Prince at yesterday’s Vikings game

I may have considered the possibility when I started watching the Vikings shortly after getting into Prince’s music, but I don’t think I’d ever see it happen. It’s funny how he can be the last thing on my mind and show up completely out of nowhere.

It’s hard to tell if he was enjoying himself, though there was good reason to with the Vikings dominating the game. But you never know with him.
The commentors made a comment that he changes his name more than his expressions. Funny yes, but not exactly true. Only had two name changes. To O(+> and back from O(+>. At least they gave him the respect he deserves (not to mention, showed him in the VIP box not once, but twice).

On the note of an avid football fan, yesterday was probably one of the best days of football I’d ever seen.
Sure, the Eagles won, the Colts are still undefeated and the Vikings had an awesome game, but winning wasn’t necessarily what blew me away about yesterday (though part of it).

I got to see Brett Favre really play. It’d been quite a while since I’d watched him and there’s no denying that he is still one of the greatest there ever was. There’s just something about the way he throws, the way he knows which way to throw the ball. He fits in really well with this Viking team who probably just needed a strong leader to get them to the next step.
When you compare this team to, say, the Patriots, Colts and even the Saints, would they be able to stand up to them? These powerhouses with several weapons (I hate the Patriots with a passion, but can’t deny the whole team is to be reckoned with, not just Tom Brady). Would the Vikings with Brett Favre at the helm be able to make it to the Super Bowl or better yet, win?
Against the Colts, I’d say they have a good chance. But against the Patriots, its hard to say. Very few can beat the Patriots (though there have been several this year). What you need to beat them comes down to have just as strong a leader as Tom Brady, if not stronger, a team with enough perservence and endurance to force the game into overtime or even a final two minutes where even a field goal could make all the difference.

The reason Peyton Manning managed to beat the Patriots a couple weeks ago came down to his endurance, giving him the ability to come back from a huge deficit. But of course, you can’t ignore the fact that the Patriot’s head coach made a judgement error and used up his final timeout, leaving him unable to challenge a play on 4th down with 2:05 to go.

After being treated a great showing of Brett Favre’s mad skills, I was paying extra attention to some of the plays during the last game of the night between the Ravens and Steelers. None of the quarterbacks that day had the same calibar as Favre, but Joe Flacco did make some great passes. He has that killer instinct as well and that’s saying a lot for a relative newbie to his team.

Every year I’ve watched football since 1995, I’ve learned something new about the game and taken a new part into account. This year, I think I’ll be keeping an extra good eye on all of the quarterbacks and the way the team moves in response to him. Now that I know what the best of the best looks like in action, I can compare the rest of the quarterbacks to him. Tonight should be a great opportunity for that, to see if Tom Brady can be toppled by up-and-coming star, Drew Brees. I’m not huge on the Saints and actually want to see them loss so the Colts can be the only undefeated team left, but it’d be interesting to see if Drew Brees can be put in the same class as Brady and even if Brady can one day be considered in the same class with Brett Favre.

Now if Brady played with another team, I might not hate him as much, but he makes the Patriots look too good. So much that its an impossibility. There’s no such thing as that kind of perfection in the NFL.

Naturally after seeing Prince at the Vikings game, I had to listen to a couple of his songs before retiring last night. The first three songs of 3121, followed by Love, Fury, The Word & The Dance.

I find myself listening to the little things, especially in the first two songs. Been doing so all week whenever I play the album in the car. The synthesizer he’s using for “Lolita” and “3121” is actually the same as the one he’s used in his music for years. It makes the same sounds and everything, but its just a different key that makes it sound like an organ at a baseball game (sorry for the lame refererence, but I’ve got nothing else). The big thing missing from a lot of the songs, especially early on in the album is multiple instruments. Prince is only relying on synthesizers to set the beat and its just something that repeats itself over and over with a couple additions here and there.
That reminds me a little of some of the hip-hop songs I’ve been coming across on the radio the past couple years and I’m actually talking about ones that I like. I can’t believe I’m saying it either.

I won’t go as far to say that I’ll invest in any of these hip-hop artists regarding albums, but they do have some good songs on the radio. What makes a hip-hop song listenable in my opinion comes down to one of two things.
The beat has to be catchy
The artist has to be able to sing and the melody is something that requires fluctuating notes

Jay Sean’s “Down” is one of them. I know Lil’ Wayne is featured in it for one verse, but other than that, the song is catchy as hell.
Then there’s a song I just heard for the first time a couple weeks ago on “So you think you can dance.” But the funny thing was that I heard it on the radio the next day and didn’t know where I’d heard it before… then connected it to the show after some thought.
Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” has a nice beat that repeats, but there’s a melody that goes along with it that sounds really nice. Even with the voice modifier and his back-up singers are using.

There’s also a duet between Ne-Yo and another artist I can’t remember. Might have been Kanye for all I know. I think it was called “Phone call” or something like that. Something I gotta google, lol. I’ve only heard it a couple times, but it sounds nice. I already like Ne-Yo’s stuff, but have yet to invest in any album. He’s not hip-hop, rather R&B, but one of the best songwriters of this up and coming generation.
“Excuse me little mama if I make. Take this…. and send it your way. If you don’t like that, then send it right back. I just gotta say…” [and the three dots simply mean I don’t know the rest of the words]

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One Response to Prince at yesterday’s Vikings game

  1. It is so great having you as a friend! Not only are you an admirer of Prince, but you’re also an NFL fan who actually has knowledge about the game and the players. That puts a big smile on my face. :DAbout the hip-hop: there are some songs I actually enjoy, as well. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone, haha.)

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