A trip ATWIAD 4 Change o’ Pace

It hink I’m slowly working my way towards atching UTCM for the first time since… probably since I watched it with my first roommate, Susan. Last October sometime. Just got in the mood for a couple of outtakes last night, hopefully to get my mind off a HARD day at work. I don’t wish to go into the details

ATWIAD is not necessarily an album I get in the mood to listen to, at least not very much. I wanted something a little different and didn’t want to mainstream back into Prince too soon. LoveSexy got me thinking of this album, or at least the title track wth the rhythms, percussion and such. Strangely, SoTT seems like the one album Dirty Mind thru Purple Rain was building up to while ATWIAD thru The Black Album were building up to LoveSexy. Those 2 albums seem svery polished and their concepts are clear. One of the main things I was thinknig about was how I seem to prefer Prince’s mature sounding material,w here he knows exactlyw ho he is and runs with it, but the quality of materail doesn’t flux, it stays concise, polished and brilliant as a whole.

This album wasn’t without highlights tonight, in fact a couple of tracks had me floored. “Condition of the Heart” was the first. I couldn’t quite explain it, but there was an instant connection there. I just dunderstood and rode that emotional rollercoaster (though I give “Anna Stesia” the title of the ultimate emotional rollercoaster). I thought about Prince’s writing style in general and this song emobides it. At the time, he referred to love as a “terminal condition of the hart,” meaning he was so in love that he felt he’d die from it, especially if it wasn’t reciprocated. He was peaking as a songrwiter since he tells this story so brilliantly. he takes a single emotion and stretches it into a 3 minut song (with a 3 minute intro).
“America” was another ‘easy sell’ for me. Musicallya nd lyrically, it makes you think. The first verse had me thinking “he wrote this when he saw a news reel or something about people fearing the Communits.” In fact, I wish I had listened to the 20 minute version so I could have gone into it for quite a while.

“Pop Life” is musically one of my favorite track he’s ever done. The combination of the piano, percussion and bass. Then lyrically, it makes you feel baetter after ab ad day. Overall, I’m crazy aobut it and wish he’d done more like it. And the different versions I’ve heard aren’t shabby enither. As always, “Temptation” was a hit for me, because its like Prince at his best and worst at the same time. The Best being the song itself and worst, as in Prince being the ultimate “bad boy,” but we love him 4 it.

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