The ULTIMATE Purple Rain playlist

IPods are handy in the fact that you can make your playlists for as long as you want. There’s no limit to how many minutes you can have. I did the math a little into playing through my enormous playlist.

The playlist is 21 songs long and it comes to a total of 112 minutes and change. That’s almost 2 full hours of Prince music with a few proteges sprinkled in here and there. I’d been pretty much working up to this all week and finally, I’d listened through the entire thing. And added a couple bits here and there.

Interestingly, if you look at it a certain way, the entire package can be broken down into sections. Different storylines that can be told within the major one, all of which center around a key emotion or two.


1. Let’s go Crazy [extended]
2. Jungle Love (album version)
3. Take me with U (extended)
– side note: the quality of this is amazing, sounds a bit more alive than the album cut honestly. I’ll have to look into this, but the vibe I’m getting may very well connect to his vision in “Around the World in a Day”
4. Modernaire
5. Possessed (vocal)
– at the point, I think I’m getting sick of it. Heard it one time too many probably
6. Electric Intercourse
7. The Beautiful Ones (extended)
– can’t spell this song without the word “beautiful”. enough said
8. God (instrumental)
– finally managed to add this to my playlist. We can only wonder what was going on in his mind when he wrote this. Most likely it was an impromptu jam session and he gave it the title later on


9. Father’s Song
10. Track 10
– wow, I didn’t realize that it fell this way. Actually, that was the title it was given. This is from The Work, Disc 2. In a nutshell, it is the first 36 seconds of the “hallway speech.” I thought it was a pretty good introduction for the next song, so I added it in today
11. Computer Blue (extended- 11:57 version lacking some backing vocals)
12. Darling Nikki (alternate version)
– its always really bad when I’m singing along with this, but you have to admire what an incredible track it is. Where it takes you mentally is a trip in itself. It would have been nice if this version could have had the backwards tape at the end of it after that killer guitar solo, but oh well.
13. G-Spot
– always catchy, nonetheless, though it doesn’t get sick in my head as much as it used to

Journey to Redemption

14. When Doves Cry
15. 17 Days
– yes, one of the best b-sides ever! Behind Alexa de Paris, it probably would be second place for me. Everything about this says it should have been a single. Simplistic, but catchy. Make that irresistibly catchy
16. Sex Shooter
– doesn’t quite fall into the whole “redemption” motif, but it has to go in somewhere
17. Moonbeam Levels
– I’m aware this was left over from the 1999 sessions, but I can’t help myself. I love the song itself. And somehow, it just explains the state of mind he goes through in the film after he trashes the basement better than anything else.
18. The Bird
19. Purple Rain
– last time I’ll be listening to this for a while, its starting to wear thin a bit. Every now and then, though, I always gotta put this song on heavy rotation. The experience was very vivid. Just nothing particularly emotional on my end, but that’s okay

Ending Credits/Bonus

20. I would Die 4 U
21. Baby I’m a Star
– side-note: the back-up vocals from The Revolution are a key ingredient to this song’s success. When I first heard it, the keyboard riff played through this song said to me that it was something a remix or extension of the previous song (plus my dad got the idea in my head that the two songs go together… in which case they do, in the film itself). Since then, the idea kinda stuck with me.

A helluva of a ride, but I think I’m ready for a couple of new albums on rotation. I think I’ll try tinkering around a bit to see if there’s a connection between the vibe in this era with the Around the World in a Day tracks. I already know that “Temptation” is derived conceptually from “Computer Blue” and the vocals bare similarity to the exclamation point in “Darling Nikki.” “Take me with U” is something else I’ll have to check into. Maybe there is a connection between it and the later tracks.

P.S. Congrats Steelers!

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One Response to The ULTIMATE Purple Rain playlist

  1. Put “Sex Shooter” in the S.O.S. section (it is Apples’ outward “defiance” of the Kid, so it belongs there, I think) and you’d have a (near) perfect playlist.  I say “near” because I personally can’t stand “Moonbeam Levels” (actually I don’t mind it…I just find it totally uninteresting).  I’d replace it with “Erotic City,” which would go in the Intro section just after “Let’s Go Crazy,” its A-side.  Oh and if you’re including B-sides, why didn’t you put “Another Lonely Christmas” in the Bonus section?  That is one of his best B-sides, and one of my faves.  Damn, now I gotta go put together my OWN playlist, haha.

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