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I haven’t been here very much lately, but more and more, I feel like I definitely want to return to the purple universe in a BIG way. Namely, I feel like since I have some extra cash coming my way (thank you, paycheck), I should invest in something related to all this.

But I’m completely drawing a blank. Other than concert tickets (fingers crossed for a positive ID and for it to be a Saturday, Sunday or Monday night), what else is there other than albums?
Speaking of which, I double-checked how much I have in comparsion to how many he’d actually released. Right now, I’ve gotten to the point that whatever new album I see that I don’t already have, I’m going to get. I’d been entertaining the idea of the Batman soundtrack, but would never dream of finding it so easily.

Of the MAJOR albums (as in non-NPG, greatest hits, Internet releases), I own all of them except for Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic (which might not even qualify in this level of thinking), One Night Alone (both versions, piano & Live), Chaos & Disorder (though I’m not completely sold on getting it… I’ve heard things, not so good for the most part, but the seasoned group that has had a lot of time and evidentally finds it a killer guitar album in spite of the not-so good ones from the past 10-15 years) and The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale (which I often forget is an actual album rather than just material that was released from the vault that was already circulating as bootlegs).

Indecision is something that’s been following me around a lot lately as it is.
MPLS sound and Elixir still need some listening time, not to mention that Crystal Ball has been ignored completely. Now if I owned it on disc rather than just on my iPOD, it would be easier for me to access and get into.

I hadn’t been to .org since May at the latest, but I get the feeling that one of the big topics is speculation. Will a new edition of Purple Rain (movie and/or album) be released for the 25th anniversery? I double-checked when the movie came out in theaters (July 27th), so I’ll keep my eyes/ears open otherwise. I seriously doubt that anything will come out to commerate it. There won’t be a “Revolution reunion” even though people do love to speculate about the possibility of it.
Not trying to be a downer, just realistic.

Other than getting myself a nice cabinet for all of my music (my CD rack is getting pretty full) and movies (need more room than the cardboard box and small tower I have), I don’t know what else to use for my incoming income aside from saving up for my own car. The Lexus is handling pretty well, can’t complain, but that’s something I’ll have to keep in mind.

The crazy side of my brain is, well, brainstorming, all kinds of things I could possibily do. I feel like I should get something big just to celebrate my first paycheck.
All things probably won’t be allowed by my folks who just think they’d be crazy. A couple of years down the road when the economy is better, I’ll keep in mind the possibility of a road-trip to Minneapolis where I’ll spend a week with purple nostaglia. First Avenue will get a look as well as a number of the streets in the city in case they happened to be in in the movie (half was filmed in L.A. and half in Minneapolis, so I got a 50-50 shot). This will have to be all on my own of course since nobody in my family would be interested in trekking there. I tried this idea before and that summer, we ended up going to my favorite place in the world, San Diego. As well as Huntington Beach, CA.
Also it wouldn’t be a good idea this summer anyway with the gas prices climbing back up. and I’m willing to bet a lot of people will be trekking Minneapolis this summer because it is the 25th anniversery.

The best I can do to celebrate that is to watch the movie some random Saturday or Sunday night all by my lonesome
And also check into the extended soundtrack I put together (including ALL of the songs heard in the movie and then some).

The other hair-brained ideas were investing in a couple extra instruments I’ll never learn how to play. But how I’m gonna explain charging a Linn-drum machine or an Oberheim synthesizer? I’d have more luck with clearing an acoustic guitar with my folks… then again, maybe not.

Like I said, another review will be coming up here soon, just haven’t had the time for it… but Lotusflow3r makes for good music on a Saturday morning drive 😉

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