Keep one of many promises…

To myself.

Since I really started going into Orianthi’s debut album, I knew that I had to write about it sometime. It really is an amazing piece of work.

Why it took so long? Timing, interest, and having enough time with it to really come up with a good enough review.


the album wasn’t quite what I expected first time around. But I’m not usually head-over-heels with the first listen of any of my albums.

The only exceptions have been Rob Thomas, a couple of Prince’s albums and some others I can’t think to name right now…

Jesse McCartney, love to death, but every album is different from the previous sound of the other album… like his solo debut wasn’t anything like Dream Street, 2nd album was more mature than the last and the most recent, completely different and I felt blindsided by it, but have come to accept all three of them with time…
Because that’s how I treat my favorite artists. If anything, its tough love and then my trust is eventually earned, but always kept once I find the reason to the rhyme, etc, etc.

Orianthi, I never thought she’d be a true rocker. I know she can play guitar, but  thought it would the pop music I was used to listening to…

at first every song sounded like teen rebellion and screaming at a guy for treating her bad… all negative themes… but there was some relief now and then. And I grew to see each song had legit reasons to sound as it did and I accepted the sound.
Now I’m fully embracing it but am keeping the album off rotation for a while. I wanna save my voice, lol


“According to You” was her single, everyone’s first impression of her either on tv or the local radio stations.

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard a song like this, saying her boyfriend doesn’t think too much of her and this other guy in her life thinks she’s amazing. I’m sure all girls on the dating scene have been in that place at least once. Power to the female sex!
The key to this song’s success is paradoxes… and of course, ripping out on an electric guitar.

Also one of many genius creations by the up and coming songwriter Andrew Frampton. I just found this site of all the songs he’s written. He’s done a bunch for an Irish band called “The Script” whose singles include “The man who can’t be moved” and the new one “Breakeven”… I’m still working through their album…

and also a bunch of songs for Kris Allen’s album. Amazing stuff, this guy has talent 😉

Though he writes for Natasha Bedingfield too and I’m not a huge fan… whatever

“Suffocated” has an air of rebellion, but she’s definitely not shy about it. The lyrics have a lot of deciphering to do.
 I really don’t know what its about… I admit. Definitely has the rocker edge to it.
I love the way the final bridge sounds

“still searching for a back door outta here, reassured that my friends will reappear, why am I still suffocated, hold your breath deep and I’ll keep waiting…”

Maybe a great relationship gone bad and feeling lost and alone.
Something like what Bella went through when Edward left…

“Give me the Bad News” is one of my guilty pleasure tracks. I’m just in love with it. Its the first song she cowrites and from now on her name is on every song… but the songwriting credits also go to Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson… now I know for a fact that they’ve written some of my favorite artists songs…

Oh snap, Desmond’s songwriting credits go way back… cowrite “Livin’ on a Prayer” (and a lot of my favs on the Slippery when Wet album)…. WOW… blown away by that… “Crazy” by Aerosmith (my fav of all their songs)

also did Livin’ La Vida Loca (btw, BIG surprise about Ricky Martin recently… sarcasm, people, lol), She Bangs (ok, dont like that song but its familiar)…

I know he did “Because you live” my favorite Jesse song from his first album ( 😎 ), a couple of Clay Aiken songs and Katy Perry’s “waking up in vegas”… truly amazing… even more cool, he wrote a song for Steve Vai who toured with Frank Zappa and Whitesnake, and Steve is the other guitarist dueting with Orianthi in her track “Highly Strung”…

Andreas Carlsson cowrites a lot of Desmond but also did songs from the Backstreet Boys including “I want it that way” (with my fav pop songwriter Max Marting 😎 ) and “Drowning”, “Symptoms of you” and “I live for the day” by Lindsay Lohan, and “Can’t make you love me” by Britney Spears…

so they’ve got a great history together with songwriting, so combine them with Orianthi and we have potential for an excellent next single.

The whole message of the song is Orianthi screaming to her lover to confess that she was a waste of time to him and to end things because she can’t take it anymore.
I love the lyrics being easy to learn and such, but its a fun song to scream to.
And gotta admit that guitar halfway through is, again, amazing, one of my favorite solos on the album.

“Believe” is the title track and it was the moment on my first listen when I officially on board with the album. I could see myself in that song all too well, especially in the chorus. It reminds of one ill-fated night when my whole attitude about dating and being carefree about having boyfriends and such came crashing down… I made a bad decision one Tuesday in spring 2006, 4 years now… I’ve been talking to this guy who friended me on facebook, we’d be meeting the first time at his campus dormroom. He said it was to watch American Idol together,  but he seemed to be more interested in watching me than the show.

My first official kiss and the only one I remember and last one I had… was with him… awkward wasn’t a big enough word for it. I knew then it was a mistake. How’d you feel about kissing a stranger you’re meeting the first time? I knew very very little about him, he knew a few choice things about me… nothing really substantial. Luckily if he was thinking of surpassing first base (I kinda doubt that actually…), he put his brakes on it when he saw I was uncomfortable… he said lets lay next to each other, I trying to watch TV and he was watching me….again awkward… the only relief I found was sketching… probably one of my best Inuyasha sketches and he has it, probably not anymore, not sure…
Its an odd situation when someone tells you to relax and calm down and it really doesn’t make you feel any better…

It took me half a year to recover from that… okay, four months, the rest of that semester. Until I could watch kissing scenes without getting a gross taste in my mouth. That’s why I believe that sex should be with someone you’re in love with or it wouldn’t feel right… no mutual feelings there, nothing’s gonna happen…

It will surface in my dreams on occasion that I want that special someone in my life but he’s nowhere to be found… I hate the fact I mixed out on the whole high school romance thing. Nobody I liked liked me back… very frustrating, makes me doubt I’ll ever find someone that ‘ll be perfect for me…

now I’m doubting my friend Kirby will fit that mold…

“I wanna  believe in love, I wanna believe there’s something bigger than the two of us, and I, I wanna breathe again. I wanna go back to the days, the days I had my innocence…”

So I do.

The song’s more or less about what Orianthi thinks is a perfect relationship that will eventually evolve into a life together, but she loves herself along the way and everything comes crashing down.
Almost always a tear-jerker for me. And the ending guitar is pretty sweet.

“Feels like Home” was not one of my favorites, but I’ve grown to appreciate how different it is. Its about Orianthi finding herself when moving out to California and living on her own for the first time. It has a sense of triumph that’s very inspiring. The guitar is restrained compared to tracks before and reminds me of… I dunno, maybe a little Santana, probably completely wrong.

“Think like a man” is another of my favs. A lot of rebellion, and somehow it reminds me of something I heard in Foreigner’s music.
A lot of girls have these kinds of thoughts. Their man is unreliable and it’d be nice to get the feeling of how dense they really are…

“Ignore my emotions, emotions are dumb, surf through the channels ’till my senses are numb, shorten my attention span…. put my foot in my mouth and just run away, turn off my cell, I ain’t got nothin’ to say, disappear and not get a damn…”

Definitely hilarious… I’m a tomboy so I kinda understand how guys work, but they do have their good points too. I have more in common with them than my own sex, especially when it comes to clothes shopping… ewww… and bikinis… eww… Victoria’s Secret…. need I go on…

“What’s it gonna be?” is another hiliarious song. Orianthi breaks it off with a guy but he keeps calling her and wants her back. But he just wants to bring her down all the time rather than appreciate her. Its a spiteful track, but she has a lot of fun with it.

“Untogether” I think is her addressing a younger guy that she’s dating… maybe not younger, but definitely immature and that’s why she’s dumping him. A guy who has no idea who he is and who he’s going to be in the future, has no sense of future… another of my favorites.
I like the guitar here because it reminds me a little more of Prince and Maroon 5’s sound. There might be someone else I missing here too, but can’t think of them right now

“Drive away” is one I don’t listen to very much… its about taking off with a boyfriend that she sees in her future and just the two of them driving off into the sunset, starting over in a brand new place… It doesn’t hold much interest for me, though, doesn’t do too much.

When I heard “Highly Strung” the first time, I had no idea what to expect. I will say that to do a track of all guitar and no vocals is very brave to do on your first album. You have to be very very talented to take that risk and conquer… Orianthi is a brave guitarist but she definitely knows what she’s doing. Whether you’re listening to it on her headphones or car speakers, her guitar is on the right side and Steve Vai (I mentioned him earlier) is backing her up on the other side. She takes charge first and he follows her lead.

I’m sure I’ve heard these kinds of songs before from Prince, but I just wanna say that its the first time I’ve heard a song of just guitar playing and it really does have a pattern to it.

It starts with revving on the guitar as an introduction, then when Steve & Orianthi go back and forth  between the speakers for a duet, that’s something they do for every verse but its a little different each time. Then the two of them together is the chorus and it always ends with Orianthi revving and gradually raising the octave of her guitar each time.

Then after the chorus goes by two, there’s a very long bridge, the guitar builds up and slowly comes back down to settle back where it started, the chorus is heard again and then you hear the introduction to finish it up… just blows my mind…

“God only knows” ends it well and is another of my favorites. Its a melancholy ending where Orianthi loses a guy she cares a lot about, never gets a chance to say goodbye to him, refuses to forget about him but asks how long she has to hold on…

reminds me a little of a guy I met at my first job. He started the day before me, but I got really close to him. Considered him a very good friend. Then one day, without warning, he was fired and I never got to see goodbye to him. In July it’ll be going back two years… I don’t get out much around here, but I won’t give up on the possibility of seeing him again. I doubt he’s my soulmate but Craig kind became near and dear to me… just something about him. And at first glance you wouldnt think so, kind of a punk with a couple teeth missing but sweet underneath.

I never really liked my first job, but Craig being around made it bearable, more than bearable actually. He graduated from culinary school after being there for a month, he was promoted to assistant chef so I saw him less behind the counter, but the fact he was around the corner was a comfort to me. His birthday was that Friday before July 4th and I left him a card by his stuff. Then he left me a thank you note by mine the next day. I still keep it with me because a week later, that Saturday was the last time I saw him 😦

After that, I lost all interest in returning to work everyday because it just wasn’t the same. Plus I had to deal with the later-dethroned-queen-of the -nightshift. I was tagged as someone who got slated for the last shift and she was the one in charge. Treated me and recent new hire Valerie like crap. Val put it like “she tells you what to do by really telling you what to do,”and something about thinking she’s better than everyone because she has a college education behind her belt. To this day, the dethroned-queen is still working behind the counter… I really hate the fact you can’t fire people because they’re jerks.

But even then, I’d take the wrath of my Saturday supervisor over the “queen” anyday… even when another tech is usually the one who tells me to do things this way or that way or other, that was never as bad as “queen”… I get leery of her sometimes thinking she’ll tell me I’m doing something wrong, but she’s very calm about it. In the end she knows what she’s talking about and is really a nice person.

Anything’s better than working behind the deli counter under an oppressive reign.

Everyone you meet leaves a mark somewhere and even in those short 2 months, Craig definitely let one on my soul.

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