WHO’S WE? Dreamy’s angry rebuttal to a hater’s blog

I suddenly feel like Stephen Colbert right now. Sometimes he’ll begin the show with “my fellow Americans, I am furious!/I am angry!”
Well, that’s what I kinda need to begin this blog with, but I’m not going to go to that particular route. I never really address my audience because I don’t really know who they are. One or two people I know read my blog that I see eye to eye on a lot. So I’m sure they’ll help me in replying to this and giving their all-too-important opinion.

This blog I found on Yahoo! is clearly by one of those jaded Prince fans that had been with him for decades and are finding great disappointment in his current output. But I’d never in a million years put “Prince” and… well, “jump the shark” in the same sentence.
Isn’t that phrase specificially for TV SERIES? It started with “Happy Days” where Fonzie actually jumped a shark and it let to the slow decline of the once popular series.

And of course, it’s impossible for a newbie to say that the newest thing they’d gotten into is on the slow/painful decline to nothingness.

America, I am furious!

Okay, I did it again, but I couldn’t help it. Some people at least have to see my side after I post this atrocoity


What? You didn’t think I was going to post the article, did you?
Okay, my reasons are as follows:
1) I do things differently than your average fan/fan/supporter/admrier/purplehead/purpleneck, etc.
2) I try to keep the negativity out of this blog and there’s no way in hell I’m about to post something that portrays him in the opposite light of how I see him.

This dude totally is taking the new album set too seriously. I can’t help but agree that Planet Earth may be better than Lotusflow3r and MPLSound put together. But that’s because MPLSound brings the quality of the overall down.
Based on the five or so listens I’ve given Lotusflow3r, I’m more than willing to give it a 9/10. To be fair.
But with MPLSound at maybe 3/10, you get an overall average of 60%.
Planet Earth has at least 9.5/10 goodness (Resolution and bits and pieces bring the project down, but I might be biased too)

The thing that probably annoyed me most aside from the whole “jump the shark” reference was the fact that he was talking about the “Prince we all want”… the “Prince we want to hear”… all these uses of we.

Who’s we??!!!

See, still a little angry here.

I included myself within the whole a little over 2 years ago now. I’ve been keeping this blog for 2 years. That was around the time I was asking people what albums I should get and finding which ones I wanted.
Opposed to several months later, where people were insisting on giving me the albums I SHOULD have. Woulda and shoulda is the story they give me a lot.
And coulda goes to a lot of things. I coulda maybe see him in the Musicology tour in Philly if I had known of him and jumped on the Purple Express Train. I coulda done this, done that. Again, people telling me what I should do.

Then Planet Earth came out. I was happy, beyond excited that my new favorite musician came out with something new when I was just getting into his work. The album wasn’t the complete cakewalk it is now when I first listened to it (thank you, Chelsea Rogers, Lion of Judah, Resolution and a couple others). But after one track after another started to make sense and hit it just right (Resolution might never be completely accepted, but at least its respected), Planet Earth attempted to shake what I called my “top 6/7 albums.” They change constantly and I don’t even remember what they are anymore. They change so much.
“Gold” was the only favorite I could ever pick (I’m talking about the song, mind you, not the album).

Okay buddy, I understand that MPLSound might be, in a word, bad… but that’s no cause for this kind of alarm.

To backtrack to my previous rant, I returned to the website that got me on my feet. Told me where I ought to go. Now there’s a lot of shoulds and musts… things I need in my collection. If I didn’t have them, I was given them. The collection I own now became less of my own creation and more of what people think I should have. Okay, so I could have deleted the emails, never set up a Yahoo! AIM account, not clicked on the links to file-share sites… but the fact people telling me what to do as one of the purple people.
It just ain’t cool. I’m a purple hippy, [insert random plural obscenity here].

The article says he’s no longer original, no longer innovative (even though the clear object Prince was going for here was innovativeness), more Hendrix-like rather than what “we” all remember going up through his music in the good old days.

Hey, I’m not asking him to be like he used to. I never did. I’m stuck with the whole concept of looking at the past/present/future equally because I want to give fair say to every possible side of that. I’m not trying to mold him. Never said what he can/can’t do. Or even should/shouldn’t do. People talk about remastering old albums and bringing back his old sound… that’s what they are: old. And for Prince, outdated.
He already lived in the time of “Purple Rain.” In fact the movie was based on the life he was currently living with some past elements thrown in for good “juicy” storyline.
The whole album catalogue he’s built is more/less a parade of the life he’s lived. The music reflects where he’s been, where he’s out and possibly where he’s going. He lived through all of it since the music lives within him and he lives for the music. The line I’ve said a zillion times already and will continue so because I know it to be true.

On the matter of constructive criticism, I could give Prince some more of that. Try to read more into the music & lyrics and say what traditions he shouldn’t let take root and which ones he should. He most likely won’t listen to this blog (or even the one I’m replying to). But I have to offer something up to level things out.

Positivity needs its say.

I think I seriously need to unplug myself from the purple community for an outstanding period of time. And I’m already doing that by not being on .org anymore. I can’t really go there because the whole issue of the computer crashing… I’ve written it before, won’t do it again.
Clearly, we’re not going to agree with one another. Everyone’s living in the past and I try to live it in the past and present. The future, I actually try to keep on the backburner until I’m through with the newest album(s). Then I can talk about it.

There’s no way I’m about to write that he needs to rethink his future. Why shake things up when the one that matters most is in a happy place? Who wants to mess with that? Prince is happy with himself and his faith and so on and so on. No need to criticize his character by saying he’s not cracking like he used to.

Quick typo alert in the piece: He addresses an album as “Rave Un2 the Dawn.” It’s “Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic,” genius. And you call yourself a fan. Pitiful. I’m a 2-year newbie and I even know that. And if its a “phrase” you came up with to compliment “jump the shark,” then put in quotation marks instead of bold print like the album names. Seriously…

This article also restates my point that people can tell Prince what they want on a record… but he’ll go ahead and do it. And they’ll still be disappointed because he didn’t approach it right. He didn’t do this, didn’t do that. I’ve just about had enough of these fickle fans that really can’t be happy with anything he does.

Just be glad this is a blog that thrives on positivity because I’d want to paste a picture of an obscene gesture. Still angry, of course, but I’m not angry enough that I’m not thinking clearly to the point where I’m going to stray from my way of doing things. I don’t curse. I don’t give people the finger and I’m certainly not going to put it on this blog.

Right now, I need to get ready for a long day. I’ll be officially a college graduate come 2:30pm today ğŸ˜Ž

Much love and peace to you, Prince. Keep doing what it is you do and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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One Response to WHO’S WE? Dreamy’s angry rebuttal to a hater’s blog

  1. MPLSound a 3/10?  WTF?  Did you transform into Supa from the Org????  LOL.
    Apart from that, great points here…although you need to calm down a bit and not let every douchebag critic with a tin ear and an I.Q. of 65 get to you this much.
    But 3/10??? Come on, now…

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