewPower Soul” today and it was actually sounding not too bad. Surely not as bad as I thought it was, but I’d left out a few of the songs that make it sound… just not all that great.

The first 2 songs somewhat give me an idea of what Prince is like in his current NPG line-up. With them, he develops a sound that’s more of a gangsta-vibe. Not quite the same as what he did with some O(+> tracks and “Now,” but slightly different. I can understand what he’s going for, I guess. When he’s writing the music for a particular vehicle, it takes on a different vibe than the material he writes for himself. It’s meant to showcase their talents and while doing so, he’s perfecting his craft for his next release.

The highlights remain the same as they did.
– “Until eye’m in ur arms again” can bring one to tears and I believe it’s done so with me a couple of times. The music just sweeps you off ur feet and you get swept away in his emotions. That’s what makes him a powerful songwriter in his field.
– “When u love somebody” contrasts well and makes a somewhat sad situation into something happen. Turn things around so the misery doesn’t lost for longer than necessary. He did the same thing here that he did with “Circle of Amour” where he extends it, but here, he goes a little bit overboard and after a while, it’s just too long.
-“Shoo-bee-doh” is one I can’t really explain why I like it as much as I do. There’s something about the bridge that I dig with the lyrics and such.
-“Come on,” of course, is a fan-fave and I feel like I know the lyrics here a bit better than some of the others. The strings they have in the background whenever they repeat the chorus is what makes the song work for me and simply beautiful. In fact, it brings me back to “shoo-bee-doh,” but it’s slightly different.

I had to stop listening after “The One” because I wanted to hold onto something that I wanted to add here.

When it comes to Prince, image is something that I really take into account when I listen to him. I shape my collection around the idea of image. I want my collection to showcase the way I perceive Prince and all the ways I see him as an artist. The reasons why I enjoy the company of his voice. Each album and sometimes individual songs give off a different image of him. He’s a Gemini and therefore has two sides, but he’s got more sides than that. He has to because I respond to many different sides of him and in many different ways.

“The One” for example, is an image I have of him that goes back a long time. The pure enchantment of him. The way he puts me under his spell in a way that I’m left breathless and I’m moved only by the music itself. His voice becomes so musical that it sweeps me off my feet and I forget where I am. There’s a sereneness about him in songs like this and that’s one of the main ideas I have of him as a person. Deep down, he’s a serene, beautiful soul in such a way that this beauty can’t be seen. It can only be felt from deep inside. This kind of image, though, I can’t quite pinpoint many other songs that give me the same. All I can think of is his live performance of “Te Amo Corazon”… the way he moved was serene, kind and beautiful.

As enchanted by him as I am, this song puts into mind that enchantment I felt early on. Something so delicate and peaceful about him. Is it possible for anyone to be that beautiful?

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