“New Moon” review *Spoilers Included*

With this entry, I’m going to include my original assumptions about the movie and what lived up to what and what surpassed what.

In a nutshell, my expectations were completely surpassed in almost every area and I can’t think of the area right now where it wasn’t.

The critics didn’t like this movie very much and I think it can all be summed up with a sentence.


Seriously, you can’t understand the movie’s context unless you’ve read the books. Let’s just say that if I hadn’t read the book (and it’s been at least four times), I would have been miserable through the whole thing.
A lot of blame was put on Bella’s character who was “painful to be around.”
Read the book to get a clue, loser critics. You may know a thing or two about what makes a good movie, but you obviously don’t know anything about how it works in the Twilight universe.
Several people on webook.com and a couple other places have nagged on Stephenie Meyer’s writing. Saying that her work is hard to get through and very boring because nothing happens. These people are used to vampire fiction where vampires are killers instead of beings with human emotions. While I’m on the subject, there was a preview for a movie called “Daybreakers” that takes place in a world of vampires and their “blood supply” is running out with the slow decline of the human population. The concept looks great, but the way the true vampires are shown in the movie, I don’t think I could still through it in the theater without running out screaming or even hyperventialing/vomiting at some point. I found the trailer hard to watch in some parts because it was just too intense.

I’ve gotten through the first 100 pages of “Interview with a Vampire” and stopped because I wanted to read about my kind of vampires. The ones Twilight introduced me to. So they’re the Diet Coke or even Coke Zero of all vampires. That being the case, maybe Coke Zero because the Coke people are convinced that Coke Zero “stole their taste”.
I’ve been contemplating writing my own vampire novel, but anything I come up with is going to be far too close to Twilight no matter how I bite or slice it. But now I’m starting to think more about rereading the story I wrote shortly after Twilight became part of my personal library. Especially later on because there’s a character who becomes something of a Jacob Black. A little protective of my heroine and believes that my “Edward” is the reason for what happens to her.
This whole matter takes place at the aftermath of a dogsled race, so I doubt there was a way for Joey to keep an eye on Hallie while he was busy winning the race. Long story, I know. I’m disappointed that its not even 200 pages. I went through a lot of notebook paper writing it. For that matter, Stephenie said that she started writing Twilight from a dream and when she finished, it was the length of a book. I cannot even begin to fathom how she wrote a near 500-page novel when she hadn’t written a thing in her life. I wish I could get past the 200 page mark.

Now onto the movie. I put a great bit of my overally positive reception on the new director. The way he shot it and showed the different character was exactly what I wanted from the book. What I think Twilight should have been when it made it to the big screen. And as I might have said at some point, Kirsten Stewart is brilliant at teen angst and if there was going to be a shining moment for her as an actress in the series, it would be this movie.

And she did the job I expected she would. πŸ˜‰

I’m going to list all of my assumptions and in bold/italtics, I’ll put what really happened and then some.

So the following are my predicted scenes/non-scenes that will appear in “New Moon.”

  1. There will be only two minutes to focus on Bella’s birthday when she’s at school (maybe not at all). The movie will probably start with chapter 1, with the dream and go right to the scene at the Cullens

The dream was somewhat different than what it was in the book. It takes place in Edward’s meadow and slowly backs away until Bella “becomes” her grandmother at the end of the dream. And there are a good 7 minutes just on Bella’s birthday, including a scene with Charlie, her human friends, and a bonus, Jacob Black with a dreamcatcher. Oddly, Edward makes a comment that Jacob can give Bella gifts but he can’t… something that isn’t said until the next book. Jasper’s gift is exploited with the scene where Alice invites her over for a party, which is also a bonus and it makes up for what he doesn’t do in the first book.

  1. She and Edward will not be watching Romeo & Juliet and there won’t be that scene where he is critical of Romeo (there is much to debate as to whether or not he will allude to killing himself or any such introduction of the Volturi)

They didn’t watch it at her house as it was in the book. In fact, Charlie and Edward had no scenes together at all. If so it would have been extremely awkward. They are actually watching this in class and there is the discussion about souls, being damned, and the Volturi. The funny part is the teacher asks Edward to quote a line from the play to make sure he was paying attention. Which he did. I can’t help but wonder if he knew that or he was reading the teacher’s mind

  1. The dramatic scene at the Cullens’ house will be a quick climax. The only present shown is the airplane tickets (possibly, still don’t know if that trip will be included in the next film). All will last only three minutes (adding two maybe for the confrontation between Edward and Jasper)

Takes a good couple of minutes and all of the gifts are mentioned except for the tickets because that’s where the paper cut happens. The climax with Jasper was almost in the blink of an eye the way it was written in the book.

  1. There won’t be a scene on her getting stitches, but a return to Charlie’s house with a loose explanation of the newfound injury [actually, I was completely wrong and the reverse is what happens, ending this scene with a goodbye kiss outside of the Swan residence.]
  2. Only a minute or two will go by in montage before the scene where Edward takes Bella into the woods  [I was right about this, though barely can be considered a montage. None of the Cullens are in school the following day]


  1. The “goodbye” in the woods will only last as long as the hospital scene between them in the first film

I was right about this and it was a good chunk of time. The break-up scene lasts five pages in the book (supposedly, according to Robert Pattinson in one interview) and it feels like it lasts that long. Throughout the whole movie, I was thinking that my heart was going to take a toll from beating so fast in anticipation and anxiety. This scene took a good amount of that because I knew what was inevitable and I waited in pain as Bella rushes through the woods to find Edward when he leaves. So true to the book and well done.

  1. the last scene where Bella’s awake will be Sam Uley and Charlie finding her in the woods

There’s actually a large Quilette search party outside of the Bella house waiting for an update. Charlie tries to locate Carlisle and the Cullens and finds that they’ve completely left town. And Jacob is actually part of the search party. Again, I was right about this.

There will be a lot of debate about how we get from mid-September to mid-January. Perhaps a montage will take place where Bella’s catatonic. Then several dream sequences where she wakes up screaming, with Charlie rushing in to check on her less and less. My best guess is that the scene where she wakes up and gets into a huge fight with Charlie, who wants to send her off to Florida. Charlie told Alice later in the book about her throwing a tantrum (as well as clothes) all over her bedroom… I get the feeling that that scene won’t take place so late in the film since we’re not going exclusively from Bella’s POV.

Just as I thought: a montage. I doubt there was a better way to do it, but I can’t think of anything better. The names of the months are on the screen and it shows Bella looking out her bedroom window, sitting completely still and catontic as the seasons change outside. After a while, I’m thinking, almost saying out loud: “I’m getting dizzy” because the room was just spun around in circles very slowly as the seasons change and Bella doesn’t.
Charlie gives his two cents to Bella, telling her at her truck before she goes to school that he wants to send her down to Jacksonville, but she doesn’t want to. She’s very subtle in her responses. Then there’s some funny dialogue when she says she’s going shopping with Jess and Charlie’s awkward because he’s not in his element with girls and shopping. And I was right about the times where Bella’s screaming in her sleep and Charlie comes in. I would be more than willing to see this movie more times if not for those scenes because I find them scary. I could see myself in her place all too easily. I feel that pain. Which is why I found the book hard to read the first time. I was miserable right along with her.
And another interesting thing they did. Bella’s narration in the book was shown in emails she sent to Alice, though they’re all returned “Unknown Sender”. It’s a good way to get through the pain.

  1. Bella asks Jessica to go to Port Angeles with her when she returns to school for the next scene and it will be brief (if it is shown at all) [true, though the invitation takes place over a phone call]
  2. The scene at Port Angeles will be of very good length, including flashbacks from the previous film and a shadow of Edward will appear, telling her not to get mixed up with the mysterious men. [true, true, though Bella takes a ride on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle and that doesn’t happen in the book. And Jessica is actually as she is in the book.]
  3. Several scenes will show Bella with her arm around her chest, trying to hold herself together and keep the hole from getting bigger [a few scenes, but present]
  4. How she obtains the motorcycles will be shown very differently in the movie, may be very brief [Just going off to La Push with the motorcycles, randomly, no mention of how she got them]


  1. There will be a short scene with her and Jake when she brings the motorcycles to his house in La Push. [Actually, its a very decent scene/montage. Great length and relationship building. And Quil and Embry show up to rag on Jake, something I wasn’t expecting them to keep in the movie. Even better, they kept the whole “age contest” in the movie, though they didn’t quite make a conclusion about who was the oldest based on their crazy little system that only they understand]


  1. The scene on the actual motorcycle, on the other hand, will be a lot longer and will probably take place over several montages with Edward’s face passing her as she rides by. Judging from one of the trailers, Jessica finds out about it and she asks if Bella’s an adrenaline junkie now  [No montage, there’s only one scene with the motorcycle and after Bella crashes, Jake tells her never again. And Jess makes that comment after she takes the ride from the stranger on the motorcycle… never did see Jake’s completed Rabbit]
  2. Bella will see some of the La Push kids cliff-diving and freak out and Jake explains it to her, as well as there being a brief introduction to Sam Uley’s “gang” [yes, yes]
  3. The “date” with Mike and Jake won’t be taking place most likely [actually scene was added at the last minute].  Bella tries to call Jake and can’t get a hold of him for several days. One scene will have her talking with Charlie, trying to see what’s going on… might be a mention of the virus going around, but not 100% sure

According to Mike when Bella returns to their lunch table, “Bella’s back.” He asks her to the movies and she agrees if they see “Face Punch”. She then makes it a group date. Of course everyone else bails because of the flu going around. Another thing, Eric & Angela are still together whereas Angela is dating Ben now instead of Eric. This scene was definitely one of the best in the entire movie because the rivalry between Mike & Jake is hilarious πŸ˜€ They include a scene where Jake tries to confront Bella about what Edward did to her. Ends with both of them feeling sick and/or burning up. This is followed by a montage of phone messages Bella leaves Jake. Around this point, Bella wakes up screaming from a nightmare and Charlie makes a comment that Jake has helped keep the dreams away (unlike the dream catcher he gave her for her birthday)

  1. Bella next sees Jake at his house in La Push with Embry, Jared, Paul and Sam. They’re secretive, whispering to each other and Jake gives her the downlow “we can’t be friends anymore.” She throws a fit, which Charlie sees, but doesn’t make the call to Billy.

Dramatically this break-up scene takes place in the rain, but it does in the book. Just been Jake and Bella and the other werewolves are in the distance waiting for him. This scene, I was mostly mourning the loss of Jake’s long locks of shiny black hair. It’s a wig, true, but it made him work for me.

  1. When Jake comes into Bella’s bedroom to explain himself, it will be a decent sized scene, soon to follow with the dream where Edward and Jake go after each other.

It is what happens, though the dream isn’t quite what I was expecting. It wasn’t the confrontation they show in the commercials. They show a scene with Jake & Edward, following with narration from Jake about the story he told Bella in the last book

  1. It’s hard to tell when the scene at the Meadow will take place. Somewhere before Jake comes into her bedroom and tells her they can’t be friends. There will also be a couple of mentions of giant bears or wolves attacking hikers (mostly from Charlie)

Takes place after Jake “breaks up” with Bella. Eric and Angela are having a bet about whether she was right about the “bears” in the woods and Bella says Charlie has gotten reports about them. It’s a good sized scene right out of the book and the confrontation of Laurent and Bella is really good. The werewolves go after him and Jake’s wolf looks at Bella before he runs with the rest of the pack. The scene ends with her talking to Charlie and Harry, saying that she saw the “bears” and that they’re giant wolves.

  1. This all follows with Bella and Jake walking on La Push beach. Also brings Victoria back into the picture

Bella goes to Jake’s house, finds Jake asleep and confronts Sam and the other werewolves when she next sees them. After slapping Jared, he transforms and Jake comes running out of the house and transforms to fight with him. Great CGI action here. I don’t think this is how it happened in the book, but I don’t even remember anymore. After going to Emily’s for a short scene and Jared apologizes as if nothing happens, Jake and Bella walk down the beach to talk about Laurent and Victoria.

  1. The next big scene will take place at Emily’s house with all of the oversized La Push boys pigging out. Jared and Jake’s fight may or may not take place beforehand, somewhat of a confrontation between Bella and Sam before the fight

As I said early, the fight does take place, but the scene at Emily’s is barely a minute long. They accomplished all the important points (Emily’s face, “you’re the wolf/vampire girl”, way for Jake to get around the rules and the shared mind)

The scenes that transpire between now and Alice’s reapperance are anybody’s guess. I can’t remember what happens between then and there in the book. Alice returns the scene after Bella cliff-dives and is rescued. (with Edward’s voice and face there, Victoria’s red hair but not her face, and Edward’s face is replaced by Jake’s when he saves her)

Mostly a bunch of montages. Harry and Charlie are looking for the wolves in the woods and don’t find anything. Victoria tries to come after Charlie, but Harry gets in her way. Charlie’s unaware of this of course and she’s the reason he has the heart attack and dies. We don’t realy find out why he has the heart attack in the book, but this could be a good reason for it. Bella then chooses now to go cliff-diving and its a lengthy scene with her seeing Victoria coming after her, Jake rescuing her and taking her back home.

  1. There will be no mention of Harry’s death and if any, it will be very brief. Alice shows up in Bella’s kitchen and tells Bella that Edward thinks she’s dead and he’s going to the Volturi to ask for them to kill him. She says (and/or Edward’s voice is heard) “You don’t provoke the Volturi unless you want to die”… not sure whether Charlie appears and talks to Alice

Very brief mention of Harry’s death and that Charlie is over at the Clearwater’s place. Jake tries to keep Bella out of the house when he senses Alice’s prescene, but she refuses to listen to him. He doesn’t seem happy at all to let her in the house. Alice asks her why she’s still alive because she saw her jump off the cliff. Bella explains. Then Alice says that Edward is spending a lot of time on his own and only calls in once in a while. She then smells the werewolf on her and Jake comes in to make sure she’s safe. The two have a very close moment that is ruined by Edward’s phone call. When Bella asks him who it was, Alice races in, saying that Edward thinks Bella’s dead. And as a bonus, they show Edward on the other side of the phone and him breaking it in his hand.

  1. This quickly follows with a scene between Jake and Bella, him telling her not to go because Edward had hurt her before and there’s no telling if he’ll do it again. [true, true, and I definitely would have shoved him for what he did over the phone]
  2. May or may not be a scene on the airplane where Alice is trying to see whether or not the Volturi accept Edward’s offer. [just shows the plane flying and Alice tells her about the vision in the car]
  3. The scene quickly accelerates to Alice racing through Rome in a yellow Porsche (for their sake, I hope they get the car right) and Bella running to stop Edward from exposing himself

Very lengthy scene. And they got the car right πŸ˜€ The race through Italy on foot feels like it takes forever, especially in the slow motion part when she runs into Edward to force him back into the darkness

  1. “Carlisle was right” will be his first reaction to Bella knocking him down [they have a very touching reunion scene where they’re kissing in each other’s arms. Much longer than I thought it would be]
  2. The Volturi quickly take the trio underground to the heads of their organization. [the tunnels don’t look very old and they actually have an elevator. they don’t get to them very quickly and actually give them a few moments of making out before breaking things up.]
  3. The scene underground showing the powers of Jane, Aro and Caius will take a good part of the film, 10-15 at best. Big fight scene [yes and yes. Aro’s character was exactly as he was in the book, couldn’t have been done better. They all try to demonstrate their gifts on Bella with no success. Edward and Felix fight and Edward is about to be killed by him when Bella asks for them to kill her instead. Aro is very entertained with her and at seeing what Alice sees (very cheesy scene with Bella and Edward running through the woods in slow motion, sparkling in the sun)]
  4. Once out of the headquarters, the next scene will be Edward and Bella reuniting with the Cullens at the airport. Rosalie being overgrateful will be a huge inclusion. [doesn’t happen. The next scene is Bella having a nightmare after hearing the incoming tourists screaming and Felix coming after Edward, and Edward’s there when she wakes up. This scene is very short where they are talking about where they stand or rather Edward talking about where they stand. Bella doesn’t say it, but she seems to feel like she’s afraid he’s going to leave again. And I feel the same]
  5. Edward carries Bella back inside with Charlie being extremely furious and wanting to throw him out. The two of them then have a good amount of time to talk in the bedroom (a little longer than the hospital scene but shorter than the “goodbye” scene) [neither are true. Though Charlie comes into her bedroom and says she’s grounded for the rest of her life for leaving for three days without a word. No mention of the cliffdiving adventure or Edward going to kill himself.]
  6. Bella and Edward may or may not go to the Cullens’ mansion and have the vote on whether or not to make her one of them.

It’s a very good scene. The interaction between the characters is hilarious. Edward is acting as he does in the book, almost being a brat about the whole thing. Jasper’s comment was funny “it would be great not wanting to kill you all the time” as was Emmett’s “hell yeah”. At Carlisle’s answer, Edward looks ready to throw a tantrum, but doesn’t. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing that

  1. The last scene will be Jake bringing the motorcycle to Charlie’s house and Charlie yelling from the house. Jake and Edward have a short confrontation (but longer than their scene together at prom). The screen fades to black as Edward and Bella walk to the house to face the wrath of Charlie

They’re in the woods again and the confrontation with Jake happens. The two don’t seem very pleased with one another, though Edward is extremly grateful to Jake. Jake tells Edward that he’ll violate the treaty if he changes Bella and he’d have to kill her with the treaty being null & void. She asks Edward to read his mind to see that he would never kill her. What I don’t agree with is the fact Bella tells Jake she loves him when she doesn’t come close to saying that until the next book. Then he transforms and Bella gets between them, saying that hurting each other would hurt her. At that, Jake runs off in wolf form. I could swore that this scene happens as a dream sequence, but apparently not. The movie then ends with Edward’s ultimatum. He says his only condition for changing her into a vampire is that she marries him first. And like that, the screen goes blank. It couldn’t have ended on a better note or we’d be hanging forever.

Overall film should be 10-15 minutes longer than the original. [7 minutes, actually]

Final grade: A- (drags on one or two points, and some scenes were hard to watch)

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