Taylor Swift and my music collection

This particular problem happens to a lot of people and it takes on many different forms.

You have a lot of something, but at the same time, feel like you have nothing to choose from.

For me, its music.
Two of my aunts have suggested that I invest in books on tape for my commute and I’m starting to think that maybe they had a point.

I have over 100 albums from at least 50 different artists (a lot from one) and I feel like I have nothing to listen to.
Just today I bought another Nickelback album and Rob Thomas’s most recent (includes my ringtone “Her Diamonds”). The Nickelback album puts me over for three from the group that’s probably the biggest surprise in my collection since the many Prince albums. The lead singer, Chad Kroeger has a very coarse voice that isn’t very attractive but when it sings poetic, thoughtful lyrics, it does sound very nice. I only bought this album for one song, “How you remind me” but its one of my favorites of theirs.

I began investing in Taylor Swift’s music since the day I first heard “Teardrops on my Guitar” on the radio. In fact she had me at the first line because I knew a guy named Drew that I had the biggest crush on my senior year of high school and I actually thought the same of the girl he was with as Taylor did of the girl her Drew was with.
The only difference in our stories is that her Drew didn’t come out of the closet the following fall. Stranger things have happened, but even thought that is true, it remains that he inspired something I wrote. The fate of that work remains to be seen just because I might be going in another direction with it.

I bought her first album the same time as Jesse’s “Departure” and have had more time to listen to it. And this week, I spent going through her second album, “Fearless.” Much like with Maroon 5’s 2nd album, it takes some of the ideas and musical signatures from the first album and takes them to another level. And there are a lot of new sounds to be heard.

The vibe I get from both albums is that Taylor is a country girl from a small town in the south. And she’s had good relationships and bad ones. But there’s a lot to be said about whether or not they are based in truth.

The strangest part of having Taylor in my collection is her being a country artist and I’m not into country very much. That’s the reason why I sold Michelle Branch’s second album. Some of her songs can be seen as pop songs as well.

I also went to Borders yesterday and got a couple of books. One is another vampire series that looks interesting. After reading the first book, ill know whether I should keep going with the series. The other is Wuthering Heights, which I only bought because it was Bella’s favorite and I wanted to see what it was about and if Catherine & Heathcliff really are among the most reputable couples of all time. Edward didn’t seem to think so, but he also didn’t put much stock in Romeo either (but he changes his mind after the crazy events that ensue in New Moon).
Actually, Borders has started to repackage that book, Romeo & Juliet and Pride & Predjuice as the original romance novels. All of which I should read at some point in my life. Romeo & Juliet should be much easier to get through than Hamlet was (which is I believe the longest play Shakespeare has written).

I should brush up more on the classics for sure, but I need to finish reading some of the books I started first. One is Interview with a Vampire, which I got to page 100 and stopped cuz I was craving my favorite type of vampries, from Twilight and read through books 2 & 3 in the series.
The other Im making more progress in, the newest installment from “House of NIght” series. I’m just not looking forward to the moment when I finish and find out whether or not I have to wait for another book to come out.

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One Response to Taylor Swift and my music collection

  1. “Hamlet” is my absolute favorite out of the handful of Shakespeare’s plays I’ve read; however, it IS very difficult to get into, ESPECIALLY if you’re not familiar with Shakespeare’s style and/or Elizabethan english. “Romeo and Juliet” was my introduction to Shakespeare. I read it in my freshman year of high school. It is a great play to start out your Shakespearean journey with, though it’s by no means easy. I hope Borders’ edition has LOTS of footnotes, and background info on the playwright and his time. You really need all of that context to fully appreciate any work of his.Speaking of classic romance novels, we’ll be starting Charlotte BrontĂ«’s “Jane Eyre” next week in my Brit Lit class. I’ve heard of it, of course, but I’ve never read it. The back cover makes it sound horribly depressing, so I’m hoping it’s at least well-written. I’ll let you know how it is.

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