The first page of “The Word”: Past is Prologue


There was a time where I knew very little of this extraordinary person. A time where I could only see things as they were rather than think them over. Some things became apparent that there was no arguing or denying. Things were as they appeared to be.


            First came the [1999] video towards the time the song was referring to. All that I took away from it at the time were the visuals. The stage set-up, the clothing and everyone together as one band. I don’t know if I knew at the time if he was part of the band, the band was a group or even if he was the main attraction of the band set up.


            Two songs [“I would die 4 u” and “Baby I’m a star”]. Both of which had a sound I’d never heard before. Something that all of the other 80’s songs I’d been exposed to didn’t have. A certain energy, a certain spark, something special. Initially, the first of the two shined the brightest, but time would change things.


            By chance, I came across the infamous film, already in progress. Habitually, I watch films from start to finish and never watch something new if its already half over. My choice was to walk out of the room or see what happens.

I stayed behind to see what there was to see.

And it was one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

Because years later, it would lead me to an artist that was quite unlike any other I’d seen before.


            I watched the film and took in a little at a time. The artist I saw came off as a neo-Mozart, a true musician who dedicated his life to his work. It was something I’d never seen before: a true artist in our midst. A musical genius. If that weren’t enough, what he did on the stage, the kind of showmanship that he had. There was simply no describing it. I couldn’t turn away. Then came the ultimate. He’d taken two songs I’d already heard so many times [see above], presented them to his audience by bringing them to life on the stage.


It was a moment I simply never forgot. From that moment, I would always remember what the name PRINCE really meant.

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