My Questions for Prince

It’s hard not to consider the possibility of our paths crossing, though its something I don’t dwell on very much. I take just as much pleasure in chilling with his works rather than venturing towards the impossible.
Perhaps nothing is impossible.

With the dreams I’ve had where I either have no idea or some idea of what I want to ask, it never hurts to be prepared. I’ll update this entry everytime I could up with a new question I could ask, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

  • What inspires you?
  • Besides the money, why do you insist on sharing your music with the world including some works that seem to have a very personal nature?
  • Do you realize the effect you have on people? Watching your mastery of the guitar or listening to your complex compositions, they remain mesmerized and amzed by your talents.
  • What do you want your supporters to get out of your music?

At the request of one of the most persistent people I’ve ever talked to, I’d add this to the list:

  • Why do your setlists dwell more on your past hits rather than moving forward with a complete list of brand new tracks you’d just written?

Personally, I don’t care either way whether he performs his hits or not, but when you hear someone say it enough times, it starts to sink in. You start to wonder for yourself the reasons why. I’m curious, but that’s not my biggest priority.
For all I care, Prince can play whatever he feels like. He’s the musician and the expert. I’m not about to tell the expert how to do his job.

Another list of questions won’t be my biggest priorities, but aside from asking what inspired my favorite song [Gold], I’d wonder:

  • Of all the songs you’d written, which is your favorite? Favorite album?

I’ll never have a favorite album because I have multiple answers. I have multiple answers because his works cover all different genres and are structured differently.
If it boiled down to my favorite concept album and my favorite variety album, I’d still have a tough choice in front of me.

If our paths ever cross, Prince, I hope that one of these questions (preferrably the ones I listed initially) will come to mind and I’ll get an interesting learning experience from such an opportunity. My bottom line is and always will be: if its meant to happen, it’ll happen, but if not, it just wasn’t meant for me (the admirer) to meet the artist. I’m okay with that and always will be.

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