I figure it couldn’t hurt to check out VH1 soul after I heard about the purple marathon running through the weekend. The thing currently running was a set of videos from Prince’s proteges, so I took a chance.
I kinda regret it now, actually. When I changed the channel, I got an eye/earfull of Morris Day & The Time. I was excited right away because this was Morris Day we were talking about. Prince’s biggest competiton when it come to entertaining an audience. The song playing was “Ice Cream Castle” and the video was very psychedelic like Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” video. Oddly enough, The Time fit in perfectly with the background used in that video. My mind is thinking WOW. Of course, I got eyeful of Morris Day, but I somewhat regret the fact I watched so closely. I got to see two more videos from The Time after that, but I kept thinking about how he looked in that first video. He had the same Princely hair-cut, but somehow, he pulled it off his own way and rocked it. Namely, he was HOT in that video from his head to his toes. I caught part of “Purple Rain” after listening to disc II of Emancipation. It wasn’t bad enough I kept thinking about Morris while listening to Prince. I turned on the movie and found myself smiling when I saw him on screen.

I already talk a great deal about Jesse McCartney on this blog, but now Morris too? I don’t need that. I started this blog for Prince and I wanted it to stay that way rather than spend it talking about his competition. I guess he’d really been boring me lately if I’m watching protege videos with an open mind. I definitely am looking into two albums from The Time, “Ice Cream Castle” and “What time is it?” I like their early 80’s sound and that’s what I want to stick with. I saw Susannah with The Family in their video for “Screams of Passion” and she looked gorgeous. Prince was a lucky guy to have her, but too bad it didn’t last.
Another thing that caught me by surprise were 2 videos featuring Jesse Johnson. He’s a dead-ringer for Prince, no doubt about it. When I saw the performance of “The Bird” for the first time, I thought that Prince had sold out to his band and started playing with the other group. But no, it was a different guy. Jesse definitely looked like he was gonna be a success story on his own, but he did co-write some of The Time’s music. One video had him duet with Sly Stone. I got a look at that guy and I’m blown away that I actually got to see what he looked like.

I thought back over how Prince used to take in elements from his influences. He and Sly had some in common with their appearances and their stage set-up.

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