LoveSexy up 4 discussion

It’s simply an album I can’t put down. Not like a book where you just have to find out what happens even if you have to spend countless hours reading it cover to cover. It’s the case where something about it always draws me back. Almost always, and I’m not joking about this, my favorite song comes to me in my dreams as the song that just happens to be in my head while whatever is going on in my dreams. It feels like 90% of the time its “Anna Stesia,” but sometimes its just the songs together in a montage/collage. I’ll wake up with one of them in my head. Regardless, it seems I can’t go a month without picking it up at least once. Ever since I first picked it up earlier this summer, it finds a way to pull me back.

A couple of the songs had their moments, so instead of painstakingly going through all of them to salvage one decent thing to say, I’ll just say whatever I can and move on.

Eye No: They say when you write about anything, you should write about what you know. They also say its good to start with a good foundation, stating the facts and going on from there. That’s basically what this song does. With the opening song, you usually hear the first piece of an album. This isn’t a song that stands on its own so much as an introduction for the entire album. It states the facts: there are two sides, good & evil. LoveSexy vs. Spooky Electric. Then the rest states the theme throughout the album: enjoy life while you have it and don’t miss a thing.

From this point on to the turning point of the album, LoveSexy has a homogenous feel. The instruments seem bare-boned in nature and the lyrics are around the same level of Princely excellence, though not at the very top of his game. Pretty much sets the tone for the whole album, but the vibe of freedom and joy that possesses the first three songs completely transforms in “Anna Stesia.”

Anna Stesia: Has a way of always dragging me back in. It’s the only song I’d taken the time to skip forward to in my iPOD so I can hear it an extra time. It’s among those pieces where you’re trapped in Prince’s world. Where he’s lost in his own thoughts and his thoughts roux the day. Perhaps in this case, roux the night. Very metaphorical in nature, but as the magic 8 ball would say “all signs point to yes.” Meaning that there has to be a great amount of truth in this.
The album starts as a celebration of life, love and the basic foundation of humanity. There’s good & evil in the world and each exists within us.
The song begins where Prince is at the brink of losing sight completely in life. He is alone to tremble in the presence of his own thoughts, fears and realizations about himself. His material doesn’t have the same finesse that it used to. Would choosing one side or the other be able to fix his inability to compose? He’s dying to give into temptation and yet he looks elsewhere for possibilities. He arrives at the conclusion that 1) he is never truly alone and 2) he needs to learn to love “the right way” or else face the consequences.
The end result: He chooses good over evil and faces life with a newly opened state of mind.

Lovesexy: Firmly states/describes his newly found philosophy. Lyrics are at times laughable (a throw back to Glam Slam, though these lyrics aren’t quite as “bad” as the former). Camille’s appearance is a huge bonus and if you listen really closely, you can tell that’s really Prince’s voice sped up. The similarities are just too obvious. Then he reverts to the tone of voice he later uses in “Gett off” and “Sexy MF,” followed by some more cheesy metaphors that are laughable and work at the same time.

When 2 r in Love: probably the first time in a very long time that this song has made any impact on me. I still can’t quite get my head around it being here and also on The Black Album. My mind’s saying that it’s a member of that album too and I’ve heard it there so many times that I can’t help preferring it that way.
This time it won me over as a Lovesexy track. The vocal delivery is simply beautiful, one of his best falsettos ever and beauty can be perceived in more ways than one.

Eye wish u Heaven: beauty in simplicity, short & sweet, warm & tender. Those words describe the vocals, music and the use of Prince’s infamous chord changes. Couldn’t ask for better.

Positivity: Life gets us down and takes away from whatever trust we have based on experience. Positivity allows us to look on the bright side and at first, it doesn’t seem to be doing its job. First we ask if its had its “+ sign,” meaning whatever it needs to do its job. Then we ask if its present or late. Positivity is always around us, but doesn’t always do its job. Its up to us to put it work, so therefore, positivity is always present. If you can’t see it, you have to make your own much like we all have to make our own luck in this crazy world.

One more thing about the album: I don’t think there has been one where the lyrics had come this easy to me. I’ve barely had to dig them up, only once or twice did I have to look something up and I usually make to get it myself.

Boy is it going to be fun to bring this album up on the boards in a couple of weeks. I’ve heard it enough times that I think I’ll be able to discuss it with anyone. I pretty much figured out the rest for myself, but I think I’ve established my views on each song and the work as a whole to be able to hear others’ comments and incorporate them in my interpretation.

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