Purple Detour

I’ve been in such a mood for the 90’s lately that I never thought I’d go back in time.

But sometimes when you’re in the mood 4 something, there’s really no stopping it. I had the extended version of “Let’s go Crazy” in my head and I wanted 2c the video for “When Doves Cry.” Not to mention I was in the mood to listen 2 “Computer Blue.”

Hahaha… of course, I found a way of doing all three things and then some. I found the time for it. It was about 11 at night or so, maybe a little bit later.

To avoid going too far into things, I played the first off my computer.
It seems like I can’t help but watch the movie every couple months or so. I own it, so what’s stopping me, right? But doing so sucks a lot of the fun out of it and the mystery because I know exactly when everything’s going to happen and plus, there’s not much left to do but relish in hearing his voice and look into the sets to see what little items I can point out from past videos and such (I already found the heart from the 1999 video stage).

Since I saw the movie b4 listening to the music, all of the choreography and video footage will be playing in my head while listening. The extra 3 minutes of “Let’s go Crazy” are pretty crazy, especially with those 80’s keyboards/synths.

“The Beautiful Ones” I just listened to on my iPOD, though my computer was being stupid again, so I was a bit preoccupied with that during the song.

I heard some old chords playing, so I decided to check the first version of “Computer Blue” that I have. Boy has that song had an evolution. The final version sounds almost nothing like the original. I must say, though, that the choreography for that song in the movie has to be my favorite. He really knew what he was doing and where he wanted to go with it. The whole orchestration of his choreography was great because he said where he’d go and what he’d do b4 he did it, so he played to the cameras exactly where they’d be. But I love the way that song turned out.

“When Doves Cry” I picked out the video and took everything in. There’s something about the choreography and the attire worn in that latter portion of the video. It just works perfectly with the song and of course, he works the Gemini aspect all to his advantage.

Since I’d been putting it off, I checked the footage of the AMA Awards where he performed Purple Rain. I thought he lip-synched it to the recording, actually, but he did do it live. A performance he literally threw himself into. Then I found myself wanting to hear the original. I went to my iPOD, skipped a little ahead and I actually fast-forward to where the guitar solo begins. I was amazed at my timing but while listening, I was really feeling the music and wanting to get as much out of it as I could. I regretted not playing the movie footage of the performance because that’s what came to mind.

Though it might never happen again during the film, I’ll never forget how I was crying my eyes out when I saw it for the first time. There’s simply nothing like feeling that power and truly feeling something inside you react to a song as compelling as that.

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