making a quick note b4 my return

Spring break has come to an end and yet again, I’ve got absolutely nothing to show for it. But if my friends ask, I can tell them I spent my spring break in Forks. They’ll understand what I mean right away 😉
and I was maybe 800 pages away from accomplishing my goal.
I enjoyed my trip for sure and watching the movie last night was actually the best of the four times I’d seen it.

I got an email from Lotusflow3r minutes ago and it’s got me super excited. I mean, how can any Prince fan resist 3 nights of him at Leno? And actually, he might do only 2 and show up with Bria the third night and she’ll perform with him playing guitar. Just a guess. Hopefully he’ll be dressed to perfection. A toss up between the Grammys (not my fav) and the last Leno appearanace he did. This time, I won’t have .org causing me trouble over it, so I have to be thankful for that at least.

I’d have to say, though, that this spring break is literally the polar opposite of the one I had 2 years ago. On the verge of purple meltdown by Sunday after giving a listen to 3121 and watching Purple Rain for probably the 6th or 7th time opposed to not wanting to leave Forks and having no purple influence whatsoever.

On our way to Wal-mart and everywhere else yesterday, we had the radio set to 106.3 and the stream of music was a demonstration of the good music that exists in this current decade (which overall is not all that great, I’m sorry to say). But nearly everything fell under the category of rockbands and solo male artists from the pop/rock genre (my personal favorite). Surprisingly, Daughtry was not in any of the bands that made an appearance and they’re on A LOT.

It started with “Torn,” which came out, like many songs I’d heard recently, 10 years ago. Then I heard everything from “Paralyzer” to “Into the Night” to Matchbox 20 to Bon Jovi’s “Memory” to “Say” by John Mayer and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. Only a couple of girl songs made the airwaves, which was odd, but then again, my music collection reflects that too.

Just yesterday, I bought two albums (a bigger surprise to me was the fact that Best Buy had Viva La Vida among other albums in VINYL… and I thought that ancient technology was dead).
So my newest acquisitions are Viva La Vida (original CD with no extra tracks or whatever, I’m a Coldplay newbie now) and Dark Horse by Nickelback, their new single is just irresistible that I had to get the whole thing to see what it was like.

What do I have to show in the purple department for spring break? I listened to The Black Album Wednesday night and that was it… I didnt even write a blog or whatever about that, though I probably will do something in a day or two. I’m gonna retry playing it back to back with LoveSexy, now that I’ve heard that album a bunch of times.

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