There is no pleasing these people!!

That’s what it feels like lately. I’ve been talking to a lot of the old-school people and all of them keep saying the same thing.

  • he’s not as good as he used to be
  • he should play more new music
  • Where’s the funk?
  • He’s lost his touch

It goes on and on and on. These people make it really difficult for the new people to enjoy things. They keep saying how Prince is terrible these days. What a way to spoil it for the rest of us? I can understand to a degree what some of the people are saying about Prince not kicking it like he used to. They say that “The Rainbow Children” is the last album that is anywhere near a masterpiece. I still can’t say that its a masterpiece because masterpieces typically mean perfection. I don’t know about you, but I can’t find a single album that IS perfection. Because Prince isn’t perfect. I never believed he was, but I still say he’s a brilliant musician and still is good at what he does.

I saw him on Jay Leno last night. Everyone was talking about it being Earth Week and such. I seriously thought that he was going to sing “Planet Earth” because of the theme that particular night. Instead, we got a brand new song that felt like something from the Musicology age. It’s odd, but when I saw him, it almost felt like seeing the way he used to play, only he seemed a lot older. I think he really is starting to show his age, but I don’t really care at this point. Good song. I was sure that it being “funk” that people would respond to it.

No such luck. I started reading some of the responses to the show afterwards and I just couldn’t believe all of the rude comments I saw. They even called his performance pathetic. I don’t even know what to say to that. Prince is doing the best he can and if his best isn’t good enough by your standards, you can find yourself another artist.

That’s what it feels like. And almost what I feel like saying, but I can’t say this on the boards. I’d get ripped apart for saying something like this. I believe, though, that people have an idea of what they want Prince to be. They want him to stop playing the hits, and bring back the funk… and probably a bunch of other unmeasurable demands. He’s still great for his age, but what else can you ask for him to do that he can still do?

Seriously, I want to tell so many of those negative people. What the hell are you still doing here?! If you’re unhappy with Prince, then stop coming here and saying how much you can’t stand what’s become of him. Chances are that what you’re expecting of him is never going to happen. Now, I can’t say that he won’t turn out an album that’s about the funk because I don’t believe that’s completely out of the question. Whatever Prince feels like doinng, that’s the album he’s going to come out with.

Right now, I don’t think that he even cares what people want from him. He started writing music for himself a long time ago and I think that’s all he cares about. He’s got a certain bar for himself that he sets and plans to reach. He’s not going to measure up to anyone’s expectations because their expectations are far too specific and most likely beyond his control. He’s someone who has a mind of his own and whether you like it or not, he’s not going to turn out an album that’s going to make everyone happy. Though I wish that just once, he’d come out with an album that everyone will like so they can shut up about how he’s lost his touch and isn’t measuring up to the standards he set for himself in the 80’s.

I just want to enjoy listening to him in peace, you see. How can I enjoy listening to Prince and chilling with his music, relish in his company, if I keep having all these voices in my head about how he’s not what he used to be and he’s just plain awful these days.

You guys make it really hard for the new people to enjoy Prince and I’ve just about had it with all of the negativity towards him. Let people like me enjoy him in peace! I’ll think whatever I want to of his music and there’s no way I’m going to let you nay-sayers ruin that for me!

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