Happy Birthday, Prince!

As hard as it is 2 believe, today is Prince turning 50 years old.

50!! That’s a number that a lot of people dread getting to. The halfway point of their life. Now Prince, he wouldn’t let this bother him at all. Age is just a number to him and he couldn’t care less how many years he’d been on Earth in this particular life.

I had to work today, so I really haven’t gotten the chance to celebrate it. So far, I’d only gotten around to playing one song from each of his albums the best I can. I don’t own the first 2 albums, so I played Soft & Wet (one of the 3 versions I have) and I wanna be ur lover (off The Very Best of..). And picked random songs from a bunch of other albums, going in order.

Dirty Mind- When u were mine
Controversy- Sexuality
1999- Let’s Pretend We’re Married (watched the video since I have it, haha)
Purple Rain- Computer Blue (7 min version… after getting in2 it, I realized I’d made a mistake as I had to get ready for work soon and my mind really gets lost in it)
Around the World in a Day- Hello (b-side)
Parade- Love or $ (alternate version, I wanted to check it out and actually, it was pretty groovy)
Sign o’ the Times- title track (off The Very Best of…)

It’s interesting going through this. All these songs in order. Pretty crazy at times. That’s the last time I play Computer Blue when I have a limited amount of time. Heh, at work, they played “I Would die 4 u” at work, the first Prince song they’d done aside from “Kiss”… at some point, I’ll have to listen to Purple Rain… maybe. I don’t really know if I’ll do that.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see if any news comes out that Prince does another night of shows in Minneapolis or better yet, he reopens Paisley Park and holds a free-4-all concert. Will Prince do another celebration for this day or will he just keep doing what he does best, writing music?

Now, if Prince wrote a song today about reaching the halfway point of his life, what would it be about? I bet whatever it is, it’d be optimistic and cheerful. And probably as funky as it can get because that’s his main genre

The rest of the songs I picked were as follows and I kinda cheated a couple of times just to save time.

The Black Album/LoveSexy- When 2 r in Love
Graffiti Bridge- Thieves in the Temple (off The Very Best of…)
Diamonds & Pearls- Cream (off The Very Best of… to save time)
O(+>- 7 (3 min remix… very cool 😎 )
Come- Space (Super Funky Remix… kinda cheated, but offers an interesting look at the song)
The Gold Experience- P. Control (VH1 Fashion Awards)
The Truth- Don’t Play me
Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic- The Greatest Romance (remix)

Skipped The Rainbow Children out interest of time, but it was partially deliberate because it doesn’t really feel like a Prince album to me. Not yet anyways. Also skipped Batman (no tracks I wish to go over), Emancipation (don’t want to open it just yet) and NewPower Soul (because its not counted as Prince release).

Musicology- Reflection (makes some poetic sense, don’t u think?)
3121- Love (acoustic… in the interest of saving time because its only 3 minutes long or so)

So I watched through Under the Cherry Moon. The first time I’ve seen it in quite a while. And actually, it was pleasantly enjoyable. Quite a few moments actually had me laughing and it was a real laugh, not because I felt I had to. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of it. It kinda felt like the first time, but better. Because I really didn’t like it the first time, as I really didn’t understand it or get into it. Hard to imagine that was what he looked like a little over 20 years ago, when he was at least 27.
It’s just a movie and everything about the story is fictional, though I can’t help but wonder if Prince based any of Christopher Tracy off himself. That’s like him in a really good mood, on one of his best days where he’s upbeat and optimistic. But he could have just been acting. I said a little while back that I prefer him when he’s mature and serious. There’s something about him here that’s very light-hearted and pleasant to be around.
I was dreading the end when it finally came, but the pain was quick, haha.

I actually managed 6 minutes before I had to go for my animé, but more importantly, 6 minutes before midnight, the end of a day where I really wish I had more time. Though I really don’t spend quite this much time listening to Prince anymore. I usually give him an hour (an album length) a day and that’s it. I only wanted to confine myself to a short amount of time, and I also don’t have much time with him anymore simply because of work.
I spent those last 6 minutes well. I jumped right into the video for “Somewhere here on Earth” and it was the perfect ending to the day. Captures my imagination (helped me write a bit more in the story based off tracks from Planet Earth and other newer albums) and took me away from the sadness of Christopher Tracy’s death and replaced it with the fact that Prince is alive, well and just amazing as ever.

I’d just like to say one more thing.

Happy 50 years, Prince! May u live another 50 years in good health & with happiness!

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