Purple Rain: Must-haves and have nots

Just yesterday when I was on a purple high, I went to my blog’s archive (can’t believe I didn’t think of it before) and went to every purple rain entry to copy/paste it into a master Word document.

I’ll have everything I’ve ever blogged about it in one place. So I can just go through it, take whatever I wrote, catagorize them and put them in separate documents about the different chapters.

There will be a chapter on each song
There will be a huge chapter about the making of the movie starting with the appearance of the “purple notebook”

Chapter titled: Fiction meets Fact/Fact meets Fiction (one or the other)
Talking about events in the movie that actually happened

definitely MUST-HAVE

The have nots… will most likely be excessive talk about the different artists shown in the film. Each will get a blip.
Dez deserves a little something something for his appearance for “Modernaire” because he recently left the band due to religious reasons.

Short segway here:  all the people that left Prince’s band because his music conflicted with their beliefs… what do they think of them now? Seriously? When they heard that he converted to the JW religion, did they even consider contacting him again or wanting to get back into his band?
In the case of Andre Cymone and Gayle Chapman, that was forever ago so probably not. Prince insisted in the MTV interview that he and Andre made up when he gave him the track “The Dance Electric”
Dez wrote a book about his time with Prince (which I need to get a copy of, though it’d be on a credit card my dad’s paying for so he’d think I was crazy for doing so… unless of course it’d be a birthday gift, lol)… but the point is that Dez got past whatever made him leave the band to write this book so Prince is cool by him now

Now Wendy & Lisa should write a book about Prince just because they were such a big part of his career. But I doubt they’d want to because of how he’s treated them, not given them credit, and most recently for their sexual preference. Though its hard to tell whose story is right. Prince always claimed that he was cool by whatever one’s preference was, but I heard from another source that they got into a fight with him because he called them out on it.

Another segway: I was watching part of a 7-part documentary on Prince’s humble beginnings. And his cousin Chazz said that Prince wanted Bobby Z as the drummer in his band because he was white.
I don’t believe that was the only reason… Bobby Z wasn’t the best drummer, as a lot of people have said. Me, I don’t really know nothing for drummers. And there are different kinds of drummers. Michael Bland definitely got some mad skills in certain songs, especially “Live 4 Love” and he’s done some great work recently for Rob Thomas. I’m actually considering Nick Jonas’s album cuz Michael & Tommy Barberella are in his “Adminstration” band.

What I definitely heard about Bobby Z… Prince liked him because he knew how to “watch him”, he takes direction really well and when Prince is running around the stage, you definitely need to have a good drummer who can keep up and knows when to change things up at a moment’s notice.

Sly & The Family Stone was an influence for Prince from the very beginning and from them, he took the concept of a multi-racial band who performed on different platforms. Not to mention the structure of 1999 was taken from something the band did, i.e. the three-piece-harmony.

The Revolution will be forever immortalized as Prince’s greatest band because of the film, but that’s not just smoke and mirrors. The band had such an intimate chemistry. Lisa called them this strange little family that lived in Minneapolis. Prince trusted them unbelievably to play their parts in their songs and he welcomed their ideas.
Once Wendy came to the band, they were in the perfect place as far as chemistry goes and also musically. Lisa knew Wendy way back when to their childhood and introduced her to Prince. Prince was sold the moment he heard Wendy perform in an adjacent hotel room during the 1999 tour.

Each member of the band deserves a little bip about their part in the whole experience. But I’m not going to go out of my way with doing research and stuff. This book is more about Prince, but you can’t have Purple Rain without mentioning the band. Word is he didn’t give them enough credit, so I guess I’m gonna make it my job to do what he didn’t.

I saw many videos of Prince yesterday. One link lead me to a motherload of hidden videos and I say hidden because they’ve been on the site for nearly a year and Prince hadn’t sent his attack dogs to remove them from the site. Unless of course he’s not worrying about that so much anymore.

One of the first videos, the first one that lead me to all the others, was a 1st avenue performance of Computer Blue. From the looks of it, Wendy’s debut on August 3, 1983. The song had changed so much since then and the stage performance was definitely a lot different than what they did in the movie. The band wasn’t quite as involved, but you could definitely hear their musical contributions.

I think I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve heard this songs so many times that I know every piece that goes into its making. I know where each guitar stroke is, when the keyboards come in. I was watching that performance and in my mind, I could hear when certain musical moments were going to be later on.
Now what I would have liked in the album version of that song… 2 verses, then the full length of the father’s song section, after that finishes, it comes to the abrupt screeching halt (literally) and it goes to the next song. At that rate, the song might be up to at least 6 minutes in length and might overwhelm the others.

The album is structured from start to finish in such a way… as if everything was polished to the last detail. The length of each song comes into play, balances everything out.

And if I don’t stop now I’m going to write another review, which I really don’t want to do at this point

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