2/3 of the way…

I don’t know when I made this policy… maybe it’s all in my head…

but my policy is that I wait a while before I post anything serious about a brand new album.
It’s hard to tell on the first try whether I like what I hear or not.
And with the new album set, I wanted to hold off until I got the actual article before I started anything.

Now that I have, I can start working on the album reviews whenever I feel like I’m ready.

Lotusflow3r most likely will get another listen later tonight. It will be my third, but my first with the actual album (via my purple iPod) and the first time I’ll be hearing “Crimson & Clover.” Not sure what to expect just yet, but its best not to assume anything until I hear it.

The best policy with new stuff is to come in not expecting anything because if you have expectations, they usually aren’t met.

Just had my run-in with MPLSound a few minutes ago.
Too early to say anything yet…

For a first impression, I’ll stick with “a mix of a new current sound, a handful of ballads that hit and miss (mostly hits), a dash of Camille and a tablespoon of CHAOS.

And with the chaos… Lotusflow3r is easily my favorite of the two. It sounds like more of the successor of Planet Earth where the sound from the predecessor carries over and is improved upon 10-fold (not that Planet Earth isn’t bad, still like the album).

I don’t even know what to call MPLSound as of yet… my head’s still buzzing

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