For You- in progress

I’ll put down whatever I can tonight and see what else I can post in the morning.

Long story short, I was typing up my last blog and googled “Oberheim synthesizer”… somehow, I hit the semi-motherload: a limited preview of the book, DMSR by Per Nilsen. It’s something I’d considered for a while and today I finally got a chance to look at it. In the end, the limited preview of it covered the earliest parts of Prince’s musical career through his first album while the rest of the pages are scattered with not too much detail on any particular album or era (much to my dismay).

I’d been thinking a while about how I’m going to present “The Word.” What will set this apart from people that have written about Prince before?
Clearly, biographical elements have to be limited to the context of the music itself. I learned a great deal about Prince’s earliest moments as a musician. And I mean a GREAT deal. Naturally, it got me curious about listening to this album again with all of this in context. There is no way I’ll be able to get any sort of biography together because there’s just way too much information. Besides, that’s already been done. I want to go strictly into the music, but want to refer back to Prince the person when applicable.

For You- still very foggy right now as the vocals blend together so well and so beautifully that its impossible to pick out any lyrics. Does it matter if I hear the lyrics or not? Because the music does it justice, but for the sake of the entire package, might as well look them up when I can.

In Love- was shaky ground at first [me and my moods]. The inital impression (that began here and lasted a few songs) was that this album is very disco-esque, which isn’t of much interest to me personally. The music is loopy, suggesting the sensation of being lovestruck.

Soft & Wet- perfecto from start to finish. When read into, the lyrics are somewhat explicit, which begins a trend in Prince’s work. Of the three versions I’ve heard, this is probably my 2nd favorite, but the ending note makes it work

Crazy You- is a more than pleasant acoustic set. Prince turns on the charm and this is definitely a sign of what’s yet to come (SoTT and Musicology comes to mind). A short and sweet gem that seems somewhat hidden as it should have been made a single.

Just as Long as We’re Together- I vaguely remember dissing this song a while back. The energy is outrageous and contagious. This gives you a sense of the entire package in the vocal department. The falsetto is used more often than not, but Prince’s normal singing voice first appears in the 2nd verse. Though the music drags once or twice, tending towards repetitive, the rest makes up for it.

Baby- lyrically, its beautifully written. The overall feel of it is definitely a Prince original, the type of music he is known for. Or at least I know him for. His falsetto here makes me recall a couple of latter tracks in his career, though I’m not sure which ones. Again, a sign of what’s yet to come. At the very end is where it tends back to the disco-esque sound

My Love is Forever- I remember some guitar solos, but overall, I’ve found this one particularly forgettable. I have way too many songs juggling around in my head right now to remember what this one sounded like. Lyrically, I think I was impressed, but again, I can’t be 100% on that

So Blue- I was with this song until later on. I started drifting off (we’re talking 2am here) and not much of it really made any impact. I’ve heard some talk lately about this song being a little-known gem

I’m Yours- makes it difficult for me to remember most of the other tracks, to put it plain and simple. Now this would have been a killer song on stage. The riff that follows the whole song through is pure rock n’ roll, something that Prince doesn’t quite go into in his later albums. At least not in the same fashion. It’s nothing short of impressive. Musically, this is a showcase of Prince as a guitar player, his instrument of choice. The opening solo grabs you and [in my case] wakes you up to hear the rest. Most likely, the lyrics aren’t quite as impressive, but the guitar has won me over time and time again.

Come the upcoming morning/afternoon, time for me to look up some lyrics and add more to this template of a review for this album

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