First time crossing “the bridge”

I guess in any universe (purple or not), you’ll find a reason to overturn any statement that beings with “I will never…”

To be technical, though, I didn’t go out and get the album I’m about to write my first review about. I’d been tempted a couple of times to get the movie and still haven’t (hoping to keep it that way), but someone sent me all of the Prince tracks of the album (to get rid of the “dead wait” that are the protege tracks).

For an undetermined amount of time, I’ll just refer to it as “crossing the bridge.” I’m still not quite comfortable with saying I have it because of all the times I said I’d never get it.
Conclusion: never say never

This is the second time I’m hearing this all the way through, but I’ll do my best with the different tracks. To make things a bit easier, I had the lyrics on my computer at the time.

The vibe that started the album off is happy, care-free and something else I can’t quite explain.

Can’t stop this feeling…
I think this might have been my first impression back when I first heard it, but need I say it…
I sounds like Prince ripped off of “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Except for the lyrics, obviously, can you honestly say that the two don’t sound awfully close? Seriously?
The lyrics look like they’ll be really good, well-written, so after a while, I might look over this more than blantant similarity

We are the NPG
I can’t quite place what the music reminds me of. I want to say a song from an 80’s artist, but I don’t know which one off the top of my head. I knew I’ve heard something like it before.
I get a feeling that it’s more than I should, but I really dig this song. Easy to sing along with, fun, catchy… anything along those lines. I’d only heard it two other things and I was getting into it right away.

The ? of U
The fun, joyous vibe has dispelled and now it has slowly become something else. Mystery has descended on the scene and for the duration, you’re left mesmerized.
You get somewhat of a Arabian vibe here, which repeats itself in a few later tracks.
He wonders what is the answer to the question of you? I wonder, What is the question?
In both cases, we’ll probably never figure out the answers.

Elephant & Flowers
Initially, I was put off by the meaning behind the sexual innuendo. Then when I read the lyrics, I quickly found out that it was more than that. I suppose this is a toss back to the belief of Lovesexy. In time, I might grow to like it a lot more, but I’m still a bit unsure.

We can Funk
Another one I’m a bit on the fence about because of the lyrics. The music is good, but I’ll have to see in time.

Joy in Repetition
Always such a joy. I’ve heard this song a bunch of times already and it’d been a while since the last time I’d heard it. I’m reading along about the storyline. Mystery has descended once again, but so much more is at stake here. We get more of a portrait of his love interest here and emotions of all kinds come to play.
And it takes your breath away… nothing else to say.

Tick, Tick, Bang
I’m starting to warm up a little more to this version of the song. I’m more familiar with the original that was written/recorded in the early 80’s. I want to say ’82. It seemed a little overdone, too much going on, but I’m slowly accepting this version of it.

Thieves in the Temple
Third time the Oriental vibe comes, but here it is the strongest… based on the music, I expected to mind myself in an ancient tomb full of gold and treasures. The music video takes you to a dark alley in downtown Minneapolis… I like the video yes, but the music doesn’t quite match up to it.
Other than that, I’m crazy and always have been crazy about this song.

Still would stand all time
It feels somewhat out of place, a little too deep for this album even where you have tracks like “Joy in Repetition” where it doesn’t get much deeper than that… feels a little out of place. After a while, I’ll probably appreciate it a whole lot more. I’m on the fence about liking it or loving it.

Graffiti Bridge
The last track of the ones I was given.
It noted on Emancipation Radio as one of the worst Prince songs ever written. In some ways, I can kind of see why. A little too theatrical to the point where you’re choking on cotton candy fluff.
The theme of the song is nice, but after a while, it feels a little overdone. And its not quite 4 minutes long.

Mystery combined with fun combined with a trip to Arabia… with a few weak points here and there, it’s a decent album.

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