New Moon predictions

Being a HUGE fan of the Twilight series, I’m excited to see the next movie come out. I’d already seen the first television trailer of the film last night (at precisely 11:23pm) and expect more to come as we draw closer.

Reading this book the first time was extremely difficult for me. So much that I had to rush through it, keep reading it until it became bearable to put it down.
Basically the story is that Edward decides after recent events that the best thing for Bella is to leave her to have a human life without him in it. This brings her into a major depression that lasts over four months. The third chapter or so is titled “The End” and afterwards, there are blank pages with only the names of months written on them. Judging from what Bella’s 18th birthday leads to, it must have been on a Friday (it was September 13th).
I hadn’t run into the situation myself, but I could sympathize with her struggle to make it through life without Edward.
Perhaps the highlight of the book itself began when Jacob Black started appearing more and more. He made it easier to read, even enjoyable at points because he was helping Bella get through a difficult time.
It became more difficult to read about him after the Cullens started coming back into the picture and after that, its been hard to read any of the chapters with him in it. Especially when he’s being a jerk simply because he’s a werewolf and they’re the sworn enemies of vampries. The only bright moments are either scenes of breaking ground or understanding and even the occasional injury, even if it was inflicted on the wrong person.

I watched the film yesterday for the first time in months and it was a lot better this time around. I hadn’t much time to think about it so a lot of it felt brand new again. I also spent less time thinking that they shouldn’t have done things this way or added this scene here, took this scene out. And even less time focusing on Robert Pattinson’s lack of British accent (though it does slip during one line halfway through the film).

My main focus lately had been the fact that Kirsten Stewart was playing Bella and though she looks the part, some of the ways she acts doesn’t quite fit. I pictured the character to be very strong and opinonated. The strong part is there, but less on the opinonated part. You don’t hear her mulling through the idea that Edward is a vampire or saying how great her truck is despite it having a low tolerance for high speed. What really ticks me off at points is the fact she doesn’t sound feminine very much. Actually, the scary thing is the way she speaks reminds me of myself a little… a little too much.
The biggest fault I found in them casting her was the fact she had done many teen angst roles before (“In the Land of Women” had a little bit of angst, but I really saw it in the Lifetime movie “Speak”) and I never perceived Bella to be that type of character (at least not in the first book).

So I’m geninuely hoping that New Moon takes on the angst part of Bella’s character to the nth degree because Kirsten is brilliant at playing angst. And she could personify it like few other actresses her age can.

[the rest has been moved to my review of the movie above]

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